What Happened To Bobby Brown? Whitney Houston Ex-Husband’s Health Update

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What Happened To Bobby Brown?
Bobby Brown suffered especially after Whitney Houston's sudden death (CC: TV Insider)

People are lately showing their concerns about Bobby Brown’s health. What happened to him? Well, he is majorly known for being the ex-husband of Whitney Houston. Being their fan, you must already know how drug addiction broke them apart as a couple. Following this, his health has been under the light for several years. We shall get into that shortly! Keeping that aside for a while, let’s briefly discuss how much prominent Bobby Brown is in the field of music. 

Starting from the basics, Bobby Brown is a great rapper, significantly known for his hip hop and R&B music genre. Hailing from Boston, Bobby is now 54 years old, born in 1969. Being his fan, you must be well aware of his involvement with the group- New Edition.

You must listen to its 1996 album – Home Again. It’s incredibly good! Talking about Bobby Brown’s song credits, the noteworthy ones are- Two Can Play That Game, Damaged, Lying Eyes, Every Little Step, Get Away, Rock Wit’cha, etc. You will never get tired of listening to his aforesaid mentioned songs!

Even though Bobby Brown’s marriage with Whitney Houston didn’t last long, there was immense love between the two. Keeping aside all the negativities, the former suffered quietly after his ex-wife Whitney’s sudden death. Before that, his drug addiction also played a role, in affecting his health. If you are looking for what happened to Bobby Brown, here are your answers. 

What Happened To Bobby Brown?
Bobby Brown and his ex-wife, Whitney Houston (CC: People Magazine)

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Bobby Brown’s Health Update: What Happened To Him?

In case you don’t know, Whitney Houston passed away back in 2012. It was not expected and, therefore, was pretty much sudden. Concerning her death, the cause was cited as “accidental drowning” in her bathtub. However, the other factor which certainly contributed to her demise was her cocaine addiction and heart disease too. Whereas her marriage with Bobby Brown ended in 2007. 

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As hinted earlier, after Whitney Houston’s sudden death, Bobby Brown suffered badly. Talking more about his health, he suffered a couple of consecutive heart attacks. It was the consequence of his daily, heavy boozing habit. The singer even shared that he almost saw his death. In addition to that, he even lost his children. So, it further fueled his alcoholic addiction, which eventually affected his health, more precisely killing him slowly, internally. 

However, Bobby Brown later got himself together. He went to detox and also admitted that being an alcoholic turned out to be an everyday fight for sobriety. He underwent therapy as well. Well, at present, Bobby Brown is reported to be sober, taking the help of his family and close ones. 

Heartbreaks are a part of life. Well, not all heartbreaks are related to failed romantic relationships. Some are even worse. Can you imagine how a parent feels after losing his children? The same happened with Bobby Brown. Also, that was specifically the time, when he was not involved with Whitney. Still, the emotional damage was pretty bad.

What Happened To Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown (CC: People)

Bobby Brown has endured many of these, in his life so far. Because of that, it highly affected his health. Even though he is doing great at present, his heart condition seems to have been in trouble in the past. He even struggled with drug-abusive nature. It was pretty bad! According to Bobby, his family is his topmost priority. He understands the value and the importance of a family. Following the drug death events, Bobby feels like he must remind people that it is life-threatening. 

Best Wishes to Bobby Brown! We are hopeful that he stays fit and is in good health at present. Make sure you follow Bobby Brown on his Instagram account for more relatable updates. 

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