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Jupiter’s Legacy: Everything About The Upcoming Netflix Superhero Drama

Jupiter's Legacy

After Netflix acquired all rights to the Millarworld Universe, the first thing they will launch is a superhero TV series. This new show is titled Jupiter’s Legacy. It is set for a release in 2021. Well, here we have wrapped up everything that we know about this upcoming project for you guys. Jupiter’s Legacy can be considered as a forthcoming Netflix Original drama. The plot of the series is based on the comic, which goes by the same name, created by Mark Millar.

Amidst the comics by Millarworld, some people regard Jupiter’s Legacy and its subsequent prequel, that is, Jupiter’s Circle, as some of the best work by Millar. This superhero drama will serve as the first title from Millarworld Comics to drop off on Netflix. This show has been directed by Steven S. DeKnight, who has now signed an overall deal with Netflix. We had previously had a taste of Steven’s work when he wrote and produced and directed Daredevil.

What is Jupiter’s Legacy all about?

As for the plot of Jupiter’s Legacy, we know quite a bit from the comics. The show will be set during the 1930s, when the first generation of superheroes rose to fame after they received powers. If we fast forward the timeline a little bit to the present day, you should know that the original heroes are thought of as elder guards. All this while, the children of these fabled heroes find it pretty difficult to manage themselves and live up to the legacy set by their parents.

Back in May of 2020, it was confirmed by Mark Miller about the parts of the comic which would be covered by Netflix in their show. The iconic man says that it is a blend of Jupiter’s Legacy 1 and 2 and Jupiter’s Circle 1 and 2. Netflix has now become the owner of Jupiter’s Legacy, and not only do they own this comic, but they also possess all the properties in Millarworld that have not been licensed out just yet. This news was confirmed by Mark Millar himself on his social media handle.

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1: The characters

Now, we shall head over and discuss the kind of characters we will be getting in Jupiter’s legacy. Here is a list presented for you.

  • First, we have Sheldon Sampson, also known as The Utopian. He can be considered as the legendary leader of the superhero team titled The Union. After him leading a lengthy and illustrious career, the world he once was aware of is gone. As he does not recognize the world, The Utopian is finding it hard to get used to modern life and his family’s needs. Josh Duhamel has been cast in the form of Sheldon Sampson.
  • Then we have Walter Sampson, also known as Brainwave. He is the elder sibling of Sheldon Sampson. Walter is often witnessed to be stumbling upon the darker side between these brothers. Walter is superior in intelligence to his brother, though, and his very cunning. Thus, he is never afraid to get his hands dirty or, worse, bloodied. Ben Daniels is set to enact the character of Walter Sampson.
  • The third one on the list is Grace Sampson, also known as Lady Liberty. She is the wife of Sheldon while being a mother to Chloe as well as Brandon. Lady Liberty can be thought of as the strongest hero present on the planet who is not afraid to disagree with Sheldon. Grace can be considered as the rock which is needed by Sheldon when the man comes to terms with the modern as well as the violent side of today’s world. Leslie Bibb is going to play the part of Grace Sampson.
  • Chloe Sampson is the next character on the list. She is the rebellious daughter of Sheldon as well as Grace. She is not afraid of creating her own path, and thus, she stands against everything that her parents have stood and sworn for to protect. Elena Kampouris has been cast to reprise the role of Chloe Sampson.
  • Brandon Sampson, also known as The Paragon. He is the son of Sheldon and Grace and, thus, the heir to the upcoming mantle of The Utopian. Brandon is trying really hard to train himself to replace his father in the form of The Union leader. Although there are many expectations from him and with such a great weight, he is struggling a lot to live up to all the legends of his father. Andrew Horton is going to enact the character of Brandon Sampson.
  • Fitz Small, also known as The Flare. This character has been an active Superhero on The Union. Even though he had an injury that took away his career, Fitz can still be considered as one of the valued members of the team. He is often dubbed as the heart and glue holding the entire team together while fighting against a hazardous world. Mike Wade is going to play the part of Fitz Small.
  • Then we have Janna Croft, also known as Ghostbeam. Actress Kara Royster is set to reprise the role of Ghostbeam.
  • Raikou. This is another character in the story of Jupiter’s Legacy. Actress Anna Akana will enact this warrior’s character who can work with two swords at the same time. This was revealed by Mark Millar himself back on the 17th of February 2020.
  • Shockwave, also known as Timone. Jess Salgueiro has recently been cast as another superhero on Amazon Prime Video called The Boys. Although this time, thankfully, her character is not going to leave a mark on the pavement.
  • As for the villainous side of things, we have George Hutchence, also known as Skyfox. He happens to be an old mate of Sheldon as well as an ally of The Union. Skyfox, right now, is the greatest villain in the world after he turned on his friends as well as a team. Skyfox thinks that his friends betrayed him, and thus, he started scheduling revenge on them. Actor Matt Lanter is set to play the part of George Hutchence.
  • Also, there happened to be a variety of cast announcement updates on IMDb. Because of this, we have figured out all the other members present on the set for the first installment of Jupiter’s Legacy. The list employs Jhene Erwin reprising the role of Katherin Morris. Jennifer De Lucia enacting the character of Leighton. Kathryn Davis will play the part of Vera. Tenika Davis is going to reprise the role of Petra Small. Then we have John Bourgeois enacting the character of Percy. Chase Tang playing the part of Baryon. Tyler Mane will reprise the role of Blackstar. Ian Quinlan will enact the character of Hutch.
Jupiter's Legacy

Leslie Bibb is going to play the part of Grace Sampson.

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What is the role of Mark Miller on the set of Jupiter’s Legacy?

In the project of Jupiter’s Legacy, it has come to our knowledge that Mark Miller has been given the role of writer for the show. He will be finishing this task along with Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn, and Steven S. DeKnight. Millar also serves in the form of an executive producer on this series. Considering that no one actually knows more about the source material than the creator himself, it is pretty exciting to acknowledge Millar’s involvement in this series.

As he is the producer and an original creator, the man is giving away constant notes and feedback on the show. He is doing so to make sure that it aligns properly with the source material. Millar’s role on this project, we have even linked down an hour-long interview of him taken by Baltimore Comic-Con.

What is the production status?

As for the filming for Jupiter’s Legacy, it started all the way back in July of 2019. The location for the filming was set entirely to Toronto in Canada. It happened to get filmed under the filming title of Zeus. There are also some first looks from this show’s set, and we have linked them down right below. Back in September of 2019, it was announced that Steven S. DeKnight had left the project. The reason behind doing this was the creative differences faced by the creator. Although, we had Mark Millar updating us back in January of 2020. He revealed that filming has officially concluded for the first installment of Jupiter’s Legacy.

The creator was seen celebrating this happy news in London. In April of 2020, Mark Millar gave away an update on the production, saying that the FX work is going on. He disclosed that it is making good progress. What looked like a final announcement from Millar came out in December of 2020. He revealed on Twitter that he had completed the producer’s notes for all eight episodes. Also, there was a separate tease in December, and here, he revealed much more of the FX. According to Mark Millar, episode 7 of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 looks the best.

Release Date of Season 1

As for the episodes, till this point in time, eight episodes have been confirmed to be creating Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. Not all, but some titles of the episodes have been revealed due to the IMDb updates. Episode 3 will be known as Painting the Clouds with Sunshine. As for the fourth one, it is titled All the Devils are here. Till this point in time, no release date has been provided by the creators for Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. Mark Miller teased that the show will drop off on Netflix at some point in 2021.

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