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The Family Pile Episode 2: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Family Pile Episode 2 trailer
The Family Pile Episode 2 Release Date

The Family Pile Episode 2’s release date is here. If you watched episode 1 of The Family Pile and liked it, which we are sure you did. In that case, this post is for you as this encloses all the needed details regarding the upcoming details cash as The Family Pile Episode 2’s release sedate and streaming guide.

The show follows four feisty sisters who recently lost their adored parents and are in focus in the new sitcom dubbed The Family Pile. The six-part comedy, which is set in Liverpool, stars Amanda Abbington (Sherlock) as the eldest sibling Nicole.

We also see her frank sisters Yvette, played by Clare Calbraith of Downton Abbey, Ursula, portrayed by Clarie Keelan of The Trip), and youngest sibling Gaynor, a.k.a former Coronation Street performer Alexandra Mardell). They must bundle up the sibling’s home to purchase it now that their parents have passed away.

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Recap of episode 1 of The Family Pile?

The four sisters from Liverpool must manage emotional turmoil and significant life adjustments. Since their parents recently passed away, Nicole,  the oldest sister, has listed the parent’s home, but the other sisters do not agree about what should happen afterward.

The Family Pile Episode 2 trailer

The Family Pile’s primary cast.

The first scene of the sitcom features Nicole taking some potential buyers around the house, but she is shocked when she barges in on Yvette in an extremely intimate setting in an upstairs room!

Where is season 1 of The Family Pile shot?

The Family Pile’s episodes were shot in Liverpool in early 2022. Amanda claims: “For the part, I had to perfect a Liverpudlian accent. As natives of the Liverpool region, Claire, portrayed by Keelan and Clare (Calbraith), were a terrific resource for pronunciation advice.

They were more like my wing women, which is always intimidating when shooting somewhere where the language isn’t your own.”

Who features in episode 2 of The Family Pile?

Amanda Abbington portrays Nicole.

Amanda Abbington is well known for her performances as Mary Watson in the show  Sherlock & Miss Mardle in Mr. Selfridge. Amanda & escapologist Jonathan Goodwin are currently engaged. When discussing reading The Family Pile’s screenplay, Amanda commented, “I collaborated with the filmmaker Fergal Costello on a previous science fiction program I did, We Aren’t Alone, and I thought he was fantastic.

The Family Pile Episode 2 trailer

The Family Pile’s Amanda and her family.

The scripts for this show made me giggle. I knew it was over when I discovered that Claire and Clare had been cast. I’ve always admired their creative output, so getting the chance to portray one of their sisters was wonderful.”

Clare Calbraith plays Yvette

The characters of Robyn from Coronation Street, Dr. Tricia Summerbee from Heartbeat, and Jane Moorsum from Downton Abbey are the ones for whom audiences will most readily recognize Clare Calbraith. Additionally, she has been in the television shows Casualty, Silent Witness, DCI Bank, and Unforgotten.

The Family Pile Episode 2 trailer


Actress Amanda Abbington discussed the interactions between the four sisters in a . “Nicole has assumed the position of matriarch because she is the oldest of the four siblings. She is extremely acidic, well-organized, and businesslike. She is devoted to her two sons and married to her spouse Stuart. She values family above all else and would do anything for her sisters, but they also get under her skin.”

Claire Keelan portrays Ursula.

Throughout her career, Claire Keelan has made numerous minor appearances in sitcoms. The Trip, Black Mirror, and Cold Feet are some more famous TV shows where she has appeared. Her theater credits include Ultra Violet,  Top Girls, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,  Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Rise and Shine, and the Electric Hills.

The Family Pile Episode 2 preview


She has worked widely in the theater. Amanda Abbington stated, “I’m only one child, so I do not even know what having siblings is like, but seeing these three intelligent and witty women on the site, I feel like they truly had my support.

When is The Family Pile Episode 2’s release date?

The Family Pile Episode 2 release date is Tuesday, January 24, 2023. The Family Pile Episode 2 will premiere on ITV1 or ITV at 9.30 pm GMT in the UK. While fans from other nations can stream The Family Pile Episode 2 easily at around 4.30 pm EST, 3 am IST (January 25), 8.30 am AEDT (January 25), and 6.30 am KST (January 25)

The Family Pile Episode 2: Where to watch

The Family Pile Episode 2 will stream via ITVX at times listed above for fans living in regions other than the UK. In contrast, the UK can catch The Family Pile Episode 2 live via ITV1 or ITV at 9.30 pm. ITVX will ask any watcher to register in order to watch The Family Pile Episodes.

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