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Preview: MGM’s No Time To Die

No Time to Die will be the next James Bond movie, which was announced some time back. Recently, there were many reports claiming that No Time To Die’s release date will be delayed once again due to various lockdown restrictions in Bond’s home UK due to the pandemic, earlier too, the dates were delayed. Also, more than half of the theatres in the US are closed, which will also surely be affecting the overall business of the film.

The forthcoming spy film will be based on the life of a once active spy, Bond, who had left the active service and has settled down in Jamaica. James Bond is soon called again by the CIA to accomplish a mission of rescuing a kidnapped scientist. James Bond fans have turned desperate after the last season, indeed waiting for the next season, and now it will be very heartbreaking news for them that the release of No Time To Die is further extended.

Cast Details

The cast of No Time to Die includes Daniel Craig, Rami Melek, Lea Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, Dali Benssalh, Naomie Harris & David Dencik. The direction will be under director Cary Joji Fukunaga, who had been associated with the franchise from the very start of the Bond 007 series. The absurd change of life of Bond is what interesting that audience will love in No Time To Die, the transition of his life from the period he tries to escape from it after quitting his spy job needs to start with it all again will be great to see.

No Time To Die: Preview, Cast & Release Date

No Time To Die: Preview, Cast & Release Date

The Bond series is returning after a very long wait, and this time too, as always, there will be all new different essence in the series. Many of the Bond fans would agree upon the fact that it was a good decision to wait for the situation to get better and opt for theatre release rather than streaming it on any online platforms as fans believe that films like this are only suitable for watching on big screens. The reports also say that there were offers made in for the streaming license of No Time to Die by Netflix and Apple TV+ for as high as $600 million, but it seems that MGM had no interest in this, and probably they might be looking to the big picture because the gross collection of the film may be much more if it is allowed to cast on big theatre’s screen.

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No Time to Die – Release Date

Though, there hasn’t been any word of confirmation of the delay of the No Time to Die from Universal Pictures nor from MGM. But, two reports have claimed that the release dates of the film have been delayed. One reports states that the No time to die will be releasing in November, shifting it from its initial release date in April, while another report states that the movie will be shifted to the autumn period of 2021. Though, both the reports are not yet confirmed from the makers, but it seems true due to the lockdown restrictions in the UK and the closed theatres in the US, Expecting everything turns up normal in some months.

Till the time there is no official confirmation of the news from the makers, it is believed that the film will be releasing in the month of April, as the earlier announcement will be in order. Sony Pictures to have shifted the date of its Jared Leto Marvel film- Morbius from its initial release date in March to October. This, too, hints towards the delaying of the release date of No Time to Die is too almost sure. Maybe the makers will announce this news in some days, till that time we can only wait the makers aren’t in the mood of releasing the movie on any online platform, which indeed is correct to a very extent considering the sentiments of the audience associated with this film.

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