Platonic Filming Locations: Where is the Apple TV Series Filmed?

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Platonic (Credit: Apple TV)

Platonic filming locations were absolutely breathtaking, and this is what makes fans curious. I mean, you saw the Apple series unfold in some of the most scenic and aesthetic locations, and wouldn’t it be nice to actually go to such places and film yourself? This is a comedy-drama series that was commissioned by Apple TV Plus for their service.

Francesca Delbanco, as well as Nicholas Stoller, has created the series. It starts with actress Rose Byrne in the lead reprising the role of Sylvia. She is a mom of three children and stays at home. Seth Rogan enacts the character of Will. He and Sylvie used to be best friends in the past. Luke Macfarlane does the part of Charlie. He is the husband of Sylvie, working as an attorney.

The story starts with Sylvie mindlessly scrolling on social media. Here, she finds out that Will, one of his former best friends, is having a divorce. They used to be great friends even after their marriage, although the two stopped speaking with each other after a misunderstanding. Turns out that Sylvie spoke to Will about how she does not like his wife, Audrey.

Platonic Filming Locations? Where is the Apple TV Series Filmed?
A still from Platonic (Credits: Apple TV)

Platonic Plot Details

This seemed like a perfect time to reconnect with his best friend, and thus, they both met for a coffee run. While they are catching up, Sylvie pretends that she has no idea about the whole divorce situation. Will asks her to attend a party at his bar, and later, we see Katie and her going to the same.

Things look happy, but soon the situation starts slipping out of control as Audrey shows up at the bar. Will tries to come up against Audrey, but Sylvie chimes in and takes him to the bar. After conversing a hit, it becomes clear that Sylvie knew about the whole divorce situation. This gets them into a fight where they leave all angry and pissed at each other.

Although, later at night, the two start texting and make up for the same. They even make plans to meet again later together. The series has only recently started airing on the channel, and we have received three episodes from the same. It is interesting to watch the show unfold as we see what direction the story of Sylvie and Will is taking us while Charlie and the kids are obviously stuck in the middle.

Platonic Filming Locations

Apple TV has filmed the entire Platonic show in Los Angeles, California. The city provided a perfect backdrop for a chill comedy sort of situation among the characters. It is the perfect place for Sylvie and Will to talk about their ambitions and what they once wanted to become. There were several locations that were chosen in the city for some of the regular as well as new scenes.

Platonic Filming Locations? Where is the Apple TV Series Filmed?
Noe Restaurant and Bar in LA (Credits: Apple TV)

These settings were at the Noe Restaurant and Bar and the Omni Los Angeles Hotel. It is located at the California Plaza. Studio settings were also used to depict the spaces, such as the home of the characters. Paramount Studios were rented for the same purpose.

Platonic Episode Schedule

  • Platonic Episode 1 Release Date – The 24th of May 2023 – Pilot
  • Platonic Episode 2 Release Date – The 24th of May 2023 – Gandalf the Lizard
  • Platonic Episode 3 Release Date – The 24th of May 2023 – Partner’s Retreat
  • Platonic Episode 4 Release Date – The 31st of May 2023 – Divorce Party
  • Platonic Episode 5 Release Date – The 7th of June 2023 – My Wife’s Boyfriend
  • Platonic Episode 6 Release Date – The 14th of June 2023
  • Platonic Episode 7 Release Date – The 21st of June 2023
  • Platonic Episode 8 Release Date – The 28th of June 2023
  • Platonic Episode 9 Release Date – The 5th of July 2023
  • Platonic Episode 10 Release Date – The 12th of July 2023

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