Tin And Tina Ending Explained: Were Tin And Tina Innocent?

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Tin And Tina
Tin And Tina Ending Explained [Credits- Netflix]

A treat for the fans of horror films was served to the viewers in the form of the psychological-horror film titled Tin And Tina, which was released for the viewers on 31 March 2023. Directed by Rubin Stein, Tin, and Tina focuses on Lola, a mother who recently miscarried her twins and adopts a pair of twin girls named Tin and Tina from a convent.

Things take a turn after the twins start to exhibit strange behavior with overbearing indulgence in religion. Viewers were left wondering whether Tin and Tina were evil or not till the end of the psychological thriller. Produced by Olmo Figueredo and Gonzalez Quevedo, the film stars Milena Smith plays the role of Lola, a mother who lost her twins, and the film’s protagonist, Jamie Lorente plays the role of Aldofo, Lola’s husband, Carlos Gonzalez plays the role of Tin, one of the twin sisters, and Anastasia Russo plays the role of Tina, another twin in the lead cast.

The film’s supporting cast includes Teresa Rabel plays the role of Sor Asuncion; Ruth Gabriel plays the role of Pedrito, Chelo Vivares and Luis Perezagua. Alejandro Espadero did Tin and Tina’s cinematography while Filmax distributed the film. La Claqueta PC and Miami Film Gate undertook Tin and Tina’s production while the film had a run time of 2hrs 2 min. Tin and Tina didn’t satisfy the viewers, and they felt the movie was disturbing and the role of Tina and Tin were evil to some extent.

Tin And Tina
Lola Grieves The Loss Of Her Twins [Credits- Netflix]
The horror element in Tin and Tina is missing, and the message given by the film isn’t appreciated by the viewers. Certain viewers felt Lola was a heartless monster who adopted children for her benefit and abandoned them when things got difficult.

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Tin And Tina Ending Explained

The film starts with Lola and Adolf getting married in a Church on a warm sunny day in Spain. Lola and Adolfo are seen to be completely in love with each other as they are evidently loving towards each other, and Adolfo is gentle with Lola, as she is pregnant with their child.

The happy couple walks out and enjoys a celebration with their respective families after marriage, only for things to turn grim as Lola begins to bleed and is rushed to a nearby hospital’s emergency ward. Lola lies motionless in the hospital bed as the news of the Congress shooting is telecasted. The doctors inform Lola of her miscarriage, and she is left heartbroken to know she can never become a mother by natural means.

The grieving couple makes the decision to relocate and live in Aldofo’s childhood home. To get their life back to normal and manage their grief the couple decides to adopt children. As the couple visit the convent Lola is unsure of the idea of adoption until she meets Tin and Tina, two seven-year-old twins. Lola is impressed by several skills the twins possess, while Aldofo isn’t interested in them as they suffer from Albinism.

Lola’s heart melts, and the couple adopts the twin after she overhears them admitting that no one will adopt them due to their albinism. Lola begins noticing strange behaviour in Tin and Tina after the children start to live with her. The couple begins to notice the twin’s overindulgence in religion, and this causes several problems between the pair. The twins encourage Lola to start believing in God again and pray for a miracle after they discover their mother couldn’t have biological children.

After a period of time, a miracle happens in Lola’s life. She becomes pregnant naturally and gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Lola begins to get scared of the twins after they keep insisting that God might ask for the sacrifice of their brother to repent their sins. After the birth of the baby, Lola keeps the twins away from him, and she snaps at them after they keep questioning her about the baptism of their brother.

Tin And Tina
A Still From Tin And Tina [Credits- Netflix]
The twins take it upon themselves to baptize their brother, and after successfully managing to get their hands on the baby boy, the twins dangle him in the swimming pool water. This leads to Lola breaking down and deciding to return the children to the orphanage. The twins were also responsible for killing the family dog after it accidentally bit Lola.

Were Tin And Tina Innocent?

After Lola returns the twin to the orphanage, she begins to question her decision while she becomes frustrated with Aldolfo’s lack of interest in taking care of their baby. Lola becomes tired of taking care of the baby alone alongside doing everything while Aldofo enjoys his life, Lola removes her ring from her finger. This leads to Aldofo snapping out of his behavior and promising Lola to take care of their son. The same night Aldofo goes on their rooftop to fix their satellite when a storm ranges over in the area.

Meanwhile, the camera pans to Tin and Tina back in the orphanage listening to Mother Asunicon’s sermons on God’s final judgment. The film hints at the twins sneaking out of the orphanage when the nuns supervising their dorms fall asleep to travel back to Lola’s house. The favorite song of the twins is playing in the background in Lola’s house with the twin’s footprints at the entrance of Lola’s house.

Aldofo is set on fire, as seen by Lola after she begins to search for him after hearing whispers of her name. Meanwhile, Lola’s baby disappears from his cradle, and Lola goes into a panic as she begins searching for him. After Lola begins to pray to God, a miracle happens, and her son reappears in his crib. Lola takes the baby to a nearby hospital, where Mother Asuncion visits her to inform her that Tina and Tin were in the convent the night Aldofo died.

The film didn’t clear whether Tin and Tina were innocent or not. The ending of Tina and Tin is left open to the perspective of the viewers. The movie also witnessed Lola’s return to faith in twisted ways. Tin and Tina end with Aldofo getting buried in the graveyard as Lola forgives the twins for everything they have done. Lola has accepted that Tin and Tina are innocent as they stand by her side at Aldofo’s funeral.

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