Juujika no Rokunin Chapter 120 Review: A Disturbing Take on Vengeance

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Juujika no Rokunin Review
Juujika no Rokunin (Credits: Shiryuu)

Juujika no Rokunin is a Japanese psychological manga series written by Nakatake Shiryuu. Originally serialized in Kodansha’s shonen magazine, Magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, the manga was transferred to the Magazine Pocket application and website in November 2020. 

The manga currently comprises ten volumes and is undergoing publication. Juujika no Rokunin is available for reading in the Pocket application. As of March 2023, two million copies of the manga have been circulated. 

The story of Juujika no Rokunin revolves around Shun Uruma, a sixth-grade student who is labeled as the ‘Experimental Body,’ a person who is constantly bullied by five horrible people. By bullying Shun and inflicting harm (even death) on his loved ones, Shun becomes a killing machine hell-bent on exacting revenge on his bullies for their actions. 

The premise of Juujika no Rokunin is based on brutal torture, murder, cold-blooded revenge, and violence. 

Severely bullied by five specific individuals (more like monsters), Shun lived in a living hell. He found solace in his brother and parents, who loved him and protected him at all costs. He had a mysterious grandfather who he was not allowed to see. Orchestrated by Kyou Shigoku, the leader of the five bullies, Shun is manipulated and warped in ways humanly not possible to achieve.

To make sure Shun would be driven to the end of despair and kill himself, Shigoku created a plan in which the five monsters killed his family (except his brother, who was put in a coma), completely altering the trajectory that Shun would lead.

Having lost everything, a ‘dark wish’ is born inside Shun, who starts living with his grandfather, who is associated with the military, having received a litany of pieces of training and torture methods that were taught to Shun.

Having trained himself, Shun reappears four years later in front of his bullies to exact his revenge, that is, to put an end to them all and their existence. Bit by bit, he killed them all in the most horrendous ways possible until the mastermind, Kyou Shigoku, comes into the picture. 

Juujika no Rokunin Review
Juujika no Rokunin (Credits: Shiryuu)

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Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 120 Summary

Chapter 120 of Juujika no Rokunin is based in the Sanctuary. After running away from the drugged people, Kawana and Oka reach the Sanctuary, where entry is strictly prohibited. They find themselves near a field when Oka orders Kawana to hide. Kawana realizes that she has seen these leaves somewhere.

Juujika no Rokunin Review
Juujika no Rokunin (Credits: Shiryuu)

She comes to the conclusion that they are poppy seeds, a source of opium. They find tons of surveillance cameras across the field and guards holding guns to immediately shoot at anyone who is a trespasser. A sound comes from the intercom, which states that there are intruders in the Sanctuary and that personnel is authorized to kill on sight if they find the trespassers. 

We get to learn through Andou’s assistant that Andou is currently obsessed with Shun and should not be notified about the trespass. He is currently in the Pain room on the East side of the Sanctuary. Realizing that Shun might be there, the girls decide to take action but are immediately spotted by guards who shoot at them. 

Hanaoka is hit by one of the targets, and she stumbles. Both of them are found, and the guards try to mess with them, but they are immediately told to shoot the women. The girls are frightened for their lives and remain frozen out of shock. However, a mysterious figure miraculously saves them by killing off the guards, and the women get out of the place. The mysterious figure who aids them turns out to be Reo. 

Juujika no Rokunin Chapter 120: Review

Things have just gotten a lot more serious. There are elements of drugs, guns, and violence involved, which make the situation grimmer for Kawana and Oka. They are concerned for Shun, but he has been missing from the manga for a while now. We do not know what happened to him after being caught and tortured, but we do know his whereabouts and his location now. 

However, what awaits him is still a mystery. We also get to meet Reo, and I believe that next chapter, we will be able to find out more about her and who she is. 

The manga has a disturbing tone attached to it. Focused on the theme of revenge, we get to see scenes of torture which is not for the soft audience. Juujika no Rokunin is a tale of exacting revenge. The bullies of Shun intentionally destroy everything he holds dear to himself by killing his family. 

They wish to make him suffer in despair, and they go to every extent to ensure that it happens. And the manga delivers that in ways humanly not possible. It is a manga that is definitely not for sensitive people. However, if you are someone who has read this manga or wishes to read it, I wish you luck because the manga is murderous to the core. 

Our main character ends up becoming a killing machine, and he makes sure he takes his revenge on the bullies. They are monsters, and he is on a quest to kill them all until Kyou runs away, which sets the basic plot for Juujika no Rokunin. It is a grotesque and brutal manga.

The manga does not give enough backstory on the bullies, but it can be said that Kyou Shigoku was the one who was indirectly responsible for everyone’s actions. He was the mastermind behind it all, and the manga does a good job of making the audience feel nothing but hatred toward them which is very justified considering the heinous crimes they have committed. 

The art is Juujika no Rokunin is not focused on fighting scenes. The readers mostly just glance through them and scroll to the next panels, and the art seems decent in most fights. The element that is mostly focused on through the art is pain. Mental pain, physical pain, and emotional pain are all depicted in the manga.

The art in the scenes of pain, mostly physical, is well executed, but overall the element of brutality and grotesqueness remains. We get to witness the insanity of the characters through the art as well. The manga keeps moving on with a traumatizing narrative, and there is no break from it. People are dying left and right, their lives are getting ruined at any time, women are seen being violated, and it feels awful. 

There is no break from this, and the reader feels oversaturated and awful from the events that are unraveling. 

Juujika no Rokunin Review
Juujika no Rokunin (Credits: Shiryuu)

Our Verdict

Overall,  Juujika no Rokunin is a sick manga. It is brutal, heavy, and frightening to read. It is twisted, and nothing in this manga feels subtly good to read. The villains in the manga are downright pure evil, and the hatred they get is truly justifiable. However, the reader does not get a break from this brutal narrative which creates an oversaturation. 

There is no substantive story underneath this plot of revenge and vengeance.

Our Rating: ⭐ (2.8/5).

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