Dragged Across Concrete Filming Locations: The Crime Thriller

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Dragged Across Concrete
Dragged Across Concrete (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Dragged Across Concrete” is a gritty crime thriller directed by S. Craig Zahler and released in 2018. The movie features an impressive cast, including Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, and Tory Kittles in lead roles. The plot revolves around two police detectives, played by Gibson and Vaughn, who get suspended from the force for using excessive force during an arrest. They commit criminal activities to make ends meet without money to support their families.

Aside from the amazing performance by the cast, the film’s achievement can be credited to the realistic portrayal of the settings and locations utilized throughout the film. The areas picked for the film were basic in making a brilliant environment for the crowd, causing them to feel like they were a part of the work.

While the story and performances have been lauded by critics and fans alike, the film’s special and environmental setting has likewise been a subject of conversation. Here, we explore the filming locations that brought “Dragged Across Concrete” to life.

Dragged Across Concrete Filming Locations

Vancouver, Canada

The film location for “Dragged Across Concrete” was carefully chosen to create a particular atmosphere and tone for the film. Vancouver’s adaptability and capacity to duplicate various American urban areas made it the ideal area for the film, and the production group utilized the city’s one-of-a-kind engineering and different areas.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

The main area used in the film was the River City, an overview housing project that fills in as the essential setting for the film’s third act. The River City scenes were recorded in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the Redwood Extension Estates, a genuine public lodging complex planned for destruction. The area’s hopeless, crumbling structures and spray-paint-covered walls provided the ideal scenery for the extreme and fierce scenes at the film’s ending.


Winnipeg City Hall

Another critical filming area was the city’s police headquarters, set in a huge, old modern structure with faintly lit passages and squeezed workplaces. The producers picked the former Winnipeg City Hall, built in 1964 and served as the city’s seat of government until 2015. The building’s stark design and looming presence added to the film’s heavy and forbidding atmosphere.

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Winnipeg city hall
Winnipeg city hall

Scotiabank Dance Centre, Vancouver

Another key location in the film is the bank that the culprits designate. This building is the Scotiabank Dance Centre, situated at 677 Davie Road in Vancouver. The inside of the structure was changed to seem like a commonplace American bank, with teller windows, vaults, and surveillance cameras. The scenes inside the bank are the tensest and most sensational in the film, as the criminals attempt to loot it while the police are passionately behind them.

scotiabank dance centre
scotiabank dance centre


Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver

One of the stranger locations in the film is a homeless place to stay that is shown at the beginning of the movie. This area was shot in the Pacific National Exhibition’s parking area, a carnival and exhibition center in Vancouver.

The production group added tents, improvised covers, and different props to create the vibe of a poor local area with the homeless. This scene assists with laying out the hopeless and devastated nature of the city of Bulwark and makes way for the urgency that drives a portion of the characters to shocking acts.

Pacific national exhibition center
Pacific national exhibition center

Bridge Studios, Burnaby

The film’s climax happens in a stockroom where the criminals keep prisoners. This area is a soundstage at the Bridge Studios in Burnaby, a Vancouver suburb. The production group constructed an enormous, staggered set that incorporated a puzzle of halls, flights of stairs, and rooms. The set was intended to be dull and fearful, which adds to the strain and feeling of risk as the police attempt to safeguard the prisoners and arrest the criminals.

Bridge Studios
Bridge Studios

A few different locations were utilized in filming “Dragged Across Concrete,” including a midtown residence, a summarising modern yard, and a rural home that fills in as the home of one of the film’s focal characters. Every area was carefully decided to have an exceptional, dirty feel that adds to the film’s authenticity and covers all over the vibe of the movie.

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