15 Best Slice Of Life Anime To Watch In 2020 – All Time List

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When it comes to anime, we are concerned with a wide range. When you thought that anime was about fear, mecha, movement, think otherwise. Romance happens in every way, and so are dreams of viewers in romantic television shows. Some people like true romance, some like romcoms, some seem to cry a lot. Fortunately, you’ll see them all in anime — all of them on a display often.
The genres of anime are distinct and romance is one of the most popular.

More divided into many subgenres, the romantic genre is sufficient for all. On the one hand, you have romantic light-hearted comedies and serious romances on the other

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best and amazing slice of life anime of all time.

1. Hyouka

Kyoto Animation has been involved in a variety of high-school anime series, but even then, somehow, they manage to distinguish these animes from each other by adding other elements, such as excitement and life-size, to create some impressive shows. ‘Hyouka’ is another of those high school animes that revolves around a boy named Oreki Houtarou who joins the Literature Club of his school. Though he was very lonely at the beginning of the club sessions, he began to realize that the club members had something very odd going on. Soon, he fits in with them and joins them in their venture to solve a 40-year-old mystery that has been lurking around in their own college. The Studio has done a great job here, creating a deep mystery story that has the right amount of plot twists to keep you amused.

2. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

A group of six Graders broke apart after a friend, Honma “Menma” Meiko, died in a crash. Ten years old, Yadomi “Jintan” Jinta, is now living as a prisoner and has stopped going to school. The spirit of Menma appears suddenly in the hot summer and begs him to fulfill her wish so that she can move on to the afterlife. Jintan doesn’t worry about her ghost at first, assuming she’s just hallucinating from the summer sun, because she can’t be heard by any of the five other friends. The alienated couples, however, reunite reluctantly to attempt to grant Menma ‘s wish. Through this, the group of friends discovers that they have all wanted to step back from their demise and that they have each blamed themselves for Menma ‘s death. Anohana is a profoundly heartfelt series of pain, healing, and friendship.

3. Tatami Galaxy

How can one even attempt to correctly identify the Tatami Galaxy? Well, starting from the beginning is probably best: Watashi is a third-year student frustrated by the choices he made during his college years. Watashi attempts to ask Akashi out of the aloof, desperate to take advantage of his youth, but the boy gets the chickens out at the very end. Suddenly, by spiraling over time, the teenager is sent back to his first day in college. On paper, with a science fiction twist, the Tatami Galaxy looks like a fairly straight-forward romantic comedy. Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is anything but normal, coming from the same director who created Ping Pong: Animation and Netflix, Devilman Crybaby. Madhouse’s anime, surreal and non-linear, asks the audience to question what they are doing. Each episode starts with Watashi setting out to try to make the best of his college life on a stupid trip, but things are never planned.

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4. Toradora!

Takasu Ryuji is a high school student in his second year who is frequently deceived as a criminal because of his gangster-like look. His best friend is Kitamura Yusaku, who is the student council’s vice president, the class delegate, and the boys’ softball team’s captain. Ryuji is crushed by Kushieda Minori, captain of the Happy Girls Softball team as a result of angry outbursts, Aisaka Taiga has become her very best friend, a tiny, fiery girl known as the Palmtop Tiger. Taiga lives on her own, living with, and constantly dealing with, her father and step-mother. Taiga has a crush on Yusaku, but they’re teaming up to bring their friends together while Ryuji and Taiga learn about each other’s crushes on their respective best friends. Toradora! It’s a common story about friends growing up and evolving despite the challenges they face together.

5. Kids on the Slope

Nishimi Kaoru was the top middle school student until he moved to Kyushu for his first year of high school in the summer of 1966. Kaoru is an introverted classical pianist who, when he meets the wild Kawabuchi Sentarou, resigned to another high school. Despite their initial contrasting personalities, both of them get along and ultimately begin to play jazz together. Sentarou ‘s deep love of music encourages Kaoru to learn more and to take part in their after-school jazz sessions at Sentarou’s childhood friend Make Ritsuko’s studio in her family record store. Sakamichi no Apollon is a heartwarming story of three friends brought together by their love of jazz music.

6. Clannad

Widely known as one of the most famous titles of Kyoto Animation, Clannad was released in the fall of 2007. The school life-romance anime, adapted from Clannad’s graphic novel, follows Tomoya Okazaki. Tomoya meets a variety of girls who spend time with each of them through high school. He is, however, fond of the shy Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya learns that Nagisa has cancer and is attempting to revive the drama club. Tomoya encourages Nagisa to make her dream come true with the help of the other girls she meets. Clannad has been running for two seasons and 23 episodes.

7. Bunny Drop

Daikichi Kawachi’s grandfather had just passed away, and his last gift to his family was an illegitimate child named Rin Kaga. Unfortunately, during the funeral, it is clear that no one in the family wants Rin, so Daikichi, working but aimless in life, agrees to take Rin in. He’s never raised a child before, and that’s going to disrupt his otherwise mundane life, but Daikichi is going to blossom more than ever before when he enters fatherhood. Bunny Drop is a heart-warming piece of life that stands in stark contrast to everything else on this website. It still tests artistically to the standard of Production I.G, but it does away with movement, speed, and psychological and metaphysical problems for the simple, warm story of a father and a Bunny Drop may not have you poised on the edge of your seat, but it’s a short series with only 11 episodes, well-written characters, and a new storyline

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8. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys is a strong reflection of Sunrise’s anime. Based on Yasunobu Yamauchi’s manga, published by Square Enix, this piece-of-life comedy really manages to present its robust line-up of characters as true high school students. With the exception of a few crazy gags that almost inevitably hit, this is a fairly well-founded comedy that focuses on the antics of a group of teenagers. Attending Sanada North Boys High School; Tadakuni, Hidenori Tabata, and Yoshitake Tanaka are good friends and complement each other well. While Tadakuni is very serious and relatable, Tanaka and Tabata are humorous characters that sometimes get entangled in awkward or stupid misadventures. And if these three serve as leaders, the Real Lives of High School Boys is in reality a comedy ensemble of more than a dozen recurring characters.

9. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

A lot of people would love to get any form of psychic abilities and Saiki K. It’s lucky to have more than one of them, ranging from x-ray vision to telepathy. And he totally despises his gifts and just wishes that he will live a normal existence. He continues to do that, too, but his powers attract a lot of scrutinies and somehow get him swept up in the wrong situations. All this also suggests that his abilities are not a blessing, but a great curse to which he must survive. ‘The Disastrous Life of Saiki K’ has episodes that not very long. But don’t be misled by the time these episodes are packing a lot more laughter than you would expect from the usual laughter anime.

10. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Chunibyo, also known as a second-year syndrome, is a condition in which teenagers believe, often after going to high school, that they possess supernatural powers or think that they belong to a mysterious universe that does not exist at present. Yuuta Togashi was once a Chunibyo, and he knows what it feels like to be insulted because of his condition all the time. But somehow he manages to mature out of it and even agrees to attend a new school in the hope that he can get a fresh start. But when he runs across another Chunibyo called Rikka Takanashi in his new school, he’s trying to help her out as he knows what she’s going through. So this, along with Rikka, brings him back in a lot of humiliating situations. ‘Love, Chunibyo, and Other Visions’ is a delightful anime that brilliantly mixes fantasy, science fiction, and romance.

11. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Sorata is forced to take care of Mashiro, a boy with a competent artistic capacity who is unable to accomplish the most simple everyday tasks. Their experiences are as surreal as comedy, and the genre is unique to their aspirations. What also sets Sakurasu’s Pet Girl apart from other titles is how the other characters who are not the main pair are handled. In a way, they’re all misfits with their own dreams and aspirations, and the crowd is encouraged to cheer on them all. The disputes and relationships they have with Sorata are handled and intertwined beautifully. In this film, there is a lot more going on than just a relationship, which is very well done. Sakura’s Pet Girl is a great anime for everybody, not just sensual lovers.

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12. Lovely Complex

I will say cute and good if I could describe the Lovely Complex in two words! It’s inside the sign, after all. It’s an adorable and super cute romantic comedy love story. Atsushi Otani, a secondary schoolboy, is a really short one, and Riza Koizumi, a young girl, is very great. Their traits may not actually be a matter of their own, but they appear to stand out as a natural comedy duo as the opposite of each other in the same class. Otani and Risa still argue and lament about their own delusions, becoming the opposites of each other. Interestingly, though, they have certain traits that only the two of them share. So it’s a very sweet start, very cute, very funny, and most of all, very cute.

13. Fruits Basket

This is one of the best Slice of Life anime out there and is currently filming for its second season. This Slice of Life-based anime has made fans connected to this new romantic anime. Based on the same name Sjojo manga, Natsuki Takaya. The manga itself is one of the best shojo mangas of all time. The romantic anime is becoming famous because of its plot and the development of its heroine. It follows Tohru Honda’s adventures, an orphan girl who meets Yuki, Kyo, and Soma. She discovers that the Chinese zodiac spirits stole 12 people from the Soma tribe. Whether they are vulnerable, alone, or picked up by someone other than themselves, they are forced to turn themselves into their own creatures.

14. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is based on a manga that sold more than 9 million copies and won numerous awards. It follows the love-hate relationship between the main characters, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. After, he hit his anime among a slice of life anime lovers because it was over a top face-off against the lead character. Student Body Leader Miyuki Shirogane and Vice-Chairman Kaguya Shinomiya seem to be the perfect pair. Miyuki is a recognized high school student in the area and Kaguya is the youngest daughter of the business family And even though they like each other, they are too proud to admit their feelings, so they fear that someone who does so will fall first. The plot follows on from their various plans to make one confess to the other.

15. Orange


we all have questions about past relationships — events that we wish we could do away with and change. Naho has the second chance that we all crave when she gets a letter from her future self, telling her to support Kakeru, the boy she once dated to high school. The story makes people think about how our actions have an effect on others and their mutual future. Here and there, a kind act is going a long way. Conversely, insensitivity, and indifference can have significant consequences.






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