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The Notebook Ending Explained: Not All Love Stories End On A Good Note

The notebook movie
The Notebook movie (Credit: Netflix)

The Notebook, a classic romantic drama film released in 2004, continues to captivate the hearts of its viewers even after so many years. It’s no surprise that those who adore the genre hold a special place for this movie in their hearts. There’s something about romantic movies; that makes them unique. At first glance, they appear straightforward, but after watching them several times, they settle deep in your heart.

The movie is made on a book of the same title by Nicholas Sparks, who is renowned as the king of romance. “She made me who I am, and holding her in my arms was more natural to me than my heartbeat.” this is a dialogue by Noah that still gives me goosebumps whenever I watch this epic love story unfold. However, understanding the endings of romantic-drama movies is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The simpler they seem, the more complicated they become when you explore the context behind them. The Notebook is no exception, and those who have seen it know how painful the ending was. The situation appears uncomplicated initially, but the complexity deepens as you attempt to decode the context. So, we are here to ease the confusion surrounding The Notebook’s ending.

The Notebook’s Ending Explained

The ending of The Notebook isn’t as mysterious as some people believe it to be, and its meaning is fairly straightforward. We could almost see it coming from the beginning. As soon as we met Allie and Noah, we knew their story would be heartbreakingly sad. But even though it’s bittersweet and devastating, their love is also incredibly powerful and enduring, as they overcome incredible obstacles to be together in the end.

The notebook movie

The Notebook movie (Credit: Netflix)

As the story comes to an end, Noah and Allie are portrayed as an elderly couple, their once youthful and vibrant appearances now replaced with wrinkles and illnesses. Noah’s arthritis disease has made it challenging for him to move around, while Allie’s acute dementia has robbed her of her memories.

Despite her condition, there is a moment of clarity when Noah reads the Notebook for Alie that she had kept in her younger days. For a fleeting moment, she remembers her past self and the love they shared. However, the joy is short-lived as Allie quickly relapses and becomes tense, requiring medical intervention.

The scene is heartbreaking as Noah witnesses his beloved Allie suffer, and he is unable to do anything to ease her pain. The pain is too much for him to bear, and he returns home only to have a heart attack and lose consciousness. Noah is hurried to the hospital and placed in the intensive care unit. That same night, Noah sees Allie in her room, and despite the difficult circumstances, their love endures.

The story may have come to an end, but their love for each other lives on. After reuniting and expressing their feelings, Noah joins Allie in bed, where they fall asleep holding hands. In a heartwarming moment, Noah tells Allie, “I’ll be seeing you.”

The notebook movie

Ryan and Rachel in The Notebook (Credit: Netflix)

The following morning, a nurse discovers that the pair have died in their sleep with their hands still held together. It’s a beautiful picture of how love can surpass death and bring two souls together for eternity. The final shot of a group of birds taking flight adds to the emotional scene, hinting at the possibility of Noah and Allie’s spirits journeying beyond this world to another realm, perhaps even another galaxy.

For those who are spiritual, this ending may hold even more significance. However, it’s worth noting that there is an alternate ending to The Notebook. In the Netflix UK edition of the movie, the final scene has a surprising twist.

Instead of the nurse scene that suggests Noah and Allie have passed away, the scene shows them sleeping together. Following this, the camera cuts directly to a group of birds taking flight, implying that the couple might still be alive.

The notebook end scene

The notebook end scene (Credit: Netflix)

Unfortunately, this ending left fans feeling confused and upset. The film they adored, despite its dark conclusion, was no longer the same. It was as if the DNA of the film had been modified. Perhaps the filmmakers intended to wrap up the story on a lighter note, but it seems their decision was not well received.

Thankfully, Netflix addressed the issue and restored the original ending. It’s worth remembering that a film doesn’t necessarily need to have a happy ending to be fantastic, as was the case with The Notebook. Sometimes, a tragic finale is what makes a movie truly unforgettable.

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