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Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date: More Challenges

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date is sooner than anyone might expect. The show is responsible for serving us a weekly dose of comedy and laughter, as we see after Kevin Hart host the series along with his wife, Eniko. There is absolutely nothing in the series that will fail to entertain you. A show like this deserves to be watched every Tuesday and night, and thus, we have wrapped up the information about the upcoming entry of the same.

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 gives us our favorite idols on the stage as they struggle to win against other celebrities in a friendly yet competitive match. The format of these episodes is quite simple. We see three celebrities joining us with a new episode. They will then enter the match and try to win. The competition or the tasks provided to them is quite easy yet requires a substantial amount of expertise to achieve everything within a set deadline.

It can be anything such as dancing, singing or cleaning dishes. Another twist that can be seen in the series is the fact that these celebrities can participate in this competition from the comfort of their homes. This was a boon to all the fans given the pandemic which we have just got ourselves out of. In such a situation, it is sure that the fans would not ever miss their share of entertainment at any cost. Well, before we can go any further with the details about the next episode, let us have a quick recap about the same.

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12

A still from celebrity Game Face Season 3 of the Host Kevin Hart

Recap Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 11

Back in Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 11 titled ‘Hip Hop Kings and TV Queens’, which saw an insane amount of fun on the screen. As was already hinted by the title of the episode, we saw appearing on stage some of the most renowned Hip Hop artists.

The three celebrities who graced the program were Big Boi DJ Khaled as well as Sasheer Zamata. We saw them taking part in the competitions hosted by Kevin. Not to remind you all that all of these games were played by the celebs from their own respective homes and thus, was very convenient for them while it gave us a handsome load of fun. Well, let us talk about the future of the show now.

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12 release date is on the 6th of September 2022. The episode is titled Fresh Faces of Hollywood. It is supposed to drop out on the E! Network. In order to watch the episodes regularly, I suggest you all mark the calendar for Tuesdays.

How to Watch Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12

Celebrity Game Face Season 3 Episode 12 can be watched easily through E! Network as it airs on the channel. There are other options available to stream the episodes as well. You can always check out the official website of the channel at which the episodes get uploaded after a short while of their release. Fans will need valid login credentials in order to have an access to the latest entries. Peacock also contains the episodes from the show as soon as they release The platform is absolutely free to access but this version will contain ads and locked content.

In order to unlock the same, I suggest you buy the Peacock Premium plan priced at 4.99 dollars a month. Fans can always go for an ad-free version available for 9.99 dollars a month and are called Peacock Premium Plus. The last option to watch the series includes through-demand services. You can easily rent or buy your favorite episodes from either Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.

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