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How to Watch What is a Woman Documentary?

where to watch What is a Woman?

In this article, we will talk about where to watch What is a Woman? documentary. We are sure that the title grabbed your attention. And why wouldn’t it? The question that the title of this documentary poses is quite simple on the surface. But just try asking yourself the answer to this question. No matter what gender you are, you will not know how to answer this question. That is the extent to which the concept of identity is deeply embedded and what the documentary tries to achieve. Documentaries have become an important part of pop culture now. If you are also a documentary enthusiast, read this article for a new recommendation, namely What is a Woman?

What is a Woman? is a documentary produced by Matt Walsh. Walsh is a political commentator and an author. Being an author, Walsh is naturally inclined towards topics of identity and gender in general. The theme of this documentary seems to be something that is important in a modern-day milieu. It is very rare that a candid documentary makes it to the viewers, and it is more important to know where it is streaming.

What is a Woman? What is the Documentary about?

The documentary is titled in the form of a question, and it does exactly that. The presenter of the documentary, Matt, goes about asking this and many other questions involving gender and identity to many people. Matt talks about the issues involving gender and what it means to be a woman or a transgender in the modern world.

The documentary aims to open up a dialogue around gender issues and tries to answer the question it raises in its own title. Before knowing where to watch What is a Woman? let us know what to expect from this documentary.

What is a Woman? Documentary – What to expect from it?

The documentary features many people like a pediatrician, a gender studies professor, and a psychiatrist who answers the various questions posed by Matt. The line-up of people is very interesting as the audience gets a wide view of the topic at hand. It is very important to know the meaning of various terms by gender.

Apart from interviewing, Matt also explains the terms Non-binary and transgender. This is done while he interviews a gay man in Kenya who was once nude in San Fransico. The documentary is very thought-provoking and will make you question your beliefs. It is important to know where to watch What is a Woman? to educate oneself on the gender issues of the modern time.

Where to watch What is a Woman?

The documentary was released on June 1, 2022. It is no coincidence that the movie was released at the beginning of Pride Month. What better to premiere a documentary on gender and transgender rights than pride month? To answer the question of where to watch What is a Woman? The movie is available to watch on Daily Wire. Since the movie is an original production, it is only available in the countries which have Daily Wire. You will need a Subscription to watch the documentary What is a Woman?

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