How To Watch The Bay Season 4 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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The Bay
The Bay Season 4 (Credit: BT)

Intrigued to know where you can watch The Bay season 4 episodes? Know here. UK’s most loved crime procedural drama series, The Bay, has been back with the newest season this year, and fans are more than excited to know what interesting crime story The Bay has in store for them to baffle them. So, to know everything about The Bay season, stay till the end of this post with us.

Released in the year 2019, The Bay, directed by Lee Haven Jones, Robert Quinn, and Julia Ford, has received more than 7 million views, and still, the fanbase of The Bay is continuously increasing. The Bay follows the story of the city called Morecambe Bay, which has been popular around the world. However, no one knows about the crimes and conspiracies going on in this beautiful city of England.

Detectives who live in this town come across all such devastating crimes and try to unveil the truths while untangling the complexities surrounding the offense. Not only professionally but personally, these detectives find themselves involved in crimes that flip the game for them.

This six-episode series has released its 3 seasons, and the fourth season has been ongoing. In each season, The Bay came up with new crime stories, and every time; it never failed to baffle fans. Season 4 also has some shocking revelations to be made, so let us get to know when the latest episodes are going to release and how you can watch them.

What Happened in the Previous Seasons of The Bay?

For the first two seasons, Morven Christie played the main role of DC Lisa Armstrong. However, the cast changed to Marsha Thomason, who is playing the role of D.S. Jenn Townsand in The Bay. Some of the cast members of the show changed season by season, while some have still been there for season 4.

The first season of The Bay, which featured DC Lisa Armstrong as a family liaison officer, was assigned to the case of two missing girls in Morecambe Bay. DC Lisa Armstrong, who soon explores that she has a more personal connection with the missing twins’ family than the professional one, digs deep into the case and comes across some shocking revelations.

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The Bay Season 2 lead
The Bay DC Lisa Armstrong (Credit: Metro)

In the second season, family liaison officer DC Lisa Armstrong gets assigned to the case of murder. Lisa digs deeper into the case and gets some pieces of evidence that may prove vital for her investigation. On the other side, Lisa also discovers that someone is stalking her and her family. She gets concerned about her family’s safety while finding the leads for the murder case.

In the third season, the family liaison officer, DS Jenn Townsand, who is pretty excited about the new job, gets shocked when the MIU team finds the body of a young athlete in Morecambe Bay. As she moves in with her family, she tries to solve the problems her family faces while settling in the new area.

But what she must focus on is the murder case in her hands. As she starts investigating the truths hidden behind the lies of the victim’s families, the shocking revelations lead her closer to the suspect.

The Bay Season 4: Synopsis

This season, The Bay will take you to the lives of the Metcalf family members who became a victim of an arson attack. The whole Morecambe’s MIU team and DS Jenn Townsand reach the scene at night to provide all the support and care that the Metcalf family needs. As the wife of Dean Metcalf dies in the attack, he gets concerned about raising his children alone.

The Bay Season 4
The Bay Season 4 main character: D.S. Jenn Townsand (Credit: Daily Express)

However, the Metcalf family is not as innocent as it seems; when Jenn dives deeper into the case, she gets to know that there is something that the Metcalf family is hiding from the police. As she moves further into her investigation, the truths come out, and the whole MIU team gets shocked. This season will also encircle Jenn’s familial problems that she has been facing for a long time now.

The Bay Season 4: Episode Guide

DS Jenn and her whole team are all ready to find out the pieces of evidence and suspects that will lead her toward the criminal. So, let us get to know when all the upcoming episodes of The Bay season 4 are going to release, and to watch the episodes of your favorite crime drama show, the streaming guide is given at the end of this post.

The Bay Season 4 Episode Guide
A Still From The Bay Season 4 Episode 1 (Credit: ITV)
  • Episode 1: 8th March 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)
  • Episode 2: 15th March 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)
  • Episode 3: 22nd March 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)
  • Episode 4: 29th March 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)
  • Episode 5: 5th April 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)
  • Episode 6: 12th April 2023, Wednesday, 9:00 PM GMT (UK) & 5:00 PM ET (USA)

Fans should keep in mind that the guide given above is an estimated schedule. All the viewers are suggested to check for new updates about delays in episode release dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Bay Season 4: Streaming Guide

Each new episode of The Bay season 4 is released every week on Wednesday at 9:00 PM GMT on ITV. For the other countries, the show will air at 5:00 PM ET (USA), 2:00 PM PT (USA) on the same day and 2:30 AM IST (India), and 8:00 AM AEDT (Australia), the next day. If you do not have access to the ITV TV channel, there are several options available for you where you can watch The Bay online.

The first website that we suggest is ITV’s official website. However, it is not available in all countries, so you need to check if you belong to their restricted list of countries. There are other options, like Peacock TV and Amazon Prime, available for you to enjoy the latest and past seasons and episodes of the show.

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