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Where is Alone Season 8 Filmed? Main Filming Location Revealed!

Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?
Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

The reality survival series “Alone” on the History channel places participants in some of the most hostile settings in the woods, where they must make it through without much help. The survivalists are required to construct a makeshift shelter with their very own hands, hunt for food, and take care of themselves in the wilderness while being conscious that deadly apex predators might be nearby.

Since its debut in 2020, everyone has been curious about the show’s shooting location. In this article, we will be exploring everything about this adventure show and will answer the question in demand: where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

What’s Alone Season 8 all about?

The eighth season of Alone is expected to be the most hazardous one ever for the Science Channel survival show. The premise of the show involves leaving a group of people to hunt for themselves in a few of the world’s worst environments. The contestants on Alone, like most survival expert shows, must learn how to deal with the outdoors’ challenging elements and apex predators like grizzly bears, cougars, and wolves. It’s also not an easy task.

Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

The last contestant earns $500,000 as well as the peace of mind knowing they have excellent survival skills. Alone has incorporated a few surprises in the past, such as a 100-day quest with a $1 million prize money. Season 4 also included a group format where two people worked together in pairs.

The eighth season of Alone premiered on June 3, 2021. This year’s cast includes Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Colter Barnes, Jordan Bell, Clay Hayes, Corradino, Michelle Finn, Rose Anna Moore, Nate Weber, Tim Madsen, Biko Wright, and Jordan Bell, as per The History Channel.

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Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

Season 8 of “Alone” was fully filmed in British Columbia. The westernmost province of Canada, sandwiched between both the Rocky Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, is home to plenty of untamed, barren landscapes. It is the perfect site for a sustenance series to be filmed because of its rugged terrain, enormous meadows, tropical rainforests, and dry deserts. But the majority of season 8’s filming took place in a rural region of British Columbia.

Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

Where was Alone Season 8 filmed?

The production team decided to film on the Tilhqox Biny (Chilko Lake) shoreline for season eight of the reality survivor series. The filming happened in November of 2020. The glacier-fed lake is situated in west-central British Columbia, 3800 feet above sea level, making the eighth season of Alone the show’s first Alpine season. It is surrounded by mountains. It offers outdoor recreation opportunities and a secure haven for endangered species.

Since the season’s filming took place during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the actors and crew had to adhere to strict COVID-19 safety procedures to guarantee a successful shoot. In order to avoid infection, the survivalists were forced to spend 14 days in isolation before setting out on their wild adventures.

The participants found Chilko Lake to be one of the most difficult locations due to the hazardous conditions, which were occasionally simply intolerable. Additionally, the fact that grizzly bears are known to inhabit the area did not make the brave survivalists’ lives any easier.

Where to Watch “Alone” Season 8?

If you’ve got a membership to Hulu, you can view seasons 1 through 7 there. The eighth season of the History Channel series, which is now airing, is not yet accessible on Hulu. Fortunately, History TV offers free access to all seasons of Alone!

Hulu gives its subscribers a choice between two subscription plans: a more expensive, ad-supported version and a little less expensive, ad-free one. The only difference between the two versions of Hulu is the subscription cost: $6.99 per month for the ad-supported edition and $12.99 per month for those that don’t want to watch ads. This contrasts with HBO Max, which does not grant ad-supported subscriptions access to everything made available to full-paying members.

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