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Show Me Love Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Show Me Love Thai GL Series Episode 3 Release Date
Show Me Love Episode 3 Release Date

Well-known for their BL Series, the Thai entertainment industry now brings us a new GL (Girls Love) Series titled ‘Show Me Love’, which premiered its first episode on 28th February 2023. The show has garnered much love and affection from fans since its initial release.

Show Me Love Episode 3 is scheduled to release this coming week! Telling the story of a poor girl shifting to the big city in hopes of fulfilling her dream, and a woman who’s trying to make history in the pageant industry, love is bound to blossom between the two in such circumstances.

Follow our main characters, Meena and Cherine, in their mission to achieve their biggest hopes and dreams. This article will provide all the necessary information you will need regarding Show Me Love, the GL series. 

Meena, our protagonist, is a young woman from a rural town who relocates to Bangkok to pursue her goals. Ever since she was a kid, Meena dreamt of becoming a singer. Having the required skills and talent, she fell behind in terms of money, which made her lose hope in her dreams.

Show Me Love Thai GL Series Episode 3 Synopsis

A still from Show Me Love (2023)

In order to support and provide for her family, including her mother and her little brother, she movies to Bangkok city to find a well-paying job. There, she runs into Cherine, who invites her to sign up with a team to participate in the Miss Grand pageant. Cherine has been disappointed by the beauty pageant industry on multiple occasions but finally decides to try for Miss Thailand once more with the help of Meena. Apart from her struggles with the pageant, Cherine is also still trying to get over her ex.

Meena initially declined the offer due to her lack of interest in the industry as a whole. But after being offered a hefty monthly salary throughout the contest, she agrees to Cherine’s plan. Meena starts her quest for the crown, and as fate may have it, an unforeseen romance with Cherine starts to grow.

Both Meena and Cherine become friends through their journey as they support each other in their dreams and goals. This friendship slowly turns into something more as they spend more time with one other.


Starring Engfa Waraha and Charlotte Austin, Show Me Love boosts a great cast that has contributed largely to the success of the GL Series. The chemistry between our two main characters is undeniable! 

Show Me Love Thai GL Series Episode 3 Cast Engfa Waraha

Engfa Waraha

Engfa Waraha

Mook, also known as Engfa Waraha, is a singer and former beauty queen. Engfa won the national competition of Miss Grand Thailand 2022 in 2022 and represented the nation in Miss Grand International 2022, which was held in Indonesia on October 25, 2022. Playing the role of our little town girl Meena, Engfa has come out as bisexual in real life and has admitted to having had relationships with women in the past. 

Show Me Love Thai GL Series Episode 3 Cast Charlotte Austin

Charlotte Austin

Charlotte Austin

Playing the role of Cherine, Charlotte Austin is a Thai-British beauty queen, like Engfa Waraha. She has a degree in tourist management from Prince of Songkla University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism (Phuket).

Charlotte competed in the Miss Grand Thailand beauty pageant in 2022. Since the competition, Charlotte and the winner, Engfa Waraha, have been frequently matched by fans, making the show so popular.

Show Me Love Episode 3 Release Date

Show Me Love Episode 3 will be released this coming Friday on 17th March, 2023, at 9:00 am (EST/EDT). For easy tracking, the exact release time of the episode in different regions is provided below: 

  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 8:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023
  • (KST) 10:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023
  • (IST) 6:30 pm Friday, 17th March 2023  
  • (JST) 10:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023
  • (PHT) 9:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 8:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023 
  • (MYT) 9:00 pm Friday, 17th March 2023 
  • (PST) 6:00 am Friday, 17th March 2023 

Streaming Guide for Show Me Love Episode 3

Show Me Love Episode 3 will be released on the YouTube Channel of Grand TV. While the first episode is available for free, the rest of the episodes require a subscription. To watch the upcoming episodes of this Thai GL Series, you must join the Grand TV Grand Membership, which costs around $7.31 per month. Show Me Love will be available with subtitles in 30 different languages.

In case the series shows unavailable or inaccessible in your area, consider using an authorized VPN to stream this new and upcoming Thai GL Series.

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