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Is Sultana Blind in Real Life? Kenyan Entertainer Of Citizen TV Sultana Series

mwanaasha johari

A Citizen TV Sultana Series in which a blind girl, Sultana, portrayed by lead actress Mwanasha Johari, is a Kenyan entertainer on the Kenyan television screen. Sultana is one of the most watched and loved television series in Kenya by die-hard fans of the Sultana series. The Sultana Show is blessed with a huge fan following on the Kenyan television screen and has kept its fans entertained by its story plot and, no doubt, by the acting skills of the stars. Sultana is a television series that airs on Citizen TV from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. every weekday for a good dose of entertainment. Mwanasha Johari was born and raised in Kenya’s coastal region.

Her religion is Muslim. She was born in the late 1990s in Tanga, Tanzania. She lost both her parents when she was just seven months old and was placed in the care of her affectionate uncle and aunt as foster parents. Sultana was nurtured and raised by her aunt as her own loving daughter. She was raised by her uncle and aunt in the coastal region of Kenya in a lot of poverty and struggle, but it never broke her spirit, and she kept dreaming of her passion for acting. She had been to the orphanage. As for her aunt, it was not easy to make a living.

Mwanasha Johar (Sultana), Career Before An Actress

Not only that, but she also used to be a model in her early career days; it helped her to boost her confidence and acting skills. She has a down-to-earth personality because she is unaffected by fame or popularity despite her fame from the Citizen TV Sultana Series. Her die-hard fans highly appreciate her sense of style and acting skills. Even after getting overnight success and fame through the television series Sultana, she somehow managed to keep a low profile and even won her huge fan base’s hearts by being humble.

Sultana (Mwanasha Johari) wins the hearts of her fan base with her unbelievable acting skills that bring out emotions in them. Without a doubt, despite having survived a miserable life, she never gave up and was proud of everyone who helped her get this far in her acting career. Through her hard work and dedication, she has changed the narrative of her own story in real life.

Struggling Childhood Life Of Mwanasha Johari (Sultana)

Will we be digging deeper into the reality of her blindness in real life or not? In the Citizen TV Sultana Series in which, a blind girl named Sultana is portrayed by lead actress Mwanasha Johari, a Kenyan entertainer in the Kenyan TV industry. In an interview, she reveals the truth about her difficult childhood growing up in a low-income family and in an orphanage. She tells the media that there was a daily struggle for her way of living as she had to make a living by selling mangoes with her aunt as a foster parent.

She used to go to school barefoot and didn’t have a bag to carry books. In 2008, for her studies, she had to be separated from her aunt and go to Furaha Girls’ Orphanage in Utange for further studies. The foreigner running the orphanage saw her hard-working character and offered her an opportunity to study at St. Anne’s Academy for future studies. She has participated in several solo acts, group activities, and music festivals representing her school, where she got to know that her passion is acting.

Is Sultana/ Mwanasha Johar Blind?

After giving an audition and being selected for the lead role of blind girl Sultana, her journey as a passionate actor in the acting career of Kenyan television started. Along with her acting career, fame has also kissed her toes overnight. The plot centers on a young girl who was born blind. As a result, she is neglected by her family and forced to live in absolute poverty. Regardless of the obstacles in her path, she fights for her living. Sultana’s television show’s actual narrative portrays the same difficulties that physically disabled individuals encounter in today’s society.

The reality is that Sultana is playing the role of a blind girl, not blind in real life. Her acting skills leave a doubt among her appreciating fan base with a question: Is she really blind or not?

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