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Best Kdrama To Watch in March 2021 on Hulu

Well, Hulu has launched pretty recently in the history of streaming platforms but when you dive inside its library of content, it has more than enough titles to satisfy your hunger. The platform has some of the most amazing shows as well as films to watch that comes in a variety of genre. Also, the anime content that Hulu has opted for is top-notch. Now, you all might be wondering what is the case with the Korean dramas present on the network? Well, here is what it is. So, Hulu, as well as Drama Fever, had a deal together to air new and old and all types of Korean dramas on the platform. Although, this relation was broken by Drama Fever and Hulu was left all alone with a little selection of Korean dramas.

But to our surprise, Hulu has recovered very well from this trauma and come back again into the audience with a new set of content to make all the fans entertained. Yes, we do agree that at some point there were a lot of Korean dramas present on Hulu but that does not stop Hulu from still having a good selection of content in the Korean range. Well, here we have wrapped up some of the shows from South Korea that will prove helpful in entertaining all you guys. Also, watching Korean dramas can get pretty exotic because it gives you an insight into a whole new culture and the second fact is that they have so much happening in the plot with unique storylines and concepts.

Boys Over Flowers

This drama series first aired in Korea back in 2009. The main inspiration behind the show was derived from a manhwa series which was also gone by the same name. When I say that this series is your classic teenage drama, I mean it. As for the plot, it centers on a girl who comes from a very middle-waged family. They can not afford to send her to elite high schools where the world is. She even has to do various part-time jobs to support herself. One day, when she was handling delivery in Shinwa High School, she caught the eyes of a boy who was getting bullied. Out of frustration, he wanted to take his own life and was about to jump off the roof. But it was her who saved him. The news went viral and the leader of the Shinwa group decided to offer her a scholarship to study in their prestigious school. At first, she was pretty resistant to go to school because it was dominated by a bunch of bullies named F4. Now, when she started studying amidst the school teens at Shinwa High, she realized how rich and arrogant they are.

Full Mean Girl scenes were going on in the show giving us the same vibe. As she decides to be at peace with everyone, F4 would not let it. But obviously, she is pretty courageous and stands up to the leader of F4 without getting terrified. Rather than getting angry, this impresses the leader a lot and he falls in love with her. The entire show has so many plot twists that come with love triangles as well as high school drama. There also are a set of ‘mean girls’ in the series who also try to bully our main protagonist but she copes through it all. If you are interested in such kind of dramas, then Hulu has all the 25 episodes of the show from start till the end that comes with a pretty satisfactory ending when we look at it. This is not all, there are so many amazing tracks employed in the series that will keep you hooked from the start till the end, and honestly, what is better than that?

Oh My Venus

As for this Korean Drama, it first aired back in late 2015 and ended in early 2016. There are 16 episodes of the show available to watch on Hulu. The main genre in which the entire series is based on romance, as well as some comedic elements in between, also helps. The story starts with a Hollywood personal trainer who happens to be on a flight along with a lawyer too as one of the people present on board. But unfortunately, we witness that this lawyer passes out and the only one to help her was this personal trainer. So, he takes the lawyer to her home and safety while she is passed out. As it turns out, both these people are having a chaotic life and troubles with their personal affairs. It is shown to the audience that this personal trainer got in with some issues against a Hollywood actress and it created a massive scandal. On the other hand, even this pretty lawyer used to be successful in her profession and loved by all.

But she started eating much and thus gained a lot of weight. As a result of her miseries, even her long-time boyfriend has dumped, and thus, she is in a lot of mental pain. Now, as we surf through the episodes of this series, the two stumble across each other a few times here and there. Later, the lawyer learns about his profession as a personal trainer, she bargains a deal with him. She also learns a very disturbing secret about the trainer and this even helps her to get what she wants, a good shape. So, the trainer now helps the lawyer to set her body in perfect shape once again. Given the fact that they are meeting up regularly and sharing personal emotions with each other, slowly the pair falls in love with each other.

Descendants of the Sun

As for this Korean drama series, it came out back in 2016. The entirety of its plot is covered in a total of 16 episodes and they are all available to watch on Hulu. The main plot of the series has a very sift and romantic genre. Also, the show throws the entire spotlight on a captain of the Special Forces Unit. As the series goes by and he starts finding out about himself, even more, the man stumbles across a trauma surgeon. Now, the love that is going to happen between the two, you know about it too. Then, we know that it is a Korean show and it will not have a smooth romance on its way. We will have to see their love story giving the test of time and patience.

The main problem comes when Captain has got a lot of duties as well as priorities to look after and thus, is unable to give time to his love interest. It is seen that whenever they try to go out on a date or even talk, the Captain gets called by his officials to run special tasks and this is creating distances between his relationship and the surgeons. Another major factor to look at is the concept that this Captain is taking lives while all the surgeon does is save them. Later in the scenes, as the story goes by, they find themselves coming closer despite all the differences. This is what ignites the romance between the two and makes the story even better to watch.

While You Were Sleeping

Well, I know that all the people who are die-hard Hollywood fans and keep up with the newest content put up by the industry might feel that the title is giving some other vibe than a classic Korean drama. But you all should really not expect that actress Sandra Bullock is going to appear from somewhere in this South Korean drama in a cameo, because she absolutely is not. So, this show came out back in 2017 and a regular person might get confused with the episodic scheme that is put out in the show. Lightly speaking, there are 16 episodes of the series but it comes in the form of 32 chapters. All this while, Hulu has just stated these chapters as episodes so do not get perplexed when you see 32 episodes in the show. Well, if you think that this scheme of episodes is pretty confusing, then you have no idea what is coming inside the series for you.

So, the main concept of the series depends on supernatural elements and it surely can make you gulp. The plot throws the entire spotlight on three people who are able to witness the future in their dreams and it is always true. Thus, the three of them join their forces and decide to save the Earth and the place they are living in from potential dangers. But, this is not a drama show, it is a legal show that is blended perfectly well with the fantasy elements and this is what makes the series so unique. The main focus in this series is laid on crime and we are constantly taken to court settings for the scenes.

Chief Kim

Another term used for this Korean drama is Good Manager and this series first came out back in 2017. When it first aired, we witnessed that the series is made up of 20 episodes. All in all, the show has been made in Korea and is a drama from the region but it has so much comedy in it, that it can take your mind off some stressful work and make you feel relaxed. It is good for a light watch if you are not looking for an intriguing series that makes you commit to it. As for the plot of the series, it might look simple to you as we write here, but upon watching, you will realize how different it is. So, we have a bad guy who turns good as the main protagonist of the series. This guy is actually an accountant who gets a job in a very prestigious company. But his main motives are something else. The guy is doing this job just so he can steal from the corporation as he is also working along with a group of gangsters. His only aim in life is to get enough money from the company and go on for his dream retirement in Denmark. But the whole story changes when he gets too attached to the people already present in the company.

This is when we witness that he starts using all the powers in his range to fight for the rights of employees working in the company. Actually, this company is treating employees with harshness and is not giving them what they are working for. The soundtrack that comes along with the amazing plot of Chief Kim is pretty amazing and catches our mind at once. It is available to listen to on Youtube too. Also, you guys should know that there is a bit of a problem with the series and its availability on Hulu. As we talked about earlier, Drama Fever has broken up the pesky contract that existed between the two platforms and left with its content on heels. Because of this, Chief Kim was put in jeopardy. The Korean show was available to watch on the platform for a brief period in time even after its main host left, but it is no longer available. You do not need to worry about it though because the show is available to watch on Rakuten Viki.

Just Between Lovers

As you all might have already made out from the title of the series, the genre of the tale is full of romance. Other names by which this series is called is Rain or Shine and Between Lovers. All this while, the plot of the show gives us a meaningful story shared between the kindling love of a couple. The entire show has spanned its story in 16 episodes and started airing back in 2017 and ended and in the early half of 2018. Well, a tragedy that is shown in this series is troubling. A bit of a disclaimer that if a person can not handle the situation very well and gets saddened by the grievous situations, then this series is not something that you should opt for.

The main plot focuses on three people who have lost their loved ones when one of the biggest buildings in the city came crashing down. The timeline moves ten years later when we see the three of them working together on a project together. They have been working as a group in order to replace the faulty building and keep in mind to ensure that such accidents do not happen again. There are a lot of twists going on in this series. Although, the main focus of the series is on grief as well ad love and hope.

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