Kanye West Before And After Transformation, Explained

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Kanye West, Before and After
Kanye West, Before and After, Credits: Pinterest

Kanye West is a global sensation, and therefore, the ideologies that he includes and the controversies that he undergoes every day raise millions of questions regarding what this man is all about. Kanye West has undergone a major transformation over the years in terms of his physical appearance, and therefore, many of his fans really want to know more about it.

This article will therefore take a look at Kanye’s Before, and After Transformation and how in terms of his physical appearance, he changed a lot, then you can imagine and with that this article will also take a look at Kanye’s and Addidas feud, what happened between both of them with also exploring Kanye’s not so happy reaction with his daughter North recent new TikTok.

From the numerous controversies that he undergoes daily to the very bold statements that he gives to the media to even being popular for his rude behavior, he is always on the news.  Let us take a look at this article to get some greater insights regarding Kanye West and his personal and professional life.

kanye before and after
Kanye West, Before and After, Credits: E! News

Kanye West Before And After Transformation, Explained

Kanye West’s current transformation has left many fans shocked since it looks like now he has hugely undergone a lot of weight, but earlier, the situation was nothing like that, he was fit, slim, and in shape, but as per the singer, the media, the stress and all of the things happening in his life has led him to attain the shape that he is today.

But did you know that the singer actually underwent liposuction in 2016 due to the fact that he was not in shape as the singer, he wanted to look as perfect as possible because the perfect ideology which has been shaped and circulated by media is leading to these surgeries as per the singer.

He also stated while talking about his physical health and body that the real reason behind why he underwent surgery was to avoid getting bullied by the media, and he did not want to undergo the shame that Robert Kardashian had to undergo when he married Kim and at the time of their wedding ceremony. 

Therefore to get a perfect shape, the singer has to state that he has undergone liposuction surgery and therefore which even caused very results on her health. With the surgery, he became addicted to prescribed drugs, and therefore Opium was the major medication that he was dependent on a lot.

Plus, he was also having major sleep deprivation problems, which again led him to take major medications and therefore compromise his health. 

kanye before and after
Kanye West, Credits: Outlook

What Happened between Adidas and Kanye West?

Kanye West is a creative genius, and no doubt his Yeezy brand is a major success in itself, but to grow the brand, he has collaborated with a lot of big brands in the past, including Nike and Adidas, although his collaboration with Nike was a shorter one the one with Adidas had gone to major lengths.

Their collaborations began in 2013, and over the years, they collaborated, bringing to the show market some major creative pieces in terms of sneakers and shoes with the Yeezy tag on them.

However, over the years, it was stated that Kanye had very less creative control over his Yezzy brand, and with the majority of tweets that he had done in the past complaining about the Adidas corporate staff and his CEO’s and not giving his creative control over his brand, they had had a major beef over some major years.

But with his recent Antisemitic comment over Jews community, Adidas completely ended their ties with the singer stating the reason for not continuing with the statements that the singer gave, which proved to be much more controversial and raised a whole lot of aggression among the Jewish community. 

Is Kanye West not happy with his daughter North West’s Ice Spice TikTok?

With North’s recent Ice-Spice TikTok, which people are loving, it looks like his father, Kanye does not love the idea that his daughter is all grown up and acting like Ice Spice in her recent Ice Spice impersonating video.

Earlier, also he talked about how Kim should not give North much more freedom to use TikTok and be controlled by the media, especially the songs which are trending today centered around sex and drugs. He had strictly shown his concern over North’s media consumption and using TikTok as a concerned father.

However, this time, it looks like he does not like the way his daughter is all grown up looking and dressed like the current favorite singer Ice Spice and dancing to the lyrics of her song Boy’s a Liar.

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