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Al Thaman Episode 39: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Al Thaman Episode 39
Al Thaman Episode 39

The series Al Thaman is a Lebanese series adapted from a Turkish series Binbir Gece was released in 2006. The story moreover relies on and revolves around a single mother who is striving hard to acquire funds for her son who is struggling with cancer. She is a strong woman and no matter what she tries to manage her family and career.

The Starcast are renowned actors and are one of the reasons for the high ratings of this Lebanese drama. We can see Basel Khayyat as Zein AlSafi a Businessman and Razane Jammal as Sarah AlKhateeb who is an architect and a single mother who is striving to obtain funds for her son who is struggling with Leukemia.

The First episode of the series came out on January 8, 2023, and has made an outstanding impact on the viewers with an incredible plot and an amazing star cast. It became popular in no time in the TV drama genre, viewers also praised the actors Bassel Khaiat, Razane Jammal, Nicolas Mouawad, and Sara Abi Kanaan for their genuine contribution to the series. 

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Al Thaman Episode 39; Zein and Sarah

Al Thaman Episode 39; Zein and Sarah

Recap of Al Thaman Episode 38

The story revolves around Sarah, a single mother who is striving to make a better living while acquiring funds for her son who is struggling with leukemia, Leukemia is cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. Sarah hurries to find a donor for bone marrow who is willing to donate.

Fortunately, the hospital informs to have finally found a donor for bone marrow. But, the doctor also places a clause that the transplant must be performed as soon as possible or else if delayed will be a very huge loss of his life and may decrease his chances to live. Listening to his words Sarah starts gathering funds by every possible means. She even contacts her father-in-law but he refuses her right away and sends her off. The ultimate option remaining is to ask Zein to lend her money as a debt.

Zein lends her money right away without even asking the reason but places a clause in front of her to spend a night with him. Sarah agrees to this condition and spends a night with him and takes the money. After successful transplant surgery, one day Zein realizes the reason for lending her the money while visiting the hospital. After realizing the fact that the money was for none other than her son’s transplant, he feels guilty and risks his position in the company for her to continue working there.

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AlThaman; Zein and Sarah

Al Thaman; Zein and Sarah

In the previous episodes of Al Thaman, Sarah sets some boundaries for Zein which are respected by him as well. Unfortunately, Zein’s mother disapproves of their relationship but still Zein defends her. Mr Ibrahim and Sumayya are still against Zein and Sarah’s closeness. Sarah is at constant risk of getting attacked by Mo’tasem.

Sumayya plans new tactics against Zein to destroy him. Motasem reaches out to Sarah as soon as the police begin their search for Ibrahim. Zein attempts to gain the trust of Mr. Ibrahim. Jimmy asks Tima to stay at her house. Zein and Sarah both agree to keep the police out in the mission to bring Ibrahim back. Karam’s jealousy of Jimmy kicks in. Meanwhile, Nasser offers Wael a helping hand.

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Al Thaman Episode 39: Release date & time

The upcoming episode no. 39 of Al Thaman will air on the MBC Shahid channel on March 5, 2023. In the UAE, the series is telecast on the regional MBC Tv channel. Every Sunday at 6 am EST, a new episode of Al Thaman is available to watch for the viewers. Viewers from all around the world can watch the drama according to the regional timings given:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 3:00 am (March 5, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time: 5:00 am (March 5, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 4:30 pm (March 5, 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time: 8:00 pm(March 5, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 9:30 pm(March 5, 2023)

Al Thaman Episode 39: Streaming Guide

This Lebanese drama Al Thaman airs on the regional MBC TV channel in the UAE. MBC Shahid streaming platform covers all episodes of Al Thaman including, but it requires membership to enjoy. To access the exclusive live programs and tv series, it is worth subscribing to MBC Shahid, which starts at 11.19 USD as its subscription.

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