What is Vanilla Ice’s Net Worth? Everything To Know

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vanilla ice net worth
Vanilla Ice, credits: Fox Business

Vanilla Ice is a 90’s iconic rapper, but what is his current net worth is something that is questionable, and people over the internet want to know his net worth that he is currently having. A celebrity’s net worth is a topic of much questionable debate since the truth usually doesn’t come out, and stars don’t usually love talking about the money they earn within the industry.

But this article has got everything covered for you, and this article will therefore give you the details and insights into the net worth that the rapper Vanilla Ice holds, how much he earns, and what has happened to him. Is he a rapper anymore?

Since Vanilla Ice is not a major popular culture personality of today, he may not know many details regarding the rapper, but he is an American rapper and also an actor, and a television host. His sons were initially the ones to groove and dance on, and he also attained some level of accolades with his songs.

Let us take a look at this article to get some details regarding exactly learning and exploring the significant insights of Vanilla Ice, where he is now, and other insights.

What is Vanilla Ice Net Worth?

Vanilla Ice is not a current pop culture figure, but in the ’90s, his songs were a pretty achievement. He is, therefore, best known for his song ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ and also some of his songs have achieved major success in the Billboard charts. Since the fact that Vanilla’s popularity was not that much big enough, the question that net worth of Vanilla Ice is actually questioned, but according to current reports, his net worth is $12 million.

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Well, this amount is a little low in terms of what Vanilla’s net worth should be, but considering his work and everything, this is the net worth that Vanilla has and the net worth that he is currently earning. Apart from his Ice Ice Baby hits, Play That Funky Music and To The Extreme was, therefore, some of his songs that hit the Billboard charts.

Therefore we can say that currently, his net worth is around $12 million. Thus the artist is continuing his legacy with his work and also some side gigs that he does to maintain continuity in the industry.

vanilla ice net worth
Vanilla Ice, Credits: People

What Happened To Vanilla Ice’s Career, And Where Is He Now?

As per sources, it feels like Vanilla is currently not doing that much reporting. He is, therefore, initially a 1990’s iconic rapper, but over the years, his popularity eventually degraded. He wrote many songs, and surprisingly he wrote the lyrics of some of the songs when he was just having the age of sixteen.

But however, his rap career actually didn’t remain as long as it was supposed to. Therefore he went on from being a rapper to a lightning salesman. Therefore he currently sells some lightning designs and thus works for a company in Florida as a salesman. And therefore, he has designed items like Vanilla Ice Lighting and, therefore, is now involved in the creation via the selling of these.

But the reason why his career didn’t take as long as it should be considered his degrading popularity. Although he is still doing some sort of rapping jams, the popularity it should have is currently not there. Therefore so, to sustain his career, he has gone on to do some real-life money-earning gigs so to sustain his rapping career. 

vanilla ice net worth
Vanilla Ice, Credits: Deadline

Is Vanilla Ice still rapping?

Vanilla Ice, as said earlier, is also rapping at the same time while doing some gigs. Currently, he is performing as part of the ‘I Love the 90s Tour’, and therefore whilst, on these Vanilla’s tour, he is bringing back some of the 90s iconic songs that he developed, which raised the Billboard charts at that time.

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And therefore, with the goal of keeping the ’90s music era alive, the rapper’s recent performance on his iconic tour brought back all the 90’s nostalgia that many were craving. 

Therefore the fact that he is still also rapping and also at the same time earning a side gig as a salesman for a company in Florida proves the fact that he is still rapping and going on tours to bring back the old ’90s arena of his rapping music.

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