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Cells at work Code Black Episode 12 Preview and Recap

Cells at work Code Black

AA has lost his precious friend during the battle in the stomach territory. Keep in mind that Cells at work Code Black will be concluded next week Thursday. AA is regretting that he couldn’t save AC. The next day AA spent the whole day sleeping, thinking that he should have turned back. U-1196 is worried since he saw AA after the battle.

She is wondering why he didn’t talk with her that day. Suddenly she saw some fat cells talking about the incidents that have been happening. U-1196 notice that fat cells are becoming enlarged with the consumption of high-calorie foods and lack of exercise. It is causing them to suffer from obesity. Other skinny cells decided to work hard and keep their healthy body. The cells are wondering what is going on inside this body.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 12 will release on Friday, 12 March 2021, at 2:30 on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The next episode updates will be available on Friday. Let’s move to the previous episode updates and preview below.

Previously on Cells at work Code Black Episode 11

The High-Ups reported that they had spotted an enemy bacteria, and they ask for the White Cells to head to the site immediately. Brain cells reveal that it is an unknown bacteria that has been detected near the base of the left big toe. U-1196 heads to the scene. She met with other White Blood Cells that will be assisting her. They told her that there is a pathogen at large near the left big toe. Mr. Brain asks Memory to check the data of the enemy.

Memory Cell reveals that he has no data on the enemy since itis the first pathogen they have encountered. Mr. Brain orders the White Blood Cells to counter the enemy. He also told the Microphanges to identify the antigen. They allied with White Blood Cells, and they start to attack the enemy.

Phagocytosis Process

Cells at work Code Black

Cells at work Code Black

U-1196 jumps and bit the enemy, doing the phagocytosis process. The Narattor reveals that phagocytosis is the process by which White Blood Cells and the like engulf bacteria and other foreign substances to break them down.  U-1196 find that the bacteria skin is too tough for her to break the skin. Macrophage attackers with a blade, but the blade just bump on the bacteria’s skin. Mr. Brain notices that and orders for a full assault.

The Captain of the White Blood Cells sends the request for the crew to get into the Battle Formation One. U-196 said that they have Battle Formation One deployed. They started firing massive weapons. AA wakes up and saw that other cells are doing their hard work. The old hag told AA that a new strain of bacteria is attacking them. AA gets back to his room, and the old hag wonders if he is okay. Later, AA heads out and heads straight to the battle.

The bacteria continue to destroy the body as the White Cells fight back. On his way, he met with a lady the used to chat with AC. She asks him about AC. AA became speechless, and she keeps on talking about AC. He realizes that he has lost AC during the battle. The lady told AA to take care of AC, and he replies that he failed to take care of him. AA left the lady, and he runs away; she is wondering what’s meant by saying he has failed to take care of AC.

Uric Acid

Cells at work Code Black

Cells at work Code Black

The other Red Cells heads to the screening room. The cells that are rejected are sent back since they have red pulp. They are sent back for processing, and AA arrives. When they screen him, they find that he is healthy. AA asks for the High-up to process him since he thinks he is a cell who doesn’t deserve to live. He thinks that he has nothing left to do in life since he has lost his friends. The High-ups looks at AA’s database, and they told him that he is still young.

They order AA to get back to work, and they can not afford to lose fresh blood like him. AA comments that he has betrayed his friend since he couldn’t save him. The High-ups told him that this is the place where old cells are processed. They remind AA about his purpose in life. At the Brain HQ, they notice that the damage is only going to spread around the areas at this rate.

The pathogen continues to attack, and Mr. Brain started to think of a  new way to counter the enemy. He has found that the enemy is not a pathogen; it is a uric acid that didn’t dissolve in the bloodstream. AA arrived at the scene and said that they have to change this body. They work together and solve the uric acid problem. The next day everyone heads back to their daily duties.

Cells at work Code Black Episode 12 Preview

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