Desafio Season 19 Episode 3: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Desafio Columbian Reality TV Series Season 19 Episode 3 Release Date
Desafio Season 19 Episode 3 Release Date

Desafio Season 19 Episode 3 is set to release this weekend! This Reality television series’ Season 19 premiered on March 22, 2023, making 19 seasons. Since its debut, the program has been a big success, and its outrageous challenges and antics have kept viewers hooked and wanting more.

Desafio is a Colombian reality competition show that Caracol TV produces. In this television series, participants compete for money and other prizes while stuck on an island. The contestants can vote for other candidates off the show using a progressive elimination technique. This means that voting out one contestant continues until only one person is left, who is then given a cash prize.

The teams break up and reconfigure as the cycles progress, just like in previous seasons, until the final eight competitors (four men and four women) are merged and perform a challenge split by gender. At the end of the competition, male and female contestants are declared winners.

The show faced several difficulties when it first debuted amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and its effects led to changes in the program format starting in 2020. Desafio ‘The Box’ was introduced in 2019 with the outbreak of Covid and has since been in continuation.


In the Box format, the four teams are assigned a house to live in until the team dissolves or merges, all of which have the same qualities and benefits like public services, a fully equipped kitchen with supplies, beds, showers, bathrooms, etc. which they will progressively lose if teams fail to win the differentiation. This format differs from other previous editions of the television series in which teams were required to win the right to stay at the best territory in each cycle.

In The Box, following a first challenge, eleven initial groups of four participants—two men and two women—are transformed into three teams, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, each of which consists of eight players (four men and four women).

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Desafio Columbian Reality TV Series Season 19 Episode 3 Synopsis
Desafio Season 19 (2023)

Later, a different team (Omega) is made up of competitors who weren’t initially chosen by the individual team leaders and who take part in a unique task to have the chance to join this final squad.

Each cycle has five challenges played at five distinct venues or boxes: White/Rainbow for air-themed challenges in which contestants may not touch the ground, Blue for water-themed challenges, Red for contact-themed challenges, Yellow for challenges focused on the ground that are military-style, and Black is the last final challenge.

The five challenges the contestants will have to go through our – the Sentencia y Hambre Challenge, Sentencia y Servicios Challenge, Sentencia y Bienestar Challenge, Sentencia, Primeo y Castigo Challenge, and lastly, the Desafo a Muerte or the ‘Death Challenge.’

After the cycle’s first four challenges, those who received death sentences compete in the death challenge to survive. The only challenge that uses the Black “box” is the Desafo a Muerte; all other challenges alternate between the four boxes on each cycle. 

As mentioned previously, eight contestants will be participating and performing various tasks to win the cash prize that the show offers. The eight participants are – Saskya, Paz, Kate, Aleja, Mateus, Bogdan, Escudero, and Kaboom; four females and four males.

Desafio Season 19 Episode 3 Release Date

Desafio Season 19 Episode 4 will be released on March 24, 2023, at 4:00 pm (EDT). As the timings may vary, the release date and time of the episode are provided below:

  • Time in Mexico: 2:00 pm, Friday, March 24, 2023.
  • Time in Thailand: 3:00 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 1:30 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Time in the Philippines (PHT): 4:00 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Time in Indonesia: 3:00 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Malaysian Standard Time (MYT): 4:00 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
  • Pacific Time (PST): 1:00 pm, Friday, March 24, 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): 5:00 am, Saturday, March 25, 2023.
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Streaming Guide for Desafio Season 19 Episode 4 

Caracol TV has produced most of the Desafio seasons, despite GenTV and Univision also creating several iterations of the show. The last two versions were produced in Florida to target the Latin American audience.

Currently, Desafio is exclusively accessible to the residents of Columbia, and this show will sadly not have subtitles for the rest of the world. The show has not yet been made available or expanded on other streaming services.

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