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Guide To Read The ‘Vampire Knight’ Manga

Vampire Knight Guide
Vampire Knight Guide To Read Manga Cr: OtakuKart

If you are into Vampire stories full of Dark Fantasy as well as Romance, then there could not be a better choice than Vampire Knight. But the manga is so huge that you’ll probably get lost in it. You’ll definitely need someone to guide you through it. And, guess what? We are here to provide you with a proper guide to reading Vampire Knight! Not just that, we’ll also provide you with a summary of the plot of the entire story. And finally, we’ll also provide you with the knowledge of where you can read Vampire Knight. Hence, we have brought you the complete guide to reading Vampire Knight!

Vampire Knight, written by Matsuri Hino, is a work of art. None of us likes a simple story, right? Well, Matsuri Hino knew exactly what we wanted and gave us this masterpiece. A story so complicated, yet interesting, so much that it will either blow your brains or will make you go numb for hours, wondering what’s going on! The original manga was published by Hakusensha on 24 November 2004, and it continued till 24 May 2013. Matsuri Hino also continued this story in Vampire Knight: Memories which was released on 10 June 2016.

We know you are eager to get started. So, without wasting any single moment, let’s jump right into the Guide to Vampire Knight!

Vampire Knight: Plot Summary

All Yuuki could remember was that she was attacked by a vampire in a stormy winter night. But, she was rescued! Guess by who? By another vampire, Kaname Kuran! Kaname is not an ordinary vampire but a Pureblood Vampire. Yuuki was adopted by Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross Academy. Now, after ten years, Yuuki and Zero, the Vampire Hunter, become the school guardians at Cross Academy. Now, the concept of the schooling system will blow your mind. It is divided into ‘Day Class’ and ‘Night Class’. Day Class is for the humans, and Night Class is for the vampires. And Yuuki and Zero are the guardians who protect the human students from the vampire students.

Vampire Knight Guide

Vampire Knight – Plot Summary

But, this is not it! Yuuki, Zero, and Kaname have their own secrets and lost memories. Yuuki doesn’t remember anything from her past. And, Zero is resisting his vampire transformation. The vampire hunter, Zero, is trying his best not to become a vampire. On the other hand, Kaname knows things that can and will change everything! When Yuuki was attacked by Rido Kuran, Kaname’s uncle, Kaname was forced to bite Yuuki to help her regain her memories. And then it was revealed that Yuuki is a pureblood vampire too! On top of that, she is Kaname’s sister. Now, this changed everything between Yuuki and Zero. Zero wants to end it all by killing all the purebloods. Now that Yuuki is a pureblood too, friends will become enemies!

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Vampire Knight: Volumes And Sequels

Vampire Knight Guide is of no use if you don’t get to know the number of volumes present in the manga. So, here’s all you need to know about the Volumes in Vampire Knight. This manga was originally released on 24 November 2004, and it continued till 24 May 2013. Vampire Knight was serialized in the magazine LaLa of Hakusensha’s Shoujo Magazine during this period. There are 19 Tankobon Volumes in Vampire Knight with about 4-5 chapters each in it. This did not end here. The manga continued with a Sequel named Vampire Knight: Memories which was released on 10 June 2016. This sequel contains seven volumes with about 4-6 chapters each in it.

Vampire Knight Guide

Volumes And Sequels

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Where Can You Read Vampire Knight Manga Online?

All the new readers, you may not have any idea about where to read this manga from. And, this entire Guide to Vampire Knight would go to waste if we did not mention where you can read Vampire Knight, right? So, to make it easy for you, we have everything you would need. You can easily get all the volumes of Vampire Knight in paperback form or in digital form on Viz.

Vampire Knight Guide

Where To Read ‘Vampire Knight’ Online?

This is it for now. We hope this Guide to Vampire Knight was able to guide you properly and help you figure out how to read this manga. Let us know which Manga Guide you want from us next. And, for future updates, stay tuned with OtakuKart.

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