What Happened To CeeLo Green? Reason Behind Leaving The Voice Revealed

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What Happened To CeeLo Green?
CeeLo Green left The Voice due to some serious cause (CC: Deadline)

Do you know what happened to CeeLo Green? Possibly, not! We don’t hear from CeeLo, much these days. Also, his departure from The Voice was shocking to many. The Lady Killer singer is currently making headlines for his horse controversy. Following that, he has lately been receiving backlash enough. Let’s keep that aside for now. 

Starting from the basics, CeeLo Green is a multi-talented star known worldwide. Not just a singer but also serves as a record producer, working with several other artists. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, CeeLo is also known as Thomas Burton. Remember? Born in 1975, CeeLo Green is now 47 years old. 

CeeLo Green rose to fame after being one of the soul duos of Gnarls Barkley. That’s along with Danger Mouse. Besides that, he is also a part of Goodie Mob and Dungeon Family, respectively. Regarding his music works, CeeLo’s notable credits include- Kung Fu Fighting, Open Happiness, Fool for You, Born to Be Wild, Robin Williams, Only You, etc. 

Being CeeLo Green’s fan, did you not listen to Goodie Mob’s last studio album, made so far? It is titled- Survival Kit, which earned massive success. Besides this, he also provided his voice for The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder. 

Coming back to CeeLo Green’s association with The Voice as the judge, he left the show for good. His involvement was because of his great ties with Adam Levine. Why? However, he also made a comeback in Season 15. Well, things seemed serious, and it had something to do legally. What went wrong? If you are looking for what happened to CeeLo Green, here is what we know. 

What Happened To CeeLo Green?
CeeLo Green (CC: Youtube)

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What Happened To CeeLo Green? Revealed

It seems like the world has forgotten CeeLo Green. Is it so? We don’t hear from this former The Voice judge much these days. But the question which remains a question is why did CeeLo Green step down from The Voice? Well, he reportedly had a drug charge which anyway affected his music career. 

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What happened? A woman accused CeeLo Green of slipping her ecstasy without her consent. The incident took place in July 2012 while they were out for dinner. Talking more about the event, the woman was reported to remember nothing about the time between dining with CeeLo and waking up naked in his bed.

In other words, she seemed to have lost her senses for the aforesaid period. Because of that, the woman failed to provide any evidence that supported her accusation. Therefore, CeeLo Green was not arrested, and no rape charges were made against him.

CeeLo Green received probation for 3 years and community service of 1.5 months. After the completion of the days, the singer shared his opinion about someone getting senseless. He said, “If someone is passed out, they’re not even WITH you consciously.” Well, this post was made on Twitter but is now deleted.

What Happened To CeeLo Green?
CeeLo Green (CC: Atlanta Black Star)

After these allegations were made against CeeLo Green, things became tough for him,  especially in maintaining his reputation. In 2014, he parted ways with The Voice. On this note, CeeLo said, “It easily and quickly became a job. Very, very obligating.Taxing and tiring.” 

In Season 15, CeeLo Green made his return to the show as the mentor for Adam Levine’s team. Concerning rejoining the show, CeeLo said that he had previously talked very possibly about making it to The Voice again. So, he just started being wishful thinking, kind of willing to do it as he would love to do it again. However, it was for a brief period.

As he joined, people started criticizing him enough as the case still loomed at the time. A person even commented, “You mean “it isn’t rape if she’s unconscious.” Some even criticized Adam Levine for his choices regarding mentors. 

What do you think of this? Make sure you follow CeeLo Green on his Instagram account for more updates concerning his whereabouts. 

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