Who Is Greta Onieogou Dating? The All American Star’s Personal Life

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Who is Greta Onieogou dating
Who is Greta Onieogou dating?

Want to know who is All American star Greta Onieogou dating? Popular actress Greta Onieogou landed her first-ever role as she played m Tammy in Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore‘s romantic comedy flick, “Fever Pitch.” Fans must have seen her in early 2000s series like “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” “Naturally, Sadie,” and “Overruled!”

The actress also starred alongside Louis Gossett Jr. in the action comedy flick Undercover Grandpa, In 2017. It was later in 2007 that the actress bagged her big breakthrough role in the popular Canadian series “Heartland,” starring in the show till 2015.

Now, Greta Onieogou is one of the lead stars in the hit drama series, All American, where she plays the role of Layla. Other than that, the actress has earlier starred in the quasi-sequel miniseries “Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters” where she had a starring role as Aly.

Great Onieogou has also started in “Schitt’s Creek” and “Miss Sloane.” As Greta plays the role of a wealthy socialite at Beverly Hills High School, Layla, in the CW sports drama, All American. However, unlike her complicated love life in the series, what do we know about Greta’s personal life? Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know who Greta Onieogou is dating.

Who is Greta Onieogou Dating? 

Not much is known about Greta Onieogou’s current relationship status. It seems like the actress intends to. Now, her personal life is away from the limelight. There is no mention of a possible love interest on her social media feed as well.

Greta Onieogou dating
Who is Greta Onieogou dating?

Many tabloids are convinced that Greta Onieogou might be single and not dating anyone. She is quite a traveling enthusiast, as her Instagram followers saw all the pictures from her vacations.

She also spends quality time with her All-American costars as well. Unlike her reel-life romance that has seen a few us and does, Greta Onieogou’s dating life remains a mystery.

Is Greta Onieogou in All-American?

Greta Onieogou plays the role of Layla in All American. While talking about the fan-favorite character, the actress revealed that she did not even go in to audition for Layla and rather wanted the role of Olivia.

However, it was observed that her approach to the character was quite different from that of her costar Samantha Baker and that’s how she landed the role of Layla. 

As Greta Onieogou revealed how she originally auditioned for the role of Olivia Baker, she further recalled how she saw costar Samantha Logan dressed up and described her as a “grunge, emo” on the day of her auditions. Based on her interpretation of the character, Onieogou also explained how she completely missed the mark and started that she had space buns and a more eccentric look.

Greta Onieogou is Making Shocking Revelations!

Believe it or not, Greta Oniegou was not initially supposed to play the role of Layla. It seems before auditioning for Olivia, Greta revealed how she had to buy all new clothes to fit the role of Layla.

The actress explained how she only had goth kinds of dresses to wear, and while hoping in to read for Olivia, she ran to the bathroom and changed into a ‘Layla’ outfit, and it was only then that she went back to audition while calling it all a bit stressful.

Greta Onieogou dating
Greta Onieogou as Layla

The All-American actress further revealed that it was during the final test audition when Logan and Onieogou both went for the role of Olivia. But, All-American producer Robbie Rogers Greta to rather an audition for another character named Layla.

Because Leibe it o not bug Onieogou, also a popular Youtuber as she is the host and curator of her own YouTube vlog that has a whopping 370,000 subscribers and counting. The actress can be seen discussing numerous interesting topics that include her behind-the-scenes exclusives traveling, and makeup tips.

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