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What Episode Does Christina Leave? Sandra Oh’s Departure from Grey’s Anatomy

What Episode Does Christina Leave? Sandra Oh's Departure from Grey's Anatomy.
Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang On Greys Anatomy (Credits: ABC)

Being one of the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy, it was very emotional for the viewers to see their favorite Christina (Sandra Oh) leaving the show for good. If you are rewatching or new to Grey’s Anatomy and wondering what episode does Christina leave? 

It’s the Season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy where we see the last of this beloved character of Christina. Bringing Sandra Oh’s journey to the end of the line on Grey’s Anatomy. Apart from her, we see some other series regulars for the last time, such as Shane Ross (Gaius Charles) and Leah Murphy(Tessa Ferrer). 

While it was very sad and emotional to see her go, most of the series fans were happy with the fact that the writers didn’t kill off the character. But surely, seeing that last scene where Meredith and Christina say their goodbyes to each other as the latter makes her depart is the highlight of the episode. Two friends being apart from each other, viewers can almost feel and understand it, which makes it even more emotional. 

The plot for this episode is centered on Christina, who will be marking her last appearance. While everyone is saying their goodbyes, the city is under threat of a terrorist attack, which sends the hospital into Mayhem. 

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What Episode Does Christina Leave?

Season 10 Episode 24, Fear (Of the Unknown), the season finale, is where we see the last of Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) on Grey’s Anatomy. Being one of the original cast of the show and being part of it for ten long seasons definitely makes her a fan favorite. Apart from that, the friendship that we have seen between Meredith and Christina will definitely be missed.

As the day arrived for Christina to move to Zurich. A lot is happening on the sidelines as well. But all of that was about to not matter anymore, as they were about to be hit with a possible terrorist bombing at a mall.

All the injured are sent to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It’s total chaos, and between all of this, Christina walks back into the hospital for one final time to lend a helping hand. Not only her Leah also showed up to give her support. 

What Episode Does Christina Leave? Sandra Oh's Departure from Grey's Anatomy.

Cristina & Meredith Saying their last goodbye (Credits ABC)

Christina and Alex perform surgery together, and as she is about to scrub in for a heart transplant, Meredith stops her and reminds her that it’s only a few hours left before her flight and that she should be leaving now. 

In all of this, Shane comes up to Christina and requests her to take him to Zurich with her. He further says that she is the one from whom he wants to learn, to which Christina agrees. Afterward, Meredith escorts Christina to a cab and bids her farewell. Later we see Meredith and Amelia talking as the latter suggests that she can always go to DC.

But not long after that, Christina came rushing from behind and hugged her tightly. as they were hugging each other, she mentioned their one last dance and, knowing that they hadn’t had the chance to do it, could not go to Zurich as they found a song and danced to it while promising to be part of each other’s life. Later we see Meredith decides not to go to DC with Derek, as she can’t leave behind Seattle. 

Sandra Oh’s View On Leaving Grey’s Anatomy:

As she was playing the role of Cristina for the last ten seasons, so it’s safe to say it was emotional for her, as she stated in several of her interviews after exiting the show. Sandra felt that she gave her all to the character creatively and that there wasn’t any more she could add to it. This brought her to the conclusion that its time for her to leave behind the character.

Even the show writers wanted a perfect ending for her which, in this case, she goes to Zurich for her new job while getting a chance to say goodbye to everyone. Shonda Rhimes, the showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy, says that she remembers the first time Sandra Oh came in for the auditions for the role of Christina. She further adds that her being part of the show changed it a lot in many ways for the good. 

If you wish to watch the whole season or this particular moment, head over to Disney+ Hotstar to stream all the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. 

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