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Incantation Cast Members: Here Is Who They Are On Netflix


Incantation cast members are to be appreciated for the amazing story they have delivered through their art of acting. The entire movie is set in the horror and thrill genre, where we are given a healthy dose of Chen Clan. Harmlessly (or with a lot of harm?), the movie tells us how the youngster should not indulge in weird activities just for clout. Nevertheless, the film turns cool in the end with the main character sacrificing themselves. There will be spoilers about the film ahead, and thus, I recommend reading at your own risk.

Incantation was released back in March of 2022. After witnessing its rising success, we saw how quick Netflix was to license its streaming service. Excellent marketing skills, to be honest. Also, you guys should know that this film has become the highest-grossing Taiwanese horror tale ever. With the release of Incantation on Netflix this week, it is attracting more crowds than ever. The film starts with a trio, Ronan, Dom, and Yuang. The three own an Internet Video channel called the Ghost Busters. To research more about the Chen Clan, they go over to their tribal area.

Although, without knowing a thing about their culture, the three get into big trouble. The movie is getting quite popular among fans because it deals with the genre. We see that Ronan is traumatized for the rest of her life. And even her children will carry the pain because of her. Dom and Yang die because they mess with the wrong gods.

Incantation Cast Members Explored

A still from Incantation of Ronan finding Dom’s dead body

We have covered the ending of Incantation if anyone has trouble understanding the end. The story is given on a found footage basis, and it might be the best way to deliver the tale given that there is an Internet Channel involved. Well, let us discuss Incantation Cast first before we dive deeper into the details of its storyline.

Meet The Incantation Cast Members And Their Characters!

  • Tsai Hsuan Yen does the part of Li Ronan. She is the female lead in the film. We see the story through her perspective only. When the film starts, we see Ronan dating a boy named Dom. She is pregnant with his child but does not know it yet. Soon, she is one of the people to fall for the curse of Buddha-Mother, i.e., the god that the Chen Clan worships.
  • Hsuang Sin Ting reprises the role of Dodo. Dodo is six years of age when we see her in the film. She is the daughter of Ronan. With a start itself, we see that Ronan is blessing her with an incantation, i.e., magic, which turns out to be a spell given to ease the pain. Just like her mother, Dodo is destined to carry the curse because her mother was pregnant then.


  • Kao Ying Hsuan enacts the character of Ming. Ming, the sweet manager of the foster care facility, is aiding Ronan. As it turns out, Ronan did not want to raise Dodo at first. Upon her birth, she left her in the care of foster homes. During this time, Ronan was looking out for psychiatric help herself. This all happened because of the events which unfolded in their past with the Chen Clan. As for Ming, his time in the film is short. We see the curse spreading and getting to him. The footage shows Ming killing himself after banging his head against the wall.
  • Sean Lin does the part of Dom. Dom is Ronan’s boyfriend. His plan, along with brother Yuan, was to visit the Chen Clan and record them for their channel. Well, everything goes south when the curse spreads and Dom kill himself.
  • RQ- Wen Ching Yu reprises the role of Yuan. Yuan is Dom’s brother and one among the trio who submitted their name to the Chen, knowing nothing about it. When he and Dom visit the tunnel to explore more for their video, Yuan sees Dom kill himself. Later, Yuan kills himself by one of the villagers.
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