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Monarch Episode 8 Release Date: Nicky Confronts Catt

A still from Monarch Episode 7.
Monarch Episode 8 Release Date

Last Updated on November 7, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Monarch Episode 8 Release Date is finally here, and we are excited to reveal all the details about it before the episode drops. Here is a look at the drama’s premise before we get to the Monarch episode 8. A family working in the country music industry is the focus of the musical drama Monarch.

The first thing Fox Entertainment Productions has ever produced is the television series that Melissa London Hilfers devised. The core cast includes Trace Adkins, Beth Ditto, Anna Friel, Martha Higareda, Iigo Pascual, and Joshua Sasse. Susan Sarandon plays Dottie Cantrell. Fox and Hulu will broadcast the series’ debut on September 11, 2022.

A multigenerational family drama featuring Dottie and Albie Roman at the helm of a country music dynasty is the central theme of the narrative. The dynasty’s daughter, Nicky Roman, does everything she can to secure her success while upholding the family’s dominance in country music.

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What Happened In Monarch Episode 7?

As we can see, the guy at Nicky’s door is Clive, her husband. Clive makes an effort to win her back despite Nicky terminating their marriage. Nicky is left helpless when Clive attacks her physically, though. Gigi uses Nicky’s CMLA trophy to hurt Clive before he can hurt Nicky. Nicky, therefore, asks Albie for assistance.

Monarch Episode 8 Release Date

Astill from Monarch Episode 7.

While Luke staged Clive’s disappearance, Albie drove Clive away, and the Romans cleaned up the crime scene before filing a formal police report. Nicky and Luke visit with DA Tripp DeWitt a few weeks after Clive vanished to talk about the investigation and conceal the truth. Nicky is having trouble performing and has stopped singing.

Luke collects the Romans and informs them that he has planned an event to celebrate the debut of Albie’s new whisky line. He wants Nicky and Wade to perform together at the occasion, but Nicky is still hesitant to pick up singing again. Ana is seen by Albie wearing a locket that belonged to Rose.

Albie, therefore, realizes that Catherine Phoenix, Catt’s mother, is his and Rose’s. He then asks Catt what she wants from the Romans and invites her to dinner. Catt, though, is adamant that all she wants is for her daughter to have a chance to show the Romans her skill. Albie collaborates with Ana to record a single to advance her career result.

Monarch Episode 8 Release Date

The flashback of the murder from episode 8.

On the other side, Gigi participates in a photo shoot for a prestigious magazine while still feeling down following the collision with Clive. Gigi learns how her appearance has shifted after receiving the images. She, therefore, launches a body-positive social media campaign. The response to Gigi’s efforts is largely positive. Finally, Nicky decides to perform at the launch party, making it a success.

After Nicky’s performance, Luke commits to securing her tour. Nicky is concerned about her daughter, who is anxious about Clive’s future. The episode indicates that Nicky’s husband, Clive is the unidentified person Albie murdered in the flashbacks. Viewers see a detailed timeline of events throughout the episode. Albie gets attacked by Clive after he drives Clive away in his truck.

The two get into a gunfight, and Albie is forced to use his shotgun to shoot Clive. Clive passes away as a result, and Albie berries his corpse. Albie returns to the scene to remove the body, but the police suspect him. However, the body disappears, and the Romans ignore the situation.

DA Tripp DeWitt queries Albie whether he is keeping information about Clive’s death a secret in the episode’s closing seconds. Albie believes the authorities have all the information necessary to find Clive in the episode’s closing seconds.

Monarch Episode 8 Release Date

A still from Monarch Episode 7.

Albie believes that the authorities have all the information necessary to find Clive. DeWitt, therefore, decides to intensify the inquiry and establish a task force to locate Clive. Therefore, it is likely that Clive’s body will be found soon. As a consequence, the Romans can get into even more difficulties.

When Is the Monarch Episode 8 Release Date?

Monarch Episode 8 Release Date is November 8, 2022. Monarch Episode 8 will air on FOX at 9:00 pm in the US. International fans can stream Monarch Episode 8 at the following times:

British Summer Time: 2.00 am (November 9, 2022)
Indian Standard Time: 7.30 am (November 9, 2022)
Singapore Standard Time: 10:00 am (November 9, 2022)
Philippines Standard Time: 10.00 am (November 9, 2022)
Korean Standard time: 11.00 am (November 9, 2022)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 1.00 pm (November 9, 2022)

Where To Watch Monarch Episode 8?

Monarch Episode 8 will stream on HULU, Fox Now, and Fubo TV.

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