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Vikings Valhalla Season 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Predictions – The Battle Of Norway Is Coming

The Battle Of Norway Is Coming
The Battle Of Norway Is Coming

With Vikings Valhalla Season 2 drawing to a close, it most certainly seemed as though the Season finale and, to be honest, the entirety of Season 2 was building towards what is going to occur in Vikings Valhalla Season 3.

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 concluded in a typically brutal way with the deaths of significant characters, a change in the balance of power, and even the introduction of a place that might be significant in the seasons.

With Freydis in Jomsburg, Leif and Harold in Constantinople, and Queen Emma with her suspicions of Godwin, I think the story is far from over. So with that, I thought I’d take a look at all that was out there, including the release date, and give my theories and predictions on what I think could happen next. Well, guess what our gang of Greenlanders, Christians, and Pagans could face next.

Here is Vikings Valhalla Season 3 everything we know:

Vikings Valhalla Season 2 Recap

A number of characters, both significant and small, die in the Season 2 finale. Most notably, Freydis kills Olaf when she outwits the Pagan hunter and burns his whole fleet in the port. In the final battle, Freydis defeats Olaf by stabbing him through the torso.

Olaf declares that he will be a martyr for his Christian cause, but Freydis correctly points out that there will be no one to tell his story. It’s unclear how his half-brother Harald would react to the news, but it might exacerbate tensions between the two.

Freydis defeats Olaf

Freydis defeats Olaf (Credits: Netflix)

Jorundr and Mariam were the other two victims of the finale. Jorundr died a hero’s death, assisting Jomsburg in its assault against Olaf’s fleet. Meanwhile, Mariam succumbed to her longstanding sickness, but not before providing Leif with some additional direction in his life.

The Season concludes with two moms declaring their peace. Freydis, who has now returned to Kattegat, requests a ceasefire with Queen Elfgifu and the soldiers of Norway. She appears to get her dream mother-to-mother, leaving this as one of the most conclusive endings in a Season that has been quite bent on setting breadcrumbs for plot lines to come.

However, a few wild cards remain, like King Sweyn, Canute, and Forkbeard, who may not want peace now that Olaf has been murdered.

Leif And Harald

Leif and Harald have arrived at their destination, Constantinople. The capital of the Byzantine Empire was the Viking’s most distant destination on their journey. A pleasant life and great wealth await them there. But it remains to be seen if they will return to Scandinavia or settle in the harbor city.

If nothing else, expect Constantinople to play a significant part in the third season as Vikings Valhalla expands to the furthest limits of the known continent. Perhaps feeling betrayed by Freydis’s decision to keep her pregnancy a secret from herself, Harald Falls into the arms of Elena, who has her own secret.

By the end of the Season, we learned that Elena was on her way to Constantinople to become the next Empress alongside Emperor Romanos. But she makes it perfectly obvious to Harald that their relationship is far from ending. If Harald genuinely loves Elena, he will have to risk incurring the wrath of an empire in order to reclaim her. Vikings Valhalla Season 3 will investigate whether he believes the risk is worthwhile.

Godwin And Queen Emma

Godwin got what he wanted, but he still feels bad about how he obtained it. Gordman’s plot is the most complicated. Because of the Earl of Wessex’s duplicity, it’s impossible to know what to believe at face value.

Queen Emma and Earl Godwin

Queen Emma and Earl Godwin (Credits: Netflix)

During Season 2, an assassination attempt on Queen Emma was stopped, although the culprit was revealed to be the long-lost half-brother of Godwin’s fiance. When she refuses to reveal any information regarding the conspiracy, she is tortured.

This is when things become a bit blurry. Despite his anguish, it is evident that Godwin has seemingly arranged circumstances from the start in order for King Canute to link him up with his niece just out of pity.

From there, a future son can become a member of the Royal family and realize his ambition of having a child on the throne of England. Emma, on the other hand, has found Godwin’s involvement in everything, including the fact that he was mentored by the guy who hired the assassin. Emma, on the other hand, is familiar with Godwin’s background and history.

Although he may become a member of the Royal family, the present Queen will always have an ace under her sleeve to assist in managing the Earl of Wessex if necessary. In Vikings Valhalla Season 3, that interaction will be addressed in greater depth, especially if Emma needs someone to get their hands filthy.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date

In terms of the Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date, well, there’s some good news about that. A Season 3 of the show has 100% been confirmed to be in the works and has been commissioned following on from the successful first Season that it had.

However, we do still know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe from the cuts. As there’s almost been a widespread cutting of shows on the platform recently. But for now, all the news is positive, and it’s looking as though we will get a Season 3 of Vikings Valhalla.

Harald in Constantinople

Harald in Constantinople (Credits: Netflix)

With regards to the actual release date, the first Season was released in February 2022, and the second Season was released in January 2023. So if we’re taking the past release date into consideration, I would assume that it would be around another year until we see the likes of Freydis, Leif, and Harald Sigurdsson on our screen again.

I’m going to predict a January 2024 release date when we’ll have another eight episodes of the show concluding the 24-episode Commission.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Cast

The cast of Vikings Valhalla is what makes this show so good. They embody the currencies and deliver excellent performances that allow you to feel transported back to this world. With there being a couple of major deaths since Vikings Valhalla Season 2, it most definitely means that we won’t be seeing some characters returning to the show.

The characters that won’t be making appearances on screen again in Season 3 of Vikings Valhalla are your Jorundr, Aelfwynn, and Olaf, as they all met their fates at the hands of another. The most gutting one, I think, is your Jorundr, as I feel he would have been a good character to have returned in later Seasons.

This means that in terms of the characters that will be returning, we’ll see Freydis, Leif Eriksson, Harald Sigurdsson, Elena, the Emperor, Batsu, King Canute, Queen Emma, Earl Godwin, Princess Gytha, Gudrid Reffner and I also think we’ll see Forkbeard returned too.

I imagine we will most likely be introduced to characters that we don’t even know yet, and they’ll go on to have large roles. I do feel we’ll see more from the people of Jomsborg and also people in Constantinople.

Freydis goes to Jomsborg

Freydis goes to Jomsborg (Credits: Netflix)

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Plot

Whilst Season 2 of Vikings Valhalla didn’t contain that much action or fight scenes, especially when compared to the first Season of the show, I feel as though it was most certainly laying down the groundwork for a Season 3 that looks like it’s going to be epic.

Just like in Season two of the show, I feel we will most likely see three different stories unfolding. But I believe they’ll collide in Vikings Valhalla Season 3 when we see the fight for Norway occurs. So despite being separated, they will all meet again.

Queen Emma And Earl Godwin

In terms of Queen Emma and Earl Godwin, I think we’ll see the Queen still continuing to be suspicious of Earl Godwin, as I believe his main intention will be to work towards the vision that he had in his dream and that was having a son sitting on the throne as King of England. With him marrying Princess Gytha towards the end of the second season, we saw that he was close to achieving that dream.

However, I think that his new goal would be to get his future child closer to the next in line to the throne. It was never confirmed to us if it was Godwin who was behind the attempted taking out of the Queen. But with all of the clues and the way that the character acted towards the Queen, I think that it is most likely him.

This means that we will most likely see him continuing to be deceiving and doing all that he can to ensure that the Queen feels threatened and fearful all the time that she’s in power. This could also have the opposite effect, though, and bring on the demise of Godwin. Especially if King Canute finds out about what he could be up to. And I imagine it wouldn’t be a nice way to go, either.

Harald Sigurdsson

With regards to Harald Sigurdsson, we last saw him sailing into Constantinople after meeting with the emperor and being rewarded for keeping Elena safe so she could become his bride and Empress. Harald originally set out on this venture to Constantinople to ask the emperor for an army in order to take it to Forkbeard, Sweyn, and Canute in order to take the throne of Norway.

Harald and Eleana

Harald and Eleana (Credits: Netflix)

As technically, he is next in line. However, we saw him state that as he got closer to the destination, he started to question if it was what he actually wanted. Harald has a life of riches waiting for him in Constantinople as a reward from the emperor, but I wonder if that will be enough to make him want to stay. Harald is somebody that I feel prefers power and the ability to be able to do right by the people that he’s leading.

His finding out that Freydis was pregnant with his child may also be a driving factor for him to return back to Norway. We saw that he shared a kiss with the new Empress of Constantinople, Elena, so I wonder if his feelings for her could bring him a sense of conflict as it did seem as though they struck up some kind of connection as the Season gradually developed.

However, I feel he’s smart enough to know that if he tries to be with the Emperor’s wife, he’ll most likely be killed. So I think we’ll see him return to Norway and be 1/2 of an epic battle for the Crown of Norway.

Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson had a turbulent journey in Season 2 as he struggled to get over Liv’s death from Season one. When we saw that Mariam helped him with that struggle and he ultimately fell in love with her, but she ended up dying too. Lief was introduced to a new side of life, and it was an academic side where he was learning, gaining, and becoming a smarter and better person.

With him accompanying Harald to Constantinople, I feel we could see him enjoy his time in the location. Mariam left him a key to her house and said that it was now his, along with everything that was inside of it.

She wanted him to use the resources to continue building his knowledge and become smarter. We saw his gradual change throughout the Season, which altered his mindset, so I think we will see him mainly focus on that.

Lief and Mariam

Lief and Mariam (Credits: Netflix)

If Harold leaves to go back to Norway, then I think it will be hard for Leif to leave. As he will be going back to all of the hurt that was in the past, but I think he will go with him and fight alongside him.


This then leaves us with Freydis. We last saw Freydis as the leader of Jomsborg and identifying herself, something that she couldn’t do at the start of the Season due to the fear of being found out and haunted. She negotiated peace in Kattegat after defeating Olaf and returning Svein to his mother.

So, for now, peace seems to be present between the two parties, but I don’t think that will last for long. With the understanding that Freydis has a child with Harald Sigurdsson, the rightful heir to the throne of Norway, it means that he may one day be a threat in the future.

If Forkbeard returns to Kattegat, then I feel he will most likely see that ill once will alleviate the thread and take out Freydis and Harald in order to ensure the safety of his grandchild and his place upon the throne. So I don’t think that peace is going to be something that will be long-lasting.

I feel we’ll also see Freydis mentoring Hrefna as she appeared to remind herself of herself when she was younger. So I think we will see that bond continuing to grow stronger. The main thing in Season three will be the Battle of Norway. That’s what I’m predicting, anyway.

It’s been something that’s been simmering for a while now, and I feel Season three would be the perfect time for this to occur, where hopefully, Harald Sigurdsson will win. Unfortunately, for now, that’s all that’s known about Season three of the show. I’m sure more information will be released as we draw closer to the new release date of the show. So, this was everything we know about Vikings Valhalla Season 3.

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