Who Does Olivia Benson End Up With in Law & Order?

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Credits: NBC)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is an American TV series that certainly revolves around the elite group known as Special Victims Unit, the victims, and the criminals. The series covers the dark and dusky side of New York, which is full of crimes and frauds. Well, the special force of detectives of SVUs generally actively investigates the worst crimes happening in the city, such as sexual abuse, rape, and all other horrendous crimes. The Law & Order franchise was started in 1999 and is still in continuation.

The creators keep on renewing a new season after another because the series is loved by many. Season 24 will end on May 18, 2023, and season 25 has already been renewed. You can watch the Law & Order franchise on Thursday nights on NBC. A detective, Olivia is considered the powerhouse of the series, and she is smart enough to handle both her career and private life. She has dated many throughout the season, but after her breakup with Ed Tucker, fans want to know who Olivia is in a relationship with. Let’s find out. 

What is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?

Special Victims Unit is an elite squad full of detectives who investigates some of the heinous crimes out there in New York. In the criminal justice system, these heinous crimes are considered to be the ones that are sexual, and the special forces, SVU, thoroughly investigate them. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been on the screens since 1999 and has released 24 seasons.

The show, collectively, delves into the dark side of New York City and shows us some of the sexual crimes that the show’s detectives investigate. These sexual crimes generally include domestic violence, rape, and sexual abuse of kids, the elderly, and the ones that are disabled.

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Who Does Olivia Benson End Up With?
The detectives of the long-running Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Olivia is the powerhouse of the series (Credits: NBC)

The show also put light on the detectives’ personal life. It shows how they are trying their best not to let these criminal cases or the dark side of New York affect their private lives. Political, Societal issues and infringement of equality rights are also included in the shows all these years, and the victims or survivors play a critical role both in the investigation and the show. Furthermore, the series does not always pop up with made-up stories. The maximum stories shown in it are based on real life.

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Character Olivia Benson’s Relationship Timeline

The show’s heart and soul is its main character, Olivia Benson, who has been dating a few men in the show. In the 1st season, she was in love with a character, Brian Cassidy, played by Dean Winters, an American actor. The relationship was short-lived and started with a one-night stand, but the two met again in season 14. When Olivia was kidnapped in season 15, Brain was the one who rescued her, and later they decided to live together. However, things didn’t work well, and both split up as their career goals were not alike. 

The next boyfriend who came to light was Nick Ganzer, a character played by Tom McCarthy. Olivia and Nick split up soon as Olivia realized that they were not compatible enough because Nick had a kind of sadistic nature and was suspicious. So, for Olivia, the relationship with Nick turned out to be a wrong decision. 

Who Does Olivia Benson End Up With?
Olivia and Nick Ganzer had an on-screen relationship in the series (Credits: NBC)

Andy Eckerson, a character played by Craig Bierko in the 5th season, was in a relationship with Olivia. Again, it was a short-lived relationship. Olivia realized he had been into poor Police Ethics, which was a red flag for her, so she had to give up on him. Well, the relationship was off-screen too. The actors were reportedly dating even after the characters broke up in the series. 

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Olivia Benson, in season 9, met a guy, Kurt Moss, a character played by Bill Pullman. They dated in real life for a few months until they split. Since Olivia didn’t easily open up about her relationships on camera so the relationship came to light as rumors. Later, things were not going well as they were facing problems while balancing careers and private life, so they split. Talking about the series, they had a good bond in season 9, but they separated. 

In season 13, Olivia fell in love with David Haden, a character played by Harry Connick Jr. They were amazing on screen, and their bond looked promising enough, but such strength ended up being the reason for their break up. Yes! Even if their goals were similar, they had to break up. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Olivia meets several men in the series, but the character is yet to find someone for her (Credits: NBC)

Another relationship, and this time, fans really wanted Olivia to settle, but the series – ‘No! Not this time.’ Well, Olivia and Ed Tucker fell in love with each other on-screen in season 17, but the duo split because of their conflict of interest, and the character Ed wasn’t appearing perfect enough for Olivia.  

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Who Does Olivia Benson End Up With?

Olivia is single for now. But season 24 might have something amazing for her. In season 23, Olivia was certainly single, but there was a man who even kissed (almost) here. If you remember Elliot Stabler, she had something with him in Season 24. Elliot Stabler was a married guy from the start, but fans wanted Elliot and Olivia together because of the connection they shared.

But, the hopes were shattered when Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler) just left the show. In season 23, he returned to get the spark in the viewers’ eyes. This time he is a widowed guy, and he is about to kiss Olivia, but it doesn’t happen. We might expect the upcoming seasons to get them closer. 

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