Love is an Illusion Chapter 102: Release Date & Where to Read

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Love is an Illusion Cover
Love is an Illusion Cover (Credit: Twitter)

Dojin and Heesoo attend a rooftop party where he feels the presence of an omega. Before it is advised that he go and talk to Dojin, he overhears Hye-sung declaring that he is an Alpha. Hye-sung leaves and picks up his phone, intending to locate a wealthy Omega. He doesn’t care if he loses his job again and plans to disprove the other speaker’s claim that he can’t find anyone.

Dojin observes Hye-sung spraying himself with an alpha-pheromone-infused perfume, which is the remedy for him, in the bathroom. Dojin steadies Hye-sung as he becomes unsteady and inquires as to if he is going into heat.

When that didn’t stop, Dojin returned Hye-sung to his, where he continued to insist that he was an Alpha. Kim awakens and realizes he is at someone’s house as Dojin is writing music. After leaving the next morning, Kyungsoo takes Hye-sung with him to a concert where he finds Dojin performing, who is startled to see Hye-sung in the audience.

He gets scolded for how Hye-sung felt he was treated by someone approaching him while wearing a face mask. Dojin joins his family as they talk about the genetic composition of their generation, but he disavows meeting an Omega.

Kim Hye-sung (Left) and Park Dojin (Right)
Kim Hye-sung (Left) and Park Dojin (Right) (Credit: Twitter)

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Love is an Illusion Sidestory 2 and 3 Recap

Sidestory 2 Recap:

At the end of side-story 2, we finally get to see Kim Hye-sung’s mother confront her son. Kim Hye-sung is hesitant to meet her and converses with her through a closed door. He gets emotional and asks her why she had abandoned him and why she never came searching for him until now.

The conversation gets heated up, and Park Dojin asks Kim Hye-sung’s mother to leave. He comforts Kim Hye-sung, and Sidestory 2 concludes with Kim Hye-sung hugging his son Park Byul.

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SideStory 3 Recap:

One day, Kim Hye-sung and his son Park Byul were spending quality time together when he got a text message from Heesoo. Heesoo asks him to come over to watch the shoot and says that Park Byul would love to see his dad.

A little hesitant, Kim Hye-sung decides to go. Kim Hye-sung goes to Park Dojin’s shoot along with their son Park Byul. When he is stopped by the bouncer and asked for his identity, he announces that he is the wife of Park Dojin, and this leaves everyone surprised.

All of Park Dojin’s colleagues get excited to meet Byul as it has been quite a long time since they saw him. Kim Hye-sung doesn’t quite like the way Park Dojin dressed up for his shoot, so he buttons him up and tells him to do so himself once the shoot gets over.

This lights up something inside Park Dojin. Byul is left in the care of Yoon Heesoo, and Park Dojin pulls Kim Hye-sung to the washroom. They get quite intimate, and Kim Hye-sung starts panicking out of fear that someone might find them.

Park Dojin (Left) and Kim Hye-sung (Right)
Park Dojin (Left) and Kim Hye-sung (Right) (Credit: Twitter)

Once they finish, Kim Hye-sung immediately rushes out with Byul. All of Park Dojin’s colleagues lash out at him, asking him what he had done to make Kim Hye-sung rush out like that. With this, the chapter comes to an end. Since the Manhwa is on Sidestories right now, fans can expect a lot more of these wholesome rom-com moments between Park Dojin, Kim Hye-sung, and the adorable Byul.

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Love is an Illusion Chapter 102 Release Date

The latest chapter of Love is an Illusion was released on the 22nd of March, 2023. Due to this, there are still no updates regarding chapter 102. Looking at their uploading schedule patterns, Love is an Illusion Chapter 102 will release sometime around the 29th or 30th of this month.

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It was said that a new chapter would be released every ten days unless the writer went into hiatus. Don’t worry! OtakuKart’s got you covered. We will inform you about Chapter 102 as soon as any information is available. 

As of now, in Love is an Illusion, the side story three has just started. So, we expect it to continue for a few more chapters, and this side story would contain more wholesome and cute moments between Park Dojina and Kim Hye-sung. We may also get to see Park Dojin, Kim Hye-sung, and Park Byul spend quality time together. 

Where to read Chapter 102 of Love is an Illusion

Here are a few sites where you can read Love is an Illusion on Mangago,, and Manga Mirror.

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