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Spoilers and Recap: Kengan Omega Chapter 99

Kengan Omega

The Chapter is entitled The Flawless Man; let’s find out more about the battle that is going to start. Kazuo thinks that it is going to be like a Judo match since the two fighters are good at wrestling. The fight will be on the ground, and fighters are not expecting to see the exchange of blows. Earlier, before Hayama Masaki enters the Kengan Association, he visited Ohkei University Judo Team.

He asks some muscles guy to practice with him, but they told him that they are busy. The J-Boys also told him that they don’t have time to play around., The comments that the girls are welcome in their team. Later Hayama became popular due to his skills. He practices every day with other fighters in the park, and he enjoys hanging around with other fighters there. Back to the present, Kazuo and others watch Hayama stepping inside the ring.

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 99 will hit on  Thursday, 25 February 2021. Kenga Omega hits every Thursday; try more updates here: Kengan Omega Chapter 98. Let’s find out who has better wrestling techniques between Hayama and Jurota below.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 98

The Kengan Association lost the last match due to a disqualification. Raina has been disqualified since he killed Alan in the middle of the ring. Kengan Association has to win the next match to tie the Purgatory. The authority announces the next match between The Gentle King vs. The Killing Throw officially. On the right side, it is The Killing Throw Masaki is 196cm tall and weighs 128kg.

Judo Style

On the left side, we have The Gentle King Jurota, with a height of 202 cm and weighs 134kg. Ohma thinks that the club that Hayama attended was just doing it for fun. Koga comments that Hayama is a genius, and Ohma supports Koga’s statement. Ohma remarks that it will take more than talent for Hayama to win the battle. Inside the ring, Hayama gets ready to fight. He told Jurota to have a good match with him, and they both square at the ring.

They are both going Judo Style while one takes a right grip and the other one takes a left grip. Shina Alisa told the two fighters to get ready, but she notices something and stops the match. Alisa told Hayami to remove his earbuds, and Hayma realizes that he has forgotten that. Jurota comments that Hayama is the forgetful type. Hayama went outside the ring and gave the earbuds to Koga.

Okubo thinks that Hayama is scared, but Koga wishes him good luck. Hayama said what is left for him is to win the battle, and he will get stronger. Hayama gets back inside the ring and apologizes to Jurota for delaying the match. Jurota asks Hayama if he has forgotten his cellphone too. The commentators are surprised that Hayama has now taken a left grip, but earlier, he was on the right grip.

Secret Technique

Jerry comments that Hayama has switched to a left grip, and he thinks that it might be a wrong move for Hayama. Jurota asks Hama if he is trying to scare him by switching stance. Hayami replies that he doesn’t have a preference when it comes to stances. But he can switch back to the right stance. Alisa said the match could begin for real and told to two to touch gloves and fight. Both fighters started slowly, but Hyama rushed in and got taken down in a single blow.

Everyone is surprised about what has just happened to Hayama. Kazuo realizes that he noticed Hayama grasping Jurota first before he was taken down. Hayama gets up on the count of eight with a look of pain on his face. Okubo yells at Hayama to keep the fighting distance until he recovers. Hayama smiles, looking at Jurota, wondering about his next move. Ohma is wondering what might Jurota pull out next. 

Kazuo is trying to figure out what move did Jurota pull out to take down Hyama so easily. Koga asks him if he knows, and he replies that he did not see what has happened. He thinks that it might be some kind of a secret technique. The battle continues with one takedown from Jurota. Hayama has to improve his wrestling, or he will suffer more takedowns. The latest chapters of Kengan Omega Manga are available on the Manga One magazine and mobile app.

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