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Are Crystal Renee Hayslett And Tyler Perry Are Dating? Rumors & Facts

Crystal Renee Hayslett

Are Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry dating? What do you think? These days, both are making headlines with their rumored relationship. Now, it is to see- how valid is it? 

Before getting into what’s cooking between them, let’s look at Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry’s prominence in the industry. 

Starting from the basics, Crystal Renee Hayslett is an actress, who is majorly known for her portrayal of Fatima in Zatima. Some of her other acting credits include- Sistas, The Choir Director, and This Time. Besides this profession, Crystal is also a costume designer, more precisely a stylist. 

On the other hand, Tyler Perry is another versatile movie actor. Not to forget to mention some of his notable works- House Of Payne, The Oval, A Madea Homecoming, Young Dylan, Ruthless, etc. Have you not watched A Jazzman’s Blues? 

It was in 2013 when Crystal Renee Hayslett reportedly joined Tyler Perry working as a stylist in some of his films. Eventually, they started being very good friends, often appearing together on several occasions. After so many years, people have been speculating if something is romantic between them. 

If you are looking to whether Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry are dating, here is what we know. 

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Are Crystal Renee Hayslett And Tyler Perry Dating? Everything To Know 

No. Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry are not dating each other. In other words, we may say that the Zatima stars are not romantically linked. Yes!

Crystal and Tyler have been working together since 2013. That’s been nearly a decade and both share nothing but a friendly relationship. Little did you know, Crystal also served as Tyler Perry’s stylist. It feels very weird how some people suspect romance between two individuals, just based on how friendly and close they are. Don’t you think, the basis is lame? 

Well, Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry never dated. They were always close friends and are likely to maintain that in the future as well.

It’s not the end. Don’t you buy presents for your friend? Not to forget to mention that it’s your friend’s birthday. Tyler Perry presented Crystal Renee Hayslett with luxurious gifts and attended her birthday party too. This eventually fueled the rumors of them secretly dating. That’s again a very lame reason. Isn’t it? 

However, some fans are intelligent and understanding too. They didn’t care about the “NEW COUPLE ALERT: Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry are dating.” Also, they took it to social media platforms, asking others not to spread rumors as the reasons they showcased were lame. 

Talking more about their relationship, Tyler is more like a brother to Crystal. What? Yes. It’s not just they have been working together for quite some time but are also believed to be dependent on each other. By using the term “dependent”, we meant that Tyler and Crystal seek each other’s opinion when needed. 

Crystal Renee Hayslett And Tyler Perry Are Dating

Tyler Perry and Crystal Renee Hayslett do not share a romantic relationship but are good friends

Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry’s relationship is very pure and transparent. It’s quite open about how they look up to one another when it comes to working. There has never been anything romantic between the two. 

Both, Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry are busy in their respective lives. Even though they work together most of the time, they give each other enough space for their off-screen world. After all, they are not a couple. They have been by each other’s side, during the bad days. Well, it’s a part of friendship and has nothing to do with romance. Also, neither Crystal nor Tyler has commented anything on their dating rumors. They simply ignored it. 

Best Wishes to Crystal Renee Hayslett and Tyler Perry for the upcoming days of their lives. We are eagerly waiting to witness more of their work together. 

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