What Chapter Does Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime End On?

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toilet bound hanako kun Anime

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun anime leaves quite an impression on the viewers. It is not surprising that many of them want to continue reading the story for its dark and gritty nature. But like every supernatural anime, what gravitates people the most is the mystery aspect of it. And we are exposed to them in the very first episode where all our, and protagonist Nene, expectations are subverted. The show does a great job of revealing a new piece of information and then contradicting it to create a feeling of an ongoing conspiracy.

Speaking of conspiracy, the series has many as seven, and Nene spends her time with one of them. Though they are more closed to the mystery, the story that leads to them ends up being ploys that disturb the balance between the human and the supernatural. This is also the reason why Nene is an integral part of the plot along with Hanako.

First of all, Hanako is a misnomer that makes many girls attracted to the mysteries of the seven. Nene too was drawn by them, but unlike many before her, she didn’t get what she wanted and got tangled up between human and supernatural affairs. But why did she agree to do that? She was out to find what was special about her, and Hanako was more than happy to have a human partner.

toilet bound hanako kun Anime
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What happened in the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime Finale?

The last three episodes of the anime were a story arc that deepened the relationship between Nene and Hanako. It was out that at one point in life, Hanako was alive, but when approached with details, he becomes dismissive and ignores the subject. The more someone hides something, the more it makes someone curious, and Nene was no exception.

While she didn’t go by herself and started looking into the matter, she subconsciously picked up clues about his past. Which led to the discovery that Hanako in the flesh once attended the very school they were in. But an answer like that only creates more questions. Moreover, during Nene’s ‘investigation’, Hanajo overheard about his past life getting unearthed. But as things would have it, there was a force at play that wanted to make use of Nene, and they were willing to use her curiosity.

But Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime ended with Hanajo winning Nene’s trust, and that was thanks to the school of talking fish who were trying to leverage Nene. The school of fish had tried to attract Nene by subterfuge, they tried to make her drink Mermaid’s milk so they could break their contract with Hanako. However, they fail in their attempt to separate the two, and Hanako ends up telling a little bit about his past to Nene.

toilet bound hanako kun Anime
CC: toilet bound hanako kun Anime

Where should you start in Manga after Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Anime?

Toilet bound Hanako Kun anime ended in chapter 36 of Manga, but we strongly advise you to read the manga from the manga. Though the usual reason we give is for nuances, subtleties, and quick refresher, here the issue is slightly different. While we still recommend reading for those reasons, the main reason you should manga from the beginning is to get a grasp on the plot. If you start reading from chapter 37, you will soon find events and references that were not part of the anime, and yet they play a key role.

The anime version doesn’t adapt the straight series of arcs but from in-between. This means the last events of the last few episodes happen way later in the manga, and the events between the beginning and end are filled with other stories. So, just as we said earlier, the manga is worth reading from the beginning for a quick refresher and to experience the nuanced side of the story.

The main plot stretches for many chapters, and there is cut content that you will see in the manga, which is worth your time. What’s even better is that manga chapters are bigger than standard weekly manga, but on the same hand, the issues come out monthly. This is a sort of series you can enjoy while slacking a few issues, and you won’t miss out on too much.

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