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UEFA Euro 2020 Release Date, Fixtures, Prize, And Streaming Details

Euro 2020 schedule

UEFA European Championships is one of the biggest events in football and it happens every four years. Now, in 2020 the 16 UEFA European Championships are going to happen and every football fan is extremely excited for it. Furthermore, this is the first time in history that it will be played across 12 European countries and this is because of the 60 years celebration of the inaugral European Championships. In this article, you will find every single thing that you want to know about Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 Release Date

The tournament will be starting on 12 June 2020 which is a Friday and it will end on 12 July 2020 which is a Sunday. There is a lot of time until this tournament begins until then you can watch other leagues. The Euro 2020 will be streaming on the BBC Sport website, BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. If some of you want to buy a ticket to the event, you will have to wait because the window to which you can apply for them is closed but don’t worry as many tickets that are unclaimed will be resold to the public sometime in 2020.

As for the group guide, down below, you can check the full guide of the groups of Euro:

• Euro 2020 Groups

– Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

– Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

– Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria

Play-off winner of A Group

– Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic

Play-off winner C

– Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland

Play-off winner B

– Group F: Portugal, France, Germany

Play-off winner D

As for the fixtures, you see all of them right down below but all of these UK time

Group stage

Friday 12th June

Group A: Turkey v Italy (8:00 pm)

Saturday 13th June

Group A: Wales v Switzerland (2:00 pm)

Group B: Denmark v Finland (5:00 pm)

Group B: Belgium v Russia (8:00 pm)

Sunday 14th June

Group D: England v Croatia (2:00 pm)

Group C: Austria v TBD (5:00pm)

Group C: Netherlands v Ukraine (8:00 pm)

Monday 15th June

Group D: TBD v Czech Republic (2:00pm)

Group E: Poland v TBD (5:00pm)

Group E: Spain v Sweden (8:00 pm)

Tuesday 16th June

Group F: Play-off winner A or D v Portugal (5:00 pm)

Group F: France v Germany (8:00 pm)

Wednesday 17th June

Group B: Finland v Russia (2:00 pm)

Group A: Turkey v Wales (5:00 pm)

Group A: Italy v Switzerland (8:00 pm)

Thursday 18th June

Group C: Ukraine v TBD (2:00pm)

Group B: Denmark v Belgium (5:00 pm)

Group C: Netherlands v Austria (8:00 pm)

Friday 19th June

Group E: Sweden v TBD (2:00pm)

Group D: Croatia v Czech Republic (5:00 pm)

Group D: England v TBD (8:00pm)

Saturday 20th June

Group F: Play-off winner A or D v France (2:00 pm)

Group F: Portugal v Germany (5:00 pm)

Group E: Spain v Poland (8:00 pm)

Sunday 21st June

Group A: Italy v Wales (5:00 pm)

Group A: Switzerland v Turkey (5:00 pm)

Monday 22nd June

Group C: TBD v Netherlands (5:00pm)

Group C: Ukraine v Austria (5:00pm)

Group B: Russia v Denmark (8:00 pm)

Group B: Finland v Belgium (8:00 pm)

Tuesday 23rd June

Group D: Czech Republic v England (8:00 pm)

Group D: Croatia v TBD (8:00pm)

Wednesday 24th June

Group E: TBD v Spain (5:00pm)

Group E: Sweden v Poland (5:00 pm)

Group F: Germany v Play-off winner A or D (8:00 pm)

Group F: Portugal v France (8:00 pm)

Round of 16

Saturday 27th June

Match 37: Group A winner v Group C runner-up (8:00 pm)

Match 38: Group A runner-up v Group B runner-up (5:00pm)

Sunday 28th June

Match 39: Group B winner v Group A/D/E/F third place (8:00 pm)

Match 40: Group C winner v Group 3D/E/F third place (5:00 pm)

Monday 29th  June

Match 41: Group F winner v Group A/B/C third place (8:00 pm)

Match 42: Group D runner-up v Group E runner-up (5:00pm)

Tuesday 30th June

Match 43: Group E winner v Group A/B/C/D third place (8:00 pm)

Match 44: Group D winner v Group F runner-up (5:00 pm)


Friday 3rd July

Match 45: Winner of Match 41 v Winner of match 42 (5:00 pm)

Match 46: Winner of Match 39 v Winner of match 37 (8:00 pm)

Saturday 4th July

Match 47: Winner of Match 40 v Winner of match 38 (5:00 pm)

Match 48: Winner of Match 43 v Winner of match 44 (8:00 pm)


Tuesday 7th July

Match 49: Winner of Match 45 v Winner of match 46 (8:00 pm)

Wednesday 8th July

Match 50: Winner of Match 48 v Winner of match 47 (8:00 pm)


Sunday 12th July

Match 51: Winner of Match 49 v Winner of match 50 (8:00 pm)

How Much Money Will Each Team Get?

The prize money was announced in February 2018. Each team will be receiving a participation fee of €9.25 million, and the winner el able to earn a total of €34 million.

• Final tournament

– Price: €9.25m

– Teams: 24

• Group stage

– Price: €1.5m for a win and €750,000 for a draw

– Teams: 24

• Round of 16

– Price: €2m

– Teams: 16

• Quarter-finals

– Price: €3.25m

– Teams: 8

• Semi-finals

– Prize: €5m

– Teams: 4

• Runner-up

– Prize: €7m

– Team: 1

• Winner

– Prize: €10m

– Team: 1

• Euro 2020 stadiums

There are 12 host cities which are spread across 12 countries:

1. Rome (Stadio Olimpico)
2. Baku (Olympic Stadium)
3. Saint Petersburg (St Petersburg Stadium)
4. Copenhagen (Parken Stadium)
5. Amsterdam (Johan Cruijff Arena)
6. Bucharest (National Arena)
7. London (Wembley Stadium)
8. Glasgow (Hampden Park)
9. Bilbao (Estadio de San Mamés)
10. Dublin (Dublin Arena)
11. Munich (Fußball Arena München)
12. Budapest (Ferenc Puskás Stadium)