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Not Dead Yet Episode 7: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

Not Dead Yet Episode 6 recap
Not Dead Yet Episode 7 Release Date, Recap And How To Watch

If you have been following the said show, then you should explore all the available documents, such as Not Dead Yet: Episode 7’s release date and streaming guide. We will also recap the last episode before we get to the stinging details of where it goes.

Nell was attempting to move on from the news that her ex-fiance has a new girlfriend and how he didn’t hesitate to post the news on his social media profiles. She is disturbed to learn how swiftly he moves on. She initially has no interest in dating, but after learning the identity of Philip’s new girlfriend, she approaches Sam, Dennis, and Lexi to help her find a partner.

The dates don’t turn out as she had hoped, but eventually, she meets somebody who just might be the one. He turns out to be a ghost—someone she only saw. She asks him why he failed to tell her of his position as a ghost, leading her to believe he was there.

His real identity is Dr. Jesse, a doctor who worked for the California Anthropology Council and worked as a deep-sea swimmer on the side. Nell is fascinated by Jesse’s career and asks what caused his untimely passing. Nell pondered the lack of men like him who appeared to be emotionally open, capable of developing a genuine connection with her, and who were still alive.

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A quick recap

The way he speaks, listens, and stares into Nell’s eyes captivates her. Dr. Jesse has completely won over Nell; she can’t stop wondering about him or wanting to talk to him. When Dr. Jesse offered to search for a cave village below, a huge white shark attacked and murdered him.

Not Dead Yet Episode 6 recap

A still from the show. Cr: Hulu

The man was well-liked by the children and his clients and was frequently praised for his charity activities and deep-sea diving prowess. The amount of effort Jesse has put in and how he had to die bravely fascinate Nell. Jesse shared Nell’s sentiment that she would have liked to date someone like him.

Both life and the afterlife are obstacles, making it difficult for Nell even to contemplate dating someone like him since he has passed away. Sam and Nell intend to spend the day at an Italian eatery, where they will be given a ton of breadsticks for no additional charge.

Since Nell returned from London, Sam and Nell have not gotten into a fight. Sam has already been busy at work and with her children, while Nell has been focused on reviving her career. They finally get to spend time together and talk about their lives on a trip to an Italian restaurant. Sam kindly informs Lexi that she and Nell are the only ones participating on this day, despite her wanting to join in.

Nell is eager for the day to arrive so she can turn the bizarre night she had the day before and the bizarre morning she spent with Jesse into a normal day. Nell will do anything to divert her attention away from Jesse. He follows her around, and he is leaving her alone when she writes his obituary.

Dr. Jesse and Nell have a private discussion about the work he does with kids as a physician. She is truly drawn to this person but can’t seem to let go of them. Despite the significant distance between them, Nell is unable to imagine what it might be like to have him stay for a while so that she can understand Jesse.

Not only does Nell have strong feelings for Jesse, but Jesse also has strong feelings for Nell. He longs to touch her, but for understandable reasons, he cannot do so. She puts off submitting the obituary to extend his time on earth so that she and Jesse can spend more time together, tending to his time on earth so that she and Jesse can spend more time together.

Not Dead Yet Episode 6 recap

A still from the show. Cr: Hulu

Nell needs to remember that she needs to meet Sam for lunch during this process. Nell decides to forgo lunch and spend time at Cricket’s cocktail lounge, hoping that Jesse will join her there so they can have an in-depth discussion about life in general.

When is Not Dead Yet Episode 7’s release date?

Not Dead Yet Episode 7 release date is March 15, 2023. Not Dead Yet Episode 7 will premiere on ABC at 9.30 p.m. in the US. The fans around the world can stream Not Dead Yet’ episode 7 at the following times:

  • For the viewers in India: March 16, 8 a.m. Indian Standard Time
  • For the viewers in Australia: March 16, 1:30 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the viewers in Britain: March 16, 2:30 am, Greenwich Mean Time
  • For the viewers in Korea: March 16, 11:30 p.m. Korean Standard Time

Not Dead Yet Episode 7: How to Watch

Not Dead Yet’ Episode 7 will stream via Hulu and DirecTV at the timing listed above. You need to pay around seven dollars for the basic plan of the platform to watch the show.

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