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Anne Jakrajutatip: Net Worth, Assets & Early Life

Anne Jakrajutatip
Anne Jakrajutatip

The Asian Continent has a lot of business tycoons who have helped the transformation of the world. Every single field all over the world contains the influences of people who belong to Asia. One such powerful personality is known to us as Anne Jakrajutatip, who rose to fame recently due to her work in the global fashion sector.

Anne Jakrajutatip is one of the most googled personalities on the internet for becoming the new and recent owner of the Miss Universe. Anne Jakrajutatip’s net worth has exceeded unimaginable amounts due to her accomplishments, especially in the fashion industry.

Anne stands as one of the most prominent transwomen who created a powerful impact in the world. She is known to be the first woman, especially a transwoman, to own the world’s most-watched beauty pageant, which has about 500 Million viewers in total, the Miss Universe pageant.

A lot of women have risen to the peak of their careers through this beauty pageant, and Anne now stands as a powerful figure for owning it. The actions of the Thai Business woman are now considered prominent by a lot of professionals from the fashion industry.

Anne Jakrajutatip’s Net Worth is one of the trending topics to circulate online recently. She has been an active social media influencer, inspiring the transgender community worldwide to accomplish their goals without fearing the differences and opinions of society.

Anne Jakrajutatip is the third richest transgender in the entire world, according to the famous American business magazine Forbes. Let us now break the suspense of Anne Jakrajutip’s Net worth down below.

Net worth of Anne Jakrajutatip

Anne Jakrajutatip

Net Worth of Anne Jakrajutatip

Anne Jakrajutatip has been posing as a powerful business personality for quite a while now. She owns a huge number of fortunes and wealth generators under her wings currently. Her action of becoming the new owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant has further raised her reputation and value in terms of net worth.

Anne Jakrajutatip has a total estimated net worth of $210 Million US Dollars. She even owns properties and securities all around the world which are not made known to the public, which could further increase her value.

Anne Jakrajutatip is followed by a total of nearly 7 Million followers who get to look at her Porsche lifestyle. She poses as a beautiful internet personality whose world revolves around the fashion industry tirelessly.

Anne Jakrajutatip has even been a part of the Thailand versions of the famous TV Shows Shark Tank and Project runaway. She is also the current owner of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Her very own Global conglomerate JKN Global Group acts as her domain to date.

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Early Life of The Thai Transwoman Millionaire

The Thai Business Tycoon was born on the 17th of February, 1979. Her name was Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, but she soon rose to fame with the name known to us as Anne Jakrajutatip. She is also known as Anne JKN within her professional circle. Anne was born to a Thai family, which was associated with Chinese as well.

Her school years went quite normally in Thailand. But she soon started to face tension within herself as well as around her due to her transition. She started her transitioning during her late teenage years, but her parents were not supportive of that fact.

Despite the opposition, Anne started to transition into a full trans woman and didn’t hesitate to reveal her identity to the public. Anne had a dream of pursuing a career in fashion, especially after graduating from a reputed university in Australia. Her dream turned into a reality, and as told, Anne visited the state of Queensland in Australia and got her degree from Bond University.

She even earned a degree in real estate from the University of Chulalongkorn. Her career took off when she established the JKN Global Group, which was first focused on content management. Soon JKN Global Group started to evolve into its next bigger stage of growth, where it overtook a lot of operations under its wings.

JKN is now a globally recognized brand, and the seed was sown by its owner, Anne Jakrajutatip. Anne is the owner of a lot of accomplishments in the fashion industry. One of her recent accomplishments was the acquirement of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants for a total of $20 Million US Dollars from the previous owner and the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

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