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Bellator MMA Live Season 19 Episode 1: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Bellator MMA: Bader vs

Martial Arts take years and years to practice and even longer to hone your art skills to actually perform it in reality. But when it comes to Martial Arts it is not merely just a mode of self-defence but also as but also has become now a widely popular competitive sport that is mostly famous among teenagers and young-adult who find the sport to be enthralling. 

Bellator MMA is a martial arts promotion which is mixed in nature, hence making it more apt for competitive purposes than for self-defence at that moment. The competition as a concept was founded in 2008 and was turned into a show, which not only gathered a huge amount of viewership in very less time but also managed to attract a stable amount of fan-following that only seems to be growing with time. 

The show’s concept was founded by Bjorn Rebney, who is an American businessman known widely for the foundation of this competition. The show is highly energetic and quite unpredictable in nature as one might never know what will happen next, and where might things go forward. This kind of anticipation keeps the viewer hooked throughout and easily makes them want to watch more and more of the show. 


Bellator MMA

The show is owned by Paramount Global, holding all the ownership and reproduction rights to the show. Other than that the first fight that was aired by them was in 2009, post its inauguration in 2008. The show took no time to become popular and hence organized more and more events and fights for the viewers and the fans. Today the association has organized more than 200 Bellator events, all around the globe. They have expanded their reach internationally. 

The Bellator Mixed Martial Arts were formerly known as Bellator Fighting Championship and later on the name was changed. Many people wonder and question what Bellator means and what are the origins of the name of the show. Well, the word Bellator originated from the Latin word that means “Warriors” and this is how they draw a comparison of the fighters of the show to an actual warrior. 

The show has been already running for more than a decade and will complete two decades in the coming few years. The show was recently renewed for its 19th season with more challengers and fighters who will step into the ring for a battle. This show is indeed a whole crossroad experience in itself that no fan of fighting shows will want to miss. 


Bellator MMA: Bader vs Fedor 2

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Bellator MMA Live Season 19 Episode 1: Release Date

Season 19 is all set for its launch and indeed everyone will be hyped about when is the next fight taking place and they will get to stream it on their devices without fail. Indeed the whole competition in itself is a thrilling experience, to see your favourite fighter/warrior stepping into a fight. 

The next event of Bellator MMA,  Bellator MMA Live Season 19 Episode 1 Release Date is on February 4th, 2023. The event will be held in Kia Forum in Inglewood, California. The event that is being conducted by the Bellator association is named “Bellator 290: Bader vs. Fedor 2”.

Bellator 290: Bader vs. Fedor 2

The event on February 4th is a fight between two of the strongest contenders who are known for their skills and speed. The event is special as the former PRIDE Heavyweight champion Fedor will be fighting in this event as his last fight before he opts for retirement from the sport forever. 

He for his very last fight will be challenging another Bellator heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader. As the two of them step into the ring, we will get to witness one of the most historical and memorable fights ever to happen. This will indeed get everyone pumped and super excited.

Bellator MMA Live Season 19 Episode 1 Streaming Guide

The season launch of the show will be aired on many sources. The show can be seen live on the CBS network who has been airing the show for the last ten years. Other than that the show can also be watched on Paramount Plus, wherein the viewers will have to opt for a subscription in order to watch the show. 


Bellator 290: Bader vs Fedor 2

Fans who are intensely crazy about the show can also watch the whole fight right in front of their eyes, by booking tickets to the event on the official website of the Bellator. They not only have the tickets up for sale for the coming event but also for future planned events as well. 

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