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How To Watch Bellator MMA Season 19 Episodes? Streaming Guide

Bellator 290
A Still from one of the fights

Bellators, the word that is used to describe the event when translated from Latin to English, translates to “Warriors,” which serves as a great juxtaposition for the viewers of the show as they can compare their favorite fighters with somewhat warriors of a kind. They not only give them all energy but also represent power and unbreakable enthusiasm as they battle.

The show was founded by Bjorn Rebney in 2008, and the show, later on, commenced in 2009. The Bellators hold events in various places. The association has been running successfully for over fifteen years now, and the popularity of the show keeps on increasing gradually every year. They are based in Santa Monica, California. They earlier held single-elimination fights under which a lot of famous fighters played and fought. 

Bellator 290

Bader vs. Fedor

They were bought by Viacom in December of 2011 when a lot of things changed, and rules also were modified with more structure being provided in the show. In 2014 the CEO and the founder of Bellator Rebney and the president serving at that time, Tim Danaher retired, and they respectfully competed for their work cycle in the institution whilst they made some of the most notable contributions to them. Then the Bellator’s presidentship was transferred to Scott Coker, who has been the president of the institution ever since. 

There are various categories on the basis of their skills and weight, and hence some of the divisions are Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Featherweight, and Bantamweight. Each weight category has a champion allotted to it, and they have earned those titles through fights and challenges. Anyone in the category can challenge the current title holder for the title, and one has to keep up with it. 

There are also two categories/divisions for the women’s section of fighting, which are Women’s Featherweight and Women’s Flyweight. They have been various adaptation series and spin-offs like Fight Master in 2013, organized by Bellator, and later on, in 2016, a sibling promotion for kickboxing was also founded, namely Bellator Kickboxing. 

Bellator 290

Bellator MMA

The show is not only high in intensity but also has a large fan following in the name of their favorite fighters, and indeed not only is the excitement high during the match, but it is pretty much there even before it begins. Most importantly, it has given rise to many polls and fan clubs dedicated to MMA fighters which only further explains their fan following. 

The two most recent events are Bellator 290, to be held on February 5th, 2023 being held in California, and very soon to it, the next event for Bellator under the name Bellator: 291, will be held in Dublin, Ireland. The following events will be taking place in March and later in Paris during May. The lineup has gotten all the very extremely happy and excited. 

Bellator 290

A Still from one of the fights

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Streaming Guide for Bellator MMA Live

The promotion not only organizes the events held under the banner ship but also airs them for people who cannot watch them live. Providing the ease and comfort of watching the show online through their devices and television. The show is primarily aired on the CBS Sports Network and Paramount Plus. 

Other than that show is also aired on Showtime, an American network. For viewers in the United Kingdom, the show is also aired on BBC iPlayer for the viewer to watch. Making watching and the reach of the show wider and easier for everyone, the show is also streamed online on YouTube through the page of CBS Sports. 

But for a better and more in-person experience, one should definitely go for the offline experience for the events. There is a whole different thrill and excitement in being present in the event physically. One can easily book tickets to the show through the official website from their page and watch the show offline!

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