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Chris Pratt’s Before And After Look: The Moneyball Actor’s Weight Loss Journey Explained

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt’s before and after look has been making rounds on the web lately. Yes, we are talking about the Moneyball actor’s transformation in his physique. It’s very easy to gain weight. But maintaining the proper shape or putting off weight has always been a struggle.

Is it the same for film stars? We wonder! Before getting into Chris Pratt’s weight loss journey, let’s briefly discuss his prominence in the industry. Chris Pratt is known for portraying Scott Hatteberg in the sports dramedy film Moneyball.

Being his fan, you must watch the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Born in 1979 and hailing from Virginia, Chris is now 43 years old. Some of his notable acting credits include The Five-Year Engagement, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurrasic World, Thor: Love and Thunder, Avengers: Endgame, The Terminal List, Everwood, etc. You will be happy to know that Chris Pratt has a handful of projects that will likely be released soon. He is currently busy shooting for the film, The Electric State. 

Returning to Chris Pratt’s weight loss transformation, the actor had a huge change in his body. The period was also quite short. To be more precise, he simply took six months. For celebrities, especially for certain characters, weight change doesn’t seem to cause much tension. Here is what we know if you are looking for the details of Chris Pratt’s before and after look.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt’s Before And After Look: Everything To Know 

As hinted above, Chris Pratt’s before and after look was a big surprise to everyone. The actor lost 60 lbs in just half a year. Earlier, Chris was overweight. Later, he transformed himself into a muscular man. You will be surprised to know at the time he shot for Parks and Recreation, and he weighed 300 pounds. Can’t, what? Yes! Because of that, Chris Pratt reportedly got rejected for various roles. 

Even if you just say it only requires acting to be in the industry, then you are mistaken. For certain roles, be it detective, intense, action, or anything related to this, one needs to stay fit. Similarly, Chris Pratt weighed too much to fit into those characters. It was in 2014 when Chris Pratt seemed to be very much motivated to lose weight. In other words, the actor appeared to be much determined about it. Following that, he hit the gym and, after quite some time, posted a shirtless picture. Guess what?

Some of his female fans ended up drooling. Not a joke! In the following year, he thought of having a personal trainer. He even consulted a nutritionist for his diet chart. In short, Chris was too strict at the time with his physique. 

Chris Pratt's Before And After Look

Chris Pratt’s before and after looks

Talking about Chris Pratt’s weight loss journey included the actor working physically hard. He used to do kickboxing, running, swimming, and some other hardcore physical activities. Little did you know, Chris Pratt’s 60 lb weight loss transformation was mainly targeted for Guardians of the Galaxy.

To be more precise, Chris’ afterlook, being so fit, has been possible because of his strict diet and also running six miles each day. In addition to that, he even stopped consuming alcohol. Chris Pratt eventually understood the significance and value of transformation. Not to forget to mention, the actor has gained stamina too. 

Yes. Chris Pratt’s before and after looks have a huge difference. It’s indeed a good change. When one is overweight, it doesn’t just give a bad image but also gets caught with several diseases. There is no body shaming here. Still, one should stay fit and healthy. What do you think about Chris Pratt’s before and after look? Make sure you follow Chris on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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