What Happened To Stacy Arthur? Explained

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what happened to stacy arthur
Stacy Arthur, Credits: OkayBliss

Stacy Arthur has been over the years hugely popular due to the controversies that she has been surrounded with, once a Playboy Model, she remained in news hugely over the Playboy controversy. But the internet was widely shocked when they get to her the death of her husband.

But what exactly happened to Stacy Arthur? how did she die and what happened to her husband? This article will give you a brief detail regarding who the model is, what happened to her and a lot of other details.

For those of you who don’t know much about Stacy Arthur, she was an American model as well as also an actress, she is mostly known for her Playboy magazine modelling that she did during her time, not only being a model or an actress but also in 1990 won the Mrs Ohio for the 1990 Mrs. America contest.

But throughout her career, she mostly is connected with the Playboy controversy, well, you might not know much about that controversy, so take a look at this article which will give you an enriching and insightful details regarding all the things that happened in Stacy’s life.

What happened to Stacy Arthur? 

Stacy Arthur was a very good model and actress, but all that controversy that she had been surrounded by throughout her life, degraded her professional career from modelling and acting.

She was involved with Playboy, she was a model and also used to act in many of Playboy’s videos, even in one Playboy issue, she had her nude pictorial issues in the central of the magazine, also in 1991, she was featured in the cover wearing a pageant-style banner titled ‘Miss January 1991’.

However, later she did not realise that she would face some sort of sexual abuse while working in the same. In 1992, she filed a $70 million lawsuit against Playboy complaining that she was raped and sexually assaulted by three Playboy employees when she had her shooting for a magazine cover.

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She even claimed that two security guards even drugged, raped and then sodomized her when she was there at the Playboy Mansion for some work-related thing.

And therefore this resulted in the magazine cutting all ties with the model, and not only this Stacy even appeared on two national television shows and even publicly televised that she has been raped and assaulted by the biggest magazine in the world.

Also later the criminal employees came out and said that the sexual activities that they committed on her were consensual and it, therefore, resulted in them getting fired by the magazine after Playboy’s head claimed that they broke the terms of the company and engaged in sexual activity with the model. 

what happened to stacy arthur
Stacy Arthur, Credits: OkayBliss

How did Stacy Arthur’s husband die?

Stacy Arthur’s husband James Alan Arthur was sadly killed by one of his fans who so far even now to even imagine is a very miserable thing to even consider. James Alan was the victim of his fan named James Lindberg.

This is so dishearting that celebrities are sometimes even killed by their fans, and this was the case that shook people’s hearts. James Alan was murdered by his fan named James Lindberg in October 1991. 

He was shot and killed by Lindberg in Ohio where Alan’s whole family even his wife Stacy and his children lived, Lindberg did not even kill James Alan, he even killed himself and after killing James Alan, he committed suicide and therefore killed himself.

This tragic and deadly event was also showcased in the documentary ‘The Playboy Murders’ and the episode was titled ‘All That Glitters’.

what happened to stacy arthur
Stacy Arthur, Credits: The artist

How did Stacy Arthur die?

Stacy Arthur died in 2019, which shocked many social media users, however, the reason behind her death is a suspicion which was not ever released by anyone regarding how she died.

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The documentary itself did not showcase any reason behind the reason for her death which has raised many questions regarding why she disappeared suddenly from the media.

She was even not seen for a long time in the entertainment business but in 2019, her sudden disappearance news shocked many people on the internet.

Her mysterious disappearance and her sudden death have also raised greater speculations from people but as of now, there have been no updates regarding how and why she died.

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