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Netflix’s The One: Have You Met Your Match?

The Sci-fi lovers out there, here comes one of the best series to entertain you all. Are you single? Trying to find out your best match? Yet failing on it every time and lost interest? This show is gonna change your opinion on relationships because it portrays the distinctive way to find your perfect person. The One TV show is an inspiration from the novel John Marrs. The series is designed by Misfits creator Howard Overman in association with studio canal and streaming on Netflix soon. Netflix hasn’t revealed much information regarding the series as they wanted to keep the suspense much longer.

The ONE Plot

The ONE series evolves of 8 episodes. It is easy to find your perfect partner just like a DNA test. Precisely, going through the storyline a hair sample can find the perfect person whether you genetically love the other person not. This series is gonna be super fun for the people who are seeking love. The Show describes the significance of keeping things real and love nature.

Many questions arose that, is one hair sample going to find the best partner with whom we gonna spend the rest of our life. Is science Gonna stay with love? Yet science and friction with love?

Hannah Ware gave her best as the Lead character and portrayed the storyline very clearly with intensity by nailing her role.


Hannah Ware as Rebeca plays a role as a pioneering CEO and founder of MatchDNA. A place where it matches people or finds a perfect match for you. Dimitri Leonidas as James, Rebbacas best friend, Amir EL-Masry as Ben, Best friends with James and Rebeca Wilf Scolding as Ethan, Rebbacs partner, Stephen Campbell as Damian, Loris Chimimba as Connor, Rebbacs plays a role as a Head security of MatchDNA. Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Pallavi Sharda, Zoe Tapper, Gregg Chillin also share interesting roles in the series and gave the best.

The One is executed by or produced by Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy for Urban Myth. T.

Trailer Out

One of the most frictional and awaiting trailers is out there. The trailer has been released on February 26th, 2021 on youtube and gives much excitement to everyone. It revealed nothing but more curiosity about how the show is going to be. The trailer says how a hair sample will find the perfect match. Everyone needs a fairytale story says Hanna ware. The one person who is intensely needed to fall in love. No matter what, Everyone might have thought sometime or the other time that we may have a second chance in life to choose the life partner. Out of curiosity Just a hair sample can give an end to everything and find the best partner? Though Process was very simple but the implication was very hard. The way we think about Love and our perceptions is going to be changed after watching this series. The 2 minutes trailer is the eye feast for us. It gives the Live experience of experiencing frictional love.

Love is eternal and everyone deserves the best love rather than choosing the wrong one and suffering for a lifetime, being with the right one and flying colors is the best thing. Hannah Ware describes the way of love so well adding up some fiction and some more love with practical science. Apart from Hannah Ware, everyone in the show has nailed their performance by giving 100%.

Love-Lies-Spiritual-Friction all are defined so well in the Series.

The One Release date

The wait is over or for all the Sci-fi lovers, The One will be released on 12th March 2021 with a bang of fictional drama. The One has the outcome of 8 episodes with more sci-fi adventures and much entertainment. It’s gonna be telecasted exclusively on Netflix.