Ronaldinho Net Worth 2020 | Age, Wife, Real Name, and Everything You Need To Know

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Famous Brazilian retired footballer Ronaldinho has currently appeared in many controversies. He was a phenomenal talent and brought a lot of incredible football experience with his former club and franchise around the world. Ronaldinho was the most exceptional contemporary and skillful soccer player who always plays the game with winning intention and achieve outstanding success in a career that span decades. His game reading and vast seasoned experience with all the professional football clubs helped him to improve his game and also pass on his expertise to young footballers to emulate his style of play. Ronaldinho never feels that he is a football celebrity and famous iconic sportsperson.


His passion for playing soccer and other sports helps his understanding of the game well. He played with all renowned professional football leagues. Ronaldinho contributed significantly towards achieving a new milestone as per soccer popularity and interest in the football sport. Over the years, Ronaldinho’s game has improved, and his football skill and commendable presence in the team worked for all his franchise clubs. He always brings his wealth of experience and shares to younger players within the group to let them feel the demands and expectations from soccer fans and ardent supporters of the game. Spectators’ and fans’ interest and passion tend to encourage every footballer, and they have to play the game with a sporting spirit and never give up a positive attitude.

Early Life and Career

Well, football great and iconic sports person Ronaldinho was born on March 21, 1980, in Brazil. Since his childhood days, Ronaldinho was pretty much passionate and desperate to play football and show a glimpse of football talents when he was in the early days. Ronaldinho was an attacking midfielder and played different positions to evolve and surprise the opponent’s team with a burst of speed and dribbling skills at his best. He was not predictable and often switched playing positions as per his team needs. He was far more gifted and excellent control over ball receiving and distributing passes, which helped other players to score goals and drive their respected football clubs to feature in most successful football clubs around the world.

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He wore the famous no ten jerseys, which also coincidence the number of many other football greats. After showing tremendous potential as a playmaker, he represents his national team Brazil at the age of just 17. He played and delivered true potential as a game-changer who never give up without a tough fight and inspire his fellow teammates to compete for the high intensity, throughout the regulation time frame. He allowed and shares his vast soccer experience and struggle to inspire his team members and lead from the front whenever his team wants his leadership.

Personal Life and Achievements

Brazilian soccer great Ronaldinho played for many top football clubs and most notably played for Spanish giants Barcelona for five years, where he dominated and played along with others greats in the team formation. While he played for Barcelona, he scored 70 goals in 145 games, which were an impressive number to encourage. He also played for AC Milan and guided his club to its glory. He won the Ballon d’Or in 2005 and is renowned for marvelous dribbling skills along with exceptional ball control skills, which earned his reputation as the most on-demand footballer in the current generation.


His commendable stature within the club, as well as national colors, makes him the legendary and highly inspirational for all young budding footballers who want to represent their countries and achieve the feet that Ronaldinho so far has received. His goal scoring abilities came to notice when he scored the unbelievable goal against Venezuela, which go down as a goal of the Brazilian soccer history. He helped to win the world cup 5 times for his national team Brazil and got the most significant soccer transfer deals with none other than Barcelona, where he pushed the top standards of the high-intensity game intact. Ronaldinho was also nominated and received the FIFA world player of the year twice, beating other contemporary greats of the sport.

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Ronaldinho just turned 39 and has been lately featured a lot of news headlines for carrying a fake Paraguayan passport and detained by the police. His age does not suggest that he is retired from professional football and will give younger players a run for the money with incredible dribbling and ball receiving skills at best.


Ronaldinho was married to Janaina Mendes, and both couples welcomed their child. Her wife was supposed to be a dancer, and their relationship got bitter and fell apart after a promising start.

Ronaldinho Net Worth In 2020


Well, Ronaldinho has managed to find in top footballers list with an outstanding net worth that estimated around a massive jump like $90 million. He has been the favorite endorsement sportsperson who earned the various brand endorsement and currently deserves all the credit and fame. He also featured sports brands like Nike, EA, and other demanded brands endorsement and earned incredible name and reputation over the years.


Ronaldinho sports achievements and football career lately have been hit by controversies. His image and impact of his towering sport still fans and followers hard to forget, and they applaud his contribution to the game of sport. He will remain iconic sports figures who burst into the spotlight with splendid football skills and abilities.

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