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Anime Review – Black Clover Episode 159

Black Clover Episode 159
Black Clover Episode 159

This week, Black Clover Episode 159 was released, and with it came more updates to the build-up for the upcoming war. Last week we saw the beginning of the Spade Kindom arc, and the dark triad leaders made their appearances. All the war preparations seem to be complete, and in the background, another interesting story came to light. In the anime’s recent episodes, we saw a group of rebels trying to flee from the spade kingdom. Only one of them made it through, and we did not pay as much attention to it.

The training arc shadowed this story with the developments to suppress the invading spade kingdom forces. But in the last episode of the anime, everything is connected and makes an exciting revelation. One of the rebels managed to make it to Hage village, where Yuno grew up and had recovered. The latest episode of the anime explored loose ends both within the Heart and Clover Kingdom.

Everyone has shown their training results, but even so, Charmy still wants to continue doing her deeds. We have not got any updates from the squad captains who went to train by themselves, and we might not see them for a while. The missing part now is the official start of the battle with the spade kingdom.

The Spade Kingdom is ready as well, and the side that attacks first will have the advantage. Black Clover Episode 160 will continue with the anime schedule next week, and that is where we will see how things will further develop. The episodes will stream on Crunchyroll and Funimation as usual.

Charmy Shows Her Training Results

Black Clover Episode 159

Charmy Sheep Magic

This far in the anime, we have already seen the results of everyone’s training, including how powerful they have become. We also got to see the new techniques of Rill, who has drastically improved his picture magic. Mana words were a simple thing for everyone who uses magic, and they only needed little training to get the hang of it. On the other hand, Asta trained under different methods with his anti-magic. Everyone was ready to rendezvous except for Charmy. 

She has made remarkable improvements in her magic using the fruits from the forests. But the problem was that she never wanted to stop eating. Her sheep magic has become massive, and when Lorchipeka sent Asta to call her back, she refused to come. She was a difficult person to handle to a point where not even Asta could take her by himself. The spirit that trained her joined in, but Charmy was still powerful. The entire forest and its animals were under her control, and she gained valuable allies. 

Rill joined in, which then made things better, and it took the three of them to subdue Charmy. She has improved as her sheep magic seems to be challenging to fight against. As a result, she has made significant improvements and will be very useful in the upcoming war. Rill also display a new form of her painting magic that was so useful in subduing Charmy.

Everyone seems to have made a significant improvement from this training, and we will still get to see them surpass their limits in this war. Unlike last time, they will be fighting not only one but three devils whose wielders have mastered their powers. 

Yuno is The Prince of the Spade Kingdom

Black Clover Episode 159

Yuno Prince of Spade Kingdom

The episode’s highlight could be the breaking news that just came in towards the end of the episode. The rebel member who escaped from the spade kingdom has recovered back in Hage village. The Sister called Asta back as a request from the rebel. Asta used his new form of magic to fly directly to Hage village and get there as fast as possible. When he got there, the rebel knew him right away from his looks and the pendant he carried with him. 

He told him that he is a prince from the spade kingdom and talked about the dark triad taking over his family’s domain. With everyone already killed, Asta is the next in line for the spade kingdom. The anime will reveal more information on this in the next episode. The only person who survived from the rebel forces in the spade kingdom has a story to tell, which the next episode will center around. The next episode will take things slow as the anime explains how the situation came to be. So, unfortunately, we might still have to wait for a while for the battle in the spade kingdom to start.

For the latest updates in the upcoming anime episodes and manga, look at our Anime News Weekly Updates. You will be able to get more information on the anime and the manga that will break soon and continue with the episodes as usual.

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Meshack Makungo is an anime enthusiast from South Africa. He is so into anime & manga that he doesn't like to write anything other than anime & manga. He reviews episodes and manga chapters every day. You can reach out to him at

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