What Happened To Rich Campbell? Everything To Know

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Azalia Lexi

If you are a gamer, you must be wondering what happened to Rich Campbell. Isn’t it? He is majorly known for being the founder of OTK. To the ones who are new, it stands for One True King, formed on 11 October 2020. News of Rich Campbell leaving the gaming organization is circulating on the internet. But, why? 

Starting from the basics, people also know Richard Campbell for being a Twitch streamer. Born on 6 September 1991, Rich is now 31 years old. Since his childhood days, he has been passionate about playing video games.  However, Rich relocated to New York, for getting admission to a medical college. Meanwhile, he faced a financial crisis in 2008 and got himself dropped out of his college. That’s when he decided to shift his profession to gaming.

In 2015, Rich Campbell started his journey as the cameraman for MLG (Major League Gaming). Thereafter, he joined the World of Warcraft as a commentator and later was fired in 2019 for some of his harsh comments. It was in the following year of his exit from MLG, Rich Campbell joined OTK along with the other creators, Asmongold, Esfand, Tips Out, and Mizkif.

But, recently, several rumors about him resigning from OTK, are making headlines. Why would Richard leave such an organization, which he wanted for a long time? If you are looking for what happened to Rich Campbell, here are your answers. 

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Rich Campbell Left OTK: What Happened? 

The major reason behind Rich Campbell leaving OTK was because of the sexual allegations made against him. Rich Campbell caught a lot of attention from the media after his girlfriend Mia Malkova shared that her boyfriend had a “pregnant fetish.” After her interview with Pillow Talk went viral, Rich had a very weird conversation with his parents. 

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What Happened To Rich Campbell
Rich Campbell

It was reported that Rich Campbell wanted to get Mia pregnant while assaulting her. But, the former co-founder announced the news of his resignation from OTK, following his decision to share his side of the story, moreover the allegations. He made it to his Twitter account. 

Concerning Rich Campbell’s departure from OTK, the gaming organization released an official statement confirming the case “stands firmly against sexual harassment and assault.” This was made on a post, as said. 

Well, all the OTK fans threw harsh comments and got mad at Rich Campbell. Many people even asked him to confess his misconduct. On the other hand, some even got hurt after finding their funny streamer being accused of sexual assault. In other words, we may say that Rich Campbell got involved in controversy. Well, this is not the first time that the OTK member got into trouble and made a leave. Earlier, Mizkif faced something similar. 

Talking more about Rich Campbell’s deeds, he has been accused the same by fellow Twitch streamer, Azalia Lexi, explicitly. How? She made a series of posts on her Twitter account, which is now pretty much viral on the internet.  They had an “on-and-off friendship and relationship.” 

Azalia Lexi shared that Rich asked him to meet her up on various occasions, at his home in Texas. This reportedly happened, last year. After that, the OTK creator again asked her to meet him at his hotel room in Los Angeles. But, Azalia didn’t go and that’s when she realized it was nothing but sexual attraction from his side. 

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However, Rich Campbell didn’t respond to these allegations and claims so far. We have to wait! 

Best wishes to Rich Campbell for the upcoming days of his life. We wonder about the validity of the sexual assault allegations, made against him. You may follow Rich on his Instagram account, for more updates. 

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