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If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11: Release Date & Where To Watch

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 will give you yet another taste of love and happiness along with the pinch of memories, we would love to go back to. Gyeo Ree never felt welcomed in his entire life. The place where he entered just with the intention of volunteering, eventually became his home. A place where people care for him and notice small details regarding him. For the first time, he got a home where there were people who adore him. 

Mr. Kang and Gyeo Ree were having a conversation where the latter expressed his concern or rather disappointment that maybe he will also end up like his father. Mr. Kang assured him that nothing of that sort would take place. If You Wish Upon Me makes us relive the moments of togetherness, something we all cherish. It goes without saying that the actors did a phenomenal job and it is one such drama we would love to go back to even after it completes it’s journey. 

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 10 Recap

The moment we all waited for is here as Gyeo Ree finally became a permanent member of Team Genie. Gyeo Ree and Soo Hee came back together to the hospice and the people there welcome him with their arms open. While having a conversation, even conducting a trip was planned. 


If You Wish Upon Me Ep 11

A Still From The Series

On the other hand, Soo Hee went to have some rest as she had her night shift that day. Mr. Kang didn’t seem to be in his best form as well that day. 

Meanwhile, Jun Kyung was admitted to the hospital where a devastated Seok Joon admitted his feelings. How he always felt for her though could never express it. 

What Is The Secret Of Room No. 403?

For the longest time, we had a curiosity as to who was the person in room no. 403 and it felt as if Soo Hee knew all along who it was. Even when Gyeo Ree asked her regarding this matter, she refused to respond. 

A flashback reveals how there was chaos in the hospice as some people were threatening Mr. Kang to come out. Later it was revealed how the patient of Room No. 403 was Kang Tae Shik’s colleague whom Soo Hee was treating all these years and it’s not only her involved in this, the other members of the hospice also knew about it. 

If You Wish Upon Me Ep 11

A Still From The Series

Meanwhile, as planned Team Genie heads for their field trip. However, the situation shits when Mr. Kang fainted and everybody was trying to recover him. Mr. Kang had a special place in Gyeo Ree’s heart. He was partially the reason why he was back and Mr. Kang’s backstory is a complete tragedy.

He and Gyeo Ree were connected as it was Gyeo Ree’s father who conned Mr. Kang and the other investors. Within seconds all those moments flashed in front of his eyes. What will be the fate of Mr. Kang is something for future episodes to offer. 

Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11? Online Streaming Details 

If You Wish Upon Me will be broadcasted on its original broadcasting network, KBS2 ViuTV. As far as the international audience is concerned, the drama is available on Wavve and the Rakuten Viki app.

For you, to avail the drama on the Rakuten Viki app, you will have to buy the Standard Viki pass. Choose whatever plan suits you the best and then you are all set the watch the drama If You Wish Upon Me.

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When Will If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 Release?

If You Wish Upon Me Episode 11 will release on 14th September 2022. The drama gives a wholesome feeling with so many mixed emotions. Each character has a lot to offer. They have their set of stories and each one of them has been portrayed with utter finesse.

If You Wish Upon Me drama you wouldn’t want to miss. The upcoming episodes will be even more interesting so keep watching If You Wish Upon Me.

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