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New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages

New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages

The well-known and well-liked South Korean entertainment organization HYBE Corporation has unveiled a brand-new Kpop girl group called New Jeans for the year 2022. Yesterday, the K-pop girl group New Jeans debuted their first music video. New Jeans has been the talk of Kpop since its release. A new girl band in K-pop is called New Jeans. There are five people in it. Under the banner of their subsidiary label ADOR, HYBE founded the group. After Le Sserafim, it is HYBE’s second lady group.

Yesterday, July 22, 2022, saw the official release of “Attention,” the pre-debut song from the New Jeans Kpop Girl Group. They released the next MV, Hype Boy, after Attention. Hurt, their third music video, is forthcoming. On August 1, 2022, their fourth music video, “Cookie,” will be released, along with their first extended play. We’ll see New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages in this article. To discover more about New Jeans Kpop Girl Group 2022, including the members’ ages, profiles, and debuts, read the article through to the end.

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New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages

Five members of the HYBE female group New Jeans made their debut with their first single, Attention. Here is everything we currently know about the group, including their names and ages, even though the official label hasn’t given many details about them. The current lineup of New Jeans consists of Minji, Hani, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages are listed below.

New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages

New Jeans

Kim Minji

Korean liner Kim Minji was born in 2004. Fans were wowed by the 18-year-old k-pop newcomer’s dazzling dance talents in the debut music video for New Jeans, Attention.


Haerin, a liner from 2006, is another member of the group from South Korea. View the breathtaking teaser image of the 16-year-old K-pop newcomer below.


Hani, an 18-year-old K-pop newcomer, has also generated excitement since their debut music video because she is thought to be the first female HYBE Vietnamese idol.


Australian-Korean Danielle is the fourth member of the K-pop duo HYBE New Jeans. The 17-year-old member of New Jeans took part in creating the group’s debut track, Attention.


Hyein, the group’s 14-year-old member, is the youngest. A Pocket TV YouTube tutorial on “how to pass a K-pop audition” featured the 2004 liner.

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What Is The Significance of the unique name, New Jeans?

Min Hee-jin, the person behind Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), and EXO, is also the creator of the group NewJeans. The girl group NewJeans’ mascot will be a bunny, and they will make their live debut in August (rabbit). The creative director Min Hee-jin also spoke about the meaning behind the girl group’s moniker and the group’s name. According to the person in charge of forming the new female group, popular music is a culture that is tightly connected to daily life, much like the apparel we wear regularly. Who are the members of NewJeans?

Hee-jin claims that the promotion of the band NewJeans is done to turn them into contemporary idols. Like a good pair of jeans that never go out of style, NewJeans aspires to always be in style. The NewJeans group will imitate the adaptability of jeans for everyday wear, claims Min Hee-jin. She continued by explaining that the play on the word “New Genes” in the group’s name both denotes their status as a new-age K-pop group and has a double meaning.

New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages

New Jeans

New Jeans Debut: Dates and Schedule

To promote their debut, New Jeans will release four music videos consecutively before their debut album is released in August. After Attention, New Jeans will release Hype Boy, their second music video, at midnight KST on July 23. Hurt, the third music video from New Jeans, will be released on July 25 at midnight KST. The group will release their fourth and final music video, “Cookie,” on August 1 at 6 PM KST/ 5 AM ET. Along with Cookie MV, their first Extended Play will be made available digitally on August 1. The group will perform on various weekly music programs, including M Countdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo, on August 4, 5, and 6, respectively. This was all about New Jeans Kpop All Members And Their Ages.

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