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Who Is Tom Sizemore’s Partner? The Breakout Actor’s Love Interest During His Last Days


Want to know about Tom Sizemore’s partner? These days, this speculation has been making headlines, mainly after the news of the Breakout actor’s death surfaced online. Yes, this disheartening incident happened very recently and is still unbelievable to many.

What happened? We will get into that later. Before getting into further details regarding Tom Sizemore’s love interest at the time of his death, let’s briefly discuss his prominence. Starting from the basics, Tom Sizemore was indeed a great actor in the Hollywood industry.

Some of his notable works include- Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Natural Born Killers, Shadows in Paradise, Murder 101, Robbery Homicide Division, Superstorm, Crash, Barbee Rehab, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Twin Peaks, etc. Among all these mentioned ones, which one is your favorite? 

Little did you know, Tom Sizemore also had his contribution to the video game Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy- The Definitive Edition. Being his fan, you must watch, Through The Eye. For that, he won several awards.

Coming back to Tom Sizemore’s personal life, the late actor married once. It was with Maeve Quinlan, and their marriage lasted for just three years. In other words, they ended it legally in 1999. Well, that didn’t stop Tom from falling in love. In case you are looking for who Tom Sizemore’s partner was during the last days of his life, here is what we know. 

Who Is Tom Sizemore's Partner?

Tom Sizemore

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Meet Tom Sizemore’s Partner: Who Was She? 

Talking about his love interest, Tom Sizemore’s partner at the time of his death was possibly no one. However, after parting ways from his marriage, he started dating Janelle McIntire. Who was she? Nothing much about her is known. She is still mysterious.

Tom and Janelle date from 2003 and 2006. They hardly made any public appearances. It was in June 2005 when Tom Sizemore and his then-love interest, Janelle, got blessed with twins. They are named- Jagger and Jayden, respectively. 

What about Tom Sizemore’s former wife, Maeve Quinlan? In case you are wondering, Maeve is a great actress who majorly earned fame for portraying Megan Conley in The Bold and the Beautiful. She was associated with the soap opera for more than a decade. Some of Maeve’s hit works include- Divorce Invitation, Not Easily Broken, South of Nowhere, Hawaii Five-0, Primal Doubt, etc.

Who Is Tom Sizemore's Partner?

Tom Sizemore and Maeve Quinlan

Both Tom Sizemore and Maeve Quinlan kept their relationship and even marriage pretty much low-key. So, not much was known. But, when she filed for divorce, the actress cited the reason for calling it quits to be Tom being violent towards her.

In other words, Maeve accused Tom of domestic violence. On this note, she said, “I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and that’s something I intend to bring awareness to in my fifties.” Initially, she didn’t open up much about it as she was grateful enough to be out of that toxic marriage.

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Tom Sizemore’s Death Cause: What Happened?

It was on 3 March 2023 Tom Sizemore passed away. His death news has been pretty much shocking not just to his family and fans but to the entire film industry. Based on his birth year (1961), Tom Sizemore was 61 years old at the time of his death. Nobody expected it as it was premature. 

However, Tom Sizemore was struggling with a particular disease. On 18 February, the actor suffered from a ruptured brain aneurysm. At that time, Tom was at home and was immediately taken to the hospital. To be more precise, he was rushed to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, and his condition wasn’t fine but very critical.

After a few days, the medical experts announced that they had no hope of him getting better. May Tom Sizemore’s soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to Tom’s family and close mates. We cherish all of his film works and shows. 

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