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Yali Capkini Episode 21: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Star TV
Yalı Çapkını Episode 21 Release Date

Yali Capkini episode 21’s air date is finally here. You are all at the right place if you want to find all the information about the upcoming episode. Before determining the release date and available viewing options for Yali Capkini episode 21, let’s review the most recent episodes.

When Ferit tells Seyran how Suna was constantly hugging him at night, he becomes extremely angry. Ferit claims he is innocent, but Seyran doesn’t believe him and accuses him of playing with Suna. Seyran brings his own breathing device along for her mom and spends the night with his mother after learning that she is ill.

In contrast, our hero Ferit takes advantage of the chance and leaves with Pelin. As Seyran presses Suna to explain why she hugged Ferit, Kazm hears all this and implements his new plan against Suna. Ferit plans to abduct Suna.

The execution of this plan is then revealed to Kazm, who is unaware of it. After learning Suna is not at home, Kazem confronts Esme and vents his anger on her. Feeling bad about what happened with Kazem, Suna decides to return home.

Yalı Çapkını Episode 20 recapA still from the show.

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Yali Capkini: A Brief Recap

We also saw Ferit notifying Halis about everything; Halis Aa found out that Suna secretly left the house in the morning. We also see that Seyran and Ferit are trying to patch up and solve their ongoing conflict.

Seyran’s relationship with Yusuf in the past continues to worry Ferit. He invites Yusuf to their room, and when they are there, he asks him a question that shocks Yusuf. Yusuf’s reaction to Ferit’s question has Seyran very upset, and she doesn’t want to see either of them.

At midnight, Ferit and Abidin leave together and make a disappointing discovery. Halis discovers that she was accidentally caught on tape by a reporter, and Ferit asks Orhan’s help to get out of this situation.
The person who can make Ferit come out of this situation is Seyran.

Yalı Çapkını Episode 20 recap

A still from the series.

They convince Kazm and Halis that the photograph published in the newspaper needs to be removed. Ferit is furious with Taylan, who printed the photographs, and has no intention of shifting sides. On the other hand, Fakat looks after Suna and begins training her after they swear allegiance to Kazm.

Halis causes Ferit to flee her house. Yusuf informs Kazm of what happened, and Kazm brings Seyran and Suna back when he gets to the office. After Ferit, who took refuge with Pelin, informs him that he has decided to depart, Pelin asks Seyran to intervene.

Seyran’s relationship with Ferit does not sway him enough to leave his path. On the other hand, Halis Aa fell ill and was sent to a medical facility. Halis, who left this situation and went home, will also be questioned by Seyran.

Ferit, who is having trouble accepting Syrian’s decision, travels to Kazm’s to pick up his wife. After hearing what Halis Aa said, Kazm is anxious to kidnap Seyran and take his extended family over to Antep, yet Ferit won’t let Seyran go.

Yalı Çapkını Episode 20 recap

The main cast.

In another scene, we have Ferit, who travels with Seyran and also has a plan for the new year to unite the whole family. The family looks like it’s happy after the New Year’s Eve dinner, and Ferit and Seyran are set to get photographed for the magazine’s cover. Defne, the editor of the publication, was once friends with Orhan.

 To choose a new ambassador for his brand, Efe Han wants to speak with Seyran. Seyran becomes confused and asks Kazim for guidance. 

When will Yali Capkini episode 21 air?

Episode 21 of Yali Capkini will air on Star TV in Turkey on February 10, 2023, around 9 o’clock. The following explanation explains why viewers from different countries cannot stream Yali Capkini episode 21.

Yali Capkini episode 21: Where to watch?

Star TV will carry Yali Capkini episode 21 for Turkish viewers. Fans from other countries must wait for the producers to partner with a global streaming service to make the show accessible to fans globally with English subtitles as quickly as the episodes are released in Turkey. Happy streaming!

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