50 Best Female Anime Characters That Everyone Adores

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Best Female Anime Characters
Best Female Anime Characters (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Anime has provided a medium for individuals to see the world from a different perspective. A viewer can be a superhero or a pirate, or a ninja, anything that they dream of and achieve their dreams. From battle-oriented warriors to emotionally attached romantics, anime has been a platform for each and every emotion to expose itself and personify a story.

An anime plot is set around a protagonist who is mainly a male character. However, it is sometimes a woman’s story too. In ‘A Silent Voice,’ Shouko’s character can be argued to be the main character as it has a greater emotional setting and imprints a strong image. Another case can be ‘Kaguya Sama: Love is War,’ where both the male and female character has equal impact. The female characters also play the role of emotional support for the male lead and are a crucial part of the storyline.

The female characters in anime play a pivotal role in maintaining a connection between the so-called “otakus” and the show. These characters are sketched with more layers to them and break out from the traditional stereotypes. Whether you are a lifetime anime fan or are just informed about the anime world, the female characters will always be candy to the eyes.

Note: The given list is not a ranking but a simple listicle on ‘female anime characters.’

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Best Female Anime Characters

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1. Nezuko Kamado- Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado of “Demon Slayer” is different from your stereotypical anime female characters and is a strong and independent persona. Nezuko’s caring and loving nature towards her brother, Tanjiro Kamado, outshines most of her many characteristics.

Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado (Credits: UFotable)

A demon killed Tanjiro’s family, and he and her sister were the sole survivors of the attack. However, Nezuko also turns into a monster, but she doesn’t leave her brother’s side and is by his side every time. Along with the characteristics of a demon, Nezuko is popular among her fans due to her cute and adorable essence.

2. Mikasa Ackerman- Attack On Titan

One of the most popular animes for the portrayal of their women characters is “Attack On Titan.” Mikasa Ackerman stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the anime’s anti-hero, Eren Jaeger. She is a strong and loyal soldier to her country and values her friends more than her. Mikasa is just as valuable, powerful, and important character as the other male characters of the series.

Mikasa Ackerman
Mikasa Ackerman (Credits: Mappa)

3. Shinobu Kocho- Demon Slayer

A Hashira in the “Demon Slayer” anime is Shinobu Kocho. Shinobo has an appearance of a petite and small girl but is a strong female character in the Demon Slayer universe. Her initial impression of Tanjiro is of a monster, but as the story progresses, she is the one to care about him and his sister, Nezuko. Despite her role as a supporting character, she garnered popularity among the most loved female characters since her first appearance in the anime.

Shinobu Kocho
Shinobu Kocho (Credits: UFotable)

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4. Violet Evergreen- Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden” is regarded as one of the most sorrowful animes, and its protagonist, Violet Evergarden, is the reason behind it. Violet Evergarden comes on par among the best anime female characters. She comes out as a strong and upheld girl who is trying to cope with her past traumas while living in a war situation. Violet became popular among viewers on anime forums and communities. Her emotional story helps her captivate the hearts of viewers.

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden (Credits: Kyoto Animation)

5. Mai Sakurajima- Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima is the ecstatic and polite girl from the comedy series “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.” Mai is an actress on hiatus that slowly gels up in a normal life away from the glory. She is loved by her fans because of her cool yet mature aure with an elegant and beautiful look.

Mai’s character is far more realistic than any other female anime character. She breaks off the stereotypes of the typical anime girl and is the reason behind her popularity among her fans.

Mai Sakurajima
Mai Sakurajima (Credits: CloverWorks)

6. Shouko Nishimiya- A Silent Voice

“A Silent Voice” portrays a heart-wrenching story involving the teens of our present generation. Shouko Nishimiya is a deaf mute who is trying to live a normal teenage life. But problems occur when her classmates start bullying her, but she always manages to put up a smile on her face. The viewers emotionally attach to her and her resentments.

Shouko Nishimiya
Shouko Nishimiya (Credits: Kyoto Animation)

Shouku is a caring and loving girl who burdens herself with others’ problems and tries to cheer them up. Despite her hardships, she befriends Ishida Shoya and other friends, which leads to her normal teenage life.

7. Akame- Akame Ga Kill

The anime series “Akame Ga Kill” is set around a rebel group that aims to overwhelm the corrupt government. Akame, one of the rebels, is not only strong but also an intelligent and ruthless assassin.

Akame (Credits: White Fox)

Akame is showcased as a merciless assassin and a cold-blooded killer, but she manages to conceal her personal feelings. This might be the reason behind fans rooting for her and her being one of the best female anime characters.

8. Yor Forger- Spy x Family

Yor Forger of “Spy x Family” is not your common housewife but is also a secret assassin. Among the new anime releases, Yor is quite famous in the community for her looks and personality.

Yor Forger
Yor Forger (Credits: Wit Studio)

Spy x Family involves Yor and Loid coming together to form a family along with their adopted daughter, Anya. Initially, each having their interests slowly starts acting like a regular family and bonds together.

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Yor being trained as an assassin has quite deviant ways of solving every problem, with every solution being murder. She is quite gullible, and it might be the reason for her being admired by fans.

9. Nobara Kugisaki- Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara Kugisaki of “Jujutsu Kaisen” is a part of the series’s main trio, along with Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro. Nobara is a picture-perfect example of a strong and quick-witted female character. She also sets up a light mood in the series but also showcases her talent when in need.

Nobara Kugisaki
Nobara Kugisaki (Credits: Mappa)

Set in a fantasy world, Jujutsu Kaisen deals with curses and monsters. The characters have to be strong and talented to survive the fatal surrounding. Nobara’s powers and her personality help her in standing out from the crowd and become popular in the anime community.

10. Sasha Braus- Attack On Titan

Another important female character from “Attack On Titan” is Sasha Braus. Sasha is an exciting and sweet girl in the horrifying and twisting Attack On Titan universe. Despite the storyline filled with remorse and constant deaths, some of the jolly scenes are due to the courtesy of Sasha Braus’s joyous nature.

Sasha Braus
Sasha Braus (Credits: Mappa)

Similar to other soldiers who live in constant fear of death, Sasha also fears death but, unlike others, distracts herself by joking around. Her cheerful nature, even in the clutches of death, is what makes her a fan favorite.

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11. Sakura Haruno- Naruto

Sakura Haruno from “Naruto” is the wife of Sasuke Uchiha and a kunoichi from the Hidden Leaf village. Apart from her raw strength, she is also well-versed in medical techniques. Initially, she is portrayed as a weak link in team 7 but undergoes significant training under Tsunade, one of the “Three Legendary Sannin,” and becomes a formidable warrior. Sakura has a high intellect, and her determination and loyalty toward her friends help her to outshine her peers.

Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

12. Mereoleona Vermillion- Black Clover

Mereoleona Vermillion is known for her fierce and overwhelming strength in the “Black Clover” universe. She is a prominent character in the series, which helps the protagonist, Asta, with his character development and his training.

Mereoleona Vermillion
Mereoleona Vermillion (Credits: Tumblr)

Black Clover is set up in a fictional fantasy world where people are born with powers and exercise these powers to fight against demons. Mereoleona belongs to the Vermillion family, who uses the ability of fire to defeat demons. She has excellent control over her fire abilities and is a competent leader who leads her party to victory in many instances.

13. Biscuit Krueger- Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger is a prominent character in “Hunter x Hunter.” She appears in the later half of the series and helps Gon and Killua in their Nen training. Initially, her appearance is that of a young girl, but it is later revealed that she is a mid-age muscle buff lady who transformed into a young girl with the help of Nen.

Biscuit Krueger
Biscuit Krueger (Credits: Studio Nippon)

Biscuit is a master of Nen techniques and uses them to enhance her strength in combat experiences. Despite her being tough at times, she cares deeply for her students and motivates them to cross their limits during training. Her jolly and respective figure helps in making her a formidable female character and popular among the viewers.

14. Kagura- Gintama

Talking about animes and leaving behind Gintama is heard less. Apart from the show’s great comic timing, it is also known for its characters, such as Kagura and Gintama himself. Kagura is a member of Odd Jobs and is a formidable swordswoman. She belongs to the alien race, the Yato clan, who are known for their strength and combat abilities. Kagura’s cheerful and carefree nature makes her stand out as a popular female anime character.

Kagura (Credits: Bandai Namco)

15. Bulma- Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is known for its unique story arcs and different character designs. Despite the spotlight being on the strong characters, the females of the series make it a balanced show. Bulma, a female character in the show, is a brilliant scientist and an inventor.

Bulma (Credits: Toei Animation)

Bulma’s inventions have helped the Saiyans in their war against villains by providing vital information and technological powers. She may not be a fighter, but she is a notable character, an admirable female anime character.

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16. Merlin- The Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin from “The Seven Deadly Sins” is a prominent character in the series. She is a part of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents the sin of “Greed.” Merlin is a mysterious character that shows her traits slowly as the story progresses and has a strong command of magic and magical taboos.

Merlin (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

Merlin is highly intelligent and uses her wits to fight off villains and help her friends. Her vast magical knowledge and magical thinking help the Seven Deadly Sins in various battles and defeat their opponents. Merlin is popular among her fans because of her charming nature and strong character traits.

17. Misa Amane- Death Note

Misa Amane of “Death Note” is the partner-in-crime to Light Yagami and the deadliest to exist besides Light. Misa is known for her wits, passion, and her love for Kira which lets her make extreme decisions.

Misa Amane
Misa Amane (Credits: Madhouse)

Similar to Light, she is also an owner of the Death and also has the ability of Shinigami Eyes, which lets her see the name and lifespan of any person. Misa’s gothic fashion sense and obsession with Light make her a fan favorite as she becomes a pivotal character in the show.

18. Yumeko Jabami- Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami of Kakegurui doesn’t need much of a justification for her being one of the fan favorites. Kakegurui is set around a high school housing the children of the wealthiest section of Japan. At the school, the student ranking is not based on academics or sports but on gambling.

Yumeko Jabami
Yumeko Jabami (Credits: Mappa)

Yumuke Jabami is the protagonist of the series and is portrayed as a charming girl. Her charismatic and eccentric nature makes her popular not only in the anime but also among the viewers.

19. Erza Scarlet- Fairy Tale

Erza Scarlet from “Fairy Tale” is an S-Class mage of the Fairy Tale clan and a member of Team Natsu. She is a strong fighter and likes to fight her own battles. Erza excels at hand-to-hand combat and has excellent swordsmanship.

Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet (Credits: Dentsu Entertainment)

Erza’s strict and honest personality, along with her beautiful looks, made her popular among anime viewers. Her self-dependent attitude and outstanding sword techniques help her outshine her peers.

20. Kaguya Shinomiya- Kaguya Shinomiya: Love is War

Kaguya Shinomiya of “Kaguya Shinomiya: Love is War” is the main character, along with Miyuki Shirogane and his love interest. Kaguya is highly egoistic and has a stoic demeanor. She thinks that confessing her love first would make her berated in the eyes of others. So, she devises plans to make the other partner confess first.

Kaguya Shinomiya
Kaguya Shinomiya (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

Kaguya comes from a wealthy and influential background which is the major reason behind her personality. Her wits, mind games, and strategic thinking make her a compelling and lovable character.

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21. Touka Kirishima: Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima is of ghoul species from the show “Tokyo Ghoul.” Initially, Touka shows hatred towards humans but slowly opens up to the show’s protagonist, Kaneki Ken. Touka is a highly skilled fighter and has superhuman strength that helps her overpower her enemies.

Touka Kirishima
Touka Kirishima (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Touka is extremely loyal to her friends and family and cares for them a lot. Being a ghoul, Touka is insecure about her existence and her interference with the human world. Touka’s loyalty and fierce attitude made her one of the best female anime characters.

22. Esdeath – Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath is the main antagonist of the series “Akame Ga Kill.” Esdeath is in a post of general in the empire who clears off the enemies of the empire. She is portrayed as a sadist who loves to torture people and has a twisted personality. Esdeath also has a soft spot for the series’ protagonist, Tatsumi.


Esdeath goes through the conflict of her emotions towards her desire and her loyalty to the empire. Esdeath is easily a strong character and is loved by many because of her masochism and strict attitude.

23. Raphtalia – The Rise of the Shield Hero

Raphtalia is a companion to the Shield Hero, Naofumi, from the series “The Rise of the Shield Hero.” She is a demi-human who, before being saved by Naofumi, was enslaved by the humans and tortured. Initially, she has a timid and fragile personality who grows into a confident and exceptional warrior.

Raphtalia (Credits: Kinema Citrus DR)

Raphtalia is versed in swordsmanship and healing abilities, which she uses to help her comrades in battle. Raphtalia is a loyal and loving character who loves her friends and fights with them shoulder to shoulder.

24. Hinata Hyuga- Naruto

Hinata Hyuga from “Naruto” is the wife of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, and an outstanding kunoichi in the Nurutoverse. Hinata is shown as a weak girl who is always dependent on her older brother. However, she goes through prominent character development and comes out as a strong warrior. Hinata is loved by her fans because of her loving and caring nature towards her friends, especially Naruto.

Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

25. Himiko Toga- My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga from “My Hero Academia” is an antagonist and a member of the “League of Villains.” Toga can transform into anyone whose blood she has consumed. Apart from her superhuman ability, Toga is also experienced in close combat and uses knives as her main weapon. Toga has a twisted personality and is obsessed with blood. She has a cheerful and energetic personality but is ruthless to her enemies.

Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga (Credits: Studio Bones)

26. Tsunade- Naruto

Tsunade of the “Naruto” is the fifth Hokage and one of the Three Legendary Sannin of the Hidden Leaf Village. Tsunade plays an important role in the Second as well the Fourth great ninja war. She is highly skilled in medical techniques and possesses superhuman strength. Tsunade also serves as a mentor to Sakura. She helps her in enhancing her medical abilities and also trains her in hand-to-hand combat.

Tsunade (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

27. Power- Chainsaw Man

Power from the show “Chainsaw Man” is of demon species and has superhuman abilities. She can transform into a chainsaw. Power has an aggressive fighting style. She charges at the enemies without thinking of the consequences but is a skilled fighter.

Power (Credits: Mappa)

Power has a cold and fiery personality; however, she is loyal to her friends and comrades. Power forms a partnership with the protagonist, Denji, and works together with him to fight against villains.

28. Saber- Fate

Saber from the “Fate” series, also known as Artoria Pendragon, is a swordswoman and plays a crucial role in the plot. She has exceptional fighting talent and is in synergy with her sword, Excalibur.
Saber is a character from medieval Britain, so she carries charismatic and noble qualities. She keeps her sense of duty and responsibility above her desires and fights for her masters.

Saber (Credits: UFotable)

29. Rias Gremory- High School DxD

High School DxD is a famous show when it comes to a pinch of adultery in animes, and the main female protagonist, Rias Gremory, is definitely a reason behind it. Rias comes from an influential and prestigious devil family and is known for her alluring beauty. She is a master when it comes to magic abilities and also possesses exceptional combat skills.

Rias Gremory
Rias Gremory (Credits: TNK)

Rias gets close to the series’ protagonist, Issei Hyodo, and plays an important role in worlds between devils and humans. Rias is popular for her seductive and charming personality and captivated the hearts of viewers since her appearance.

30. Kushina Uzumaki- Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki is the mother of Naruto Uzumaki and the previous Jinchuriki of the Nine-tailed Beast. Kushina plays an important role in controlling the nine-tailed beast and stopping it from destroying the village.

Kushina Uzumaki
Kushina Uzumaki (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Kushina is a skilled female ninja and has great control over the chakra. She is known for her short and aggressive temper but also cares for her close ones. Kushina is definitely an admirable female anime character in terms of power, attractiveness, and lovable.

31. Maki Oze- Fire Force

Maki Oze from the “Fire Force” is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8 and an important character in the story development. Maki is a second-generation pyrokinetic who possesses the ability to manipulate flames to control several weapons in her proximity.

Maki Oze
Maki Oze (Credits: David Productions)

Maki comes from a family of legendary pyrokinetic, so she has a responsibility to maintain the legacy. Due to this, she has a strict and no-nonsense personality and maintains her cool in extreme situations. Maki is loyal to her friends and takes charge in certain situations.

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32. Asuna Yuuki- Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki is the female lead of the series “Sword Art Online.” Asuna is a skilled swordswoman and part of a prestigious class in the virtual reality game Sword Art Online. She is initially portrayed as a cold character who maintains her cool at moments but grows closer to the protagonist, Kirito.

Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki (Credits: A-1 Pictures)

Asuna, along with Kirito and other players, try to find out a way to get out of the trapped game. Asuna is a lovable character who garnered popularity soon after the release of anime.

33. Nico Robin- One Piece

Nico Robin from “One Piece” is a member of the “Straw Hat Pirates” and plays a pivotal role in the show. Robin is an archaeologist and helps the crew in decoding cryptic Poneglyphs, ancient tablets, and inscriptions.

Nico Robin
Nico Robin (Credits: Toei Animation)

Robin is also a skilled fighter and possesses the ability to manipulate her surroundings. Robin has a mysterious personality and likes to keep her private and around books all the time.

34. Nami- One Piece

Nami is a member of the “Straw Hat Pirates” from “One Piece.” Nami is the navigator of the crew and also sometimes the brain behind their operations. She started as an enemy of the Straw Hats but turned into an inevitable comrade. She doesn’t have any Devil fruit ability, but with the help of her weapon, she can manipulate the weather.

Nami (Credits: Toei Animation)

Nami came out as a selfish character initially but gradually developed into a more caring and selfless person. Nami presents a link between the crew’s jolly nature and the moment’s gravity.

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35. Lucy Heartfilia- Fairy Tale

Lucy Heartfilia from “Fairy Tale” is a member of the Fairy Tale guild and of Team Natsu. Lucy possesses the ability to summon spirits and make them fight in her stead. Lucy’s initial dream was to join the Fairy Tale guild and become a powerful wizard. She accidentally meets with Natsu and joins the guild with his help.

Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia (Credits: Dentsu Entertainment)

Lucy comes out as a naive and timid girl but grows into a fearless and independent wizard. She is a strong female anime character and an outstanding Mage.

36. Konan- Naruto

Naruto is among the longest-running animes and an anime with lots of crucial female characters. Konan is among the strongest female characters in the anime. She is a member of the villain group Akatsuki and is a female ninja from the Hidden Leaf village.

Konan (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

She was personally trained by the legendary sannin, Jiraiya, and possesses the ability to transform her body into paper and control it. She is portrayed as a loyal companion to her childhood friend and leader, Pain but gradually starts to question his decisions and their goals.

37. Momo Yaoyorozu- My Hero Academia

Momo Yaoyorozu of “My Hero Academia” is a student of class 1-A and aims to become a superhero. Momo is highly intelligent and uses her knowledge to overpower her opponents. She can create non-living objects from her body, and the limits of her power are only limited to her knowledge of the object.
Momo is a confident and competent superhero. She can maintain her cool in crucial situations and is the brain of the operations in many instances.

Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu (Credits: Studio Bones)

38. Rukia Kuchiki- Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki can be argued as  a female lead during the initial setting of the anime, “Bleach.” Coming from a humble background, Rukia is a modest girl and has a hard time adapting to the nobility. She has a petite constitution but is a strong character.

Rukia Kuchiki
Rukia Kuchiki (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

39. Uraraka Ochako- My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is popular for its superheroes and their abilities. One of the heroes with a unique quirk is Uraraka Ochako. Ochako is a prominent and famous, and essential character in the show.
Ochako is not on par with other characters in terms of power, but throughout the show, she challenges her values and goals to become stronger. She helps Midoriya in his tough and decisive times and stands along with other students of class 1-A at tough times.

Uraraka Ochako
Uraraka Ochako (Credits: Studio Bones)

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40. Winry Rockbell – Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry Rockbell from “Fullmetal Alchemist” is a mechanic and childhood companion of Edward and Alphonse Elric. Winry is a personal mechanic for the Elric brothers and also a source of emotional support. Winry is a bright and energetic girl who is always on the line to help her childhood friends.

Winry Rockbell
Winry Rockbell (Credits: Studio Bones)

Winry is a highly capable designer, creator, and inventor of metallic parts. She is of great help to the Elric brother and plays an important role in their journey to get their bodies back. Winry is easily among the best female anime characters because of her bravery and companionship to always being on the side of her friends.

41. Yoruichi Shihouin – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihouin from “Bleach” is a former member of the Soul Society. Yoruichi retired as the Captain of the Soul Society’s Second Division and now lives in the human world in the body of a cat. She is a highly skilled combatant and an exceptional leader.

Yoruichi Shihouin
Yoruichi Shihouin (Credits: Studio Pierrot)

Yoruichi is a powerful and competent woman who does not lack behind any of her men peers and challenges those around her. She has an aloof personality and also serves as a mentor to train Ichigo and his friends in their fight against Soul Repears.

42. C.C. – Code Geass

C.C. is a female character in the show “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.” C.C. can grant other individuals the power to control others, known as “Code.” She is immortal and is immune to both aging and injuries.

C.C. (Credits: Sunrise Studio)

C.C. is a competent leader and an exceptional fighter. She also reveals that anything is possible for her but chooses others to do it. C.C. is a strong-willed and fierce character. Being alive for hundreds of years, she shows little to no emotions and is a complex character.

43. Shiro – No Game, No Life

Shiro from “No Game No Life” is the female protagonist of the show. She and her brother, Sora, are an unbeatable team when it comes to games and is called Team Blank. Shiro is extremely intelligent and uses her reasoning to defeat her opponents.

Shiro (Credits: Madhouse)

Shiro is often portrayed as emotionless and immersed in thoughts, but she has a soft side for her brother and is dependent on him for support. Shiro gained popularity due to her ‘lolicon’ character and cute character style

44. Historia Reiss – Attack On Titan

Historia Reiss is the current Queen of the Walls and an important character in “Attack on Titan.” Historia hides her real identity and graduates from the Cadet Corps via her alias ‘Christa Lenz.’ She is a petite girl but is known for her kindness and loving nature.

Historia Reiss
Historia Reiss (Credits: Mappa)

Historia has a timid character when in the Cadet Corps, but it is later revealed that she has suicidal tendencies. She slowly grows into a more dependent and competent leader to lead her country.

45. Makima – Chainsaw Man

Makima is the main antagonist of the “Public Safety Arc” of the “Chainsaw Man” series. Makima is a devil living in the body of a human to meet her own goals. In her human form, she usually always has a smile on her face and is cooperative with her surroundings.

Makima (Credits: Mappa)

However, it is slowly revealed that she has a twisted personality and sees people around her not more than dogs. Makima is highly intelligent and manipulative as she controls Denji via the facade of her loving nature. She is one of the strongest and best female anime characters who is loved by viewers too.

46. Annie Leonhart – Attack On Titan

Annie Leonhart was a member of the Cadet Corps and also the ‘Female Titan’ in the “Attack on Titan” series. She possesses exceptional sword skills and is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat.

Annie Leonhart
Annie Leonhart (Credits: Mappa)

Annie has a maintained and muscled physique and likes to keep herself isolated. She is hardly seen to smile and buries her traumatic past within her heart. Annie is one of the loved characters from the show as the viewers were able to connect to her character and her traumatic past.

47. Chizuru Ichinose- Rent-A-Girlfriend

Chizuru Ichinose is the female lead of the series “Rent-A-Girlfriend.” Chizuru shows her gentle and soft side when it comes to renting ratings but gets irritated and bashy when her rating drops down. She varies her reputation and image of her from the perspective of others.

Chizuru Ichinose
Chizuru Ichinose (Credits: TMS Entertainment)

Despite her cranky nature, Chizuru is a kind-hearted person and goes out of her way to help others. She wants to make a good reputation for herself but is not an attention seeker. Chizuru got lots of attention because of her beautiful character and made a particular spot for her in the hearts of viewers.

48. Aqua- KonuSobu

Aqua is a sidekick of the protagonist, Kazuma, from the series “KonoSuba.” Aqua is a carefree and cheerful girl and is described as a ‘beauty no human could match.’ She was a goddess of water before the Fantasy World.

Aqua (Credits: Studio Deen)

Aqua has a troublesome personality. However, she takes responsibility for her actions. As she receives her powers from praises, she usually performs good deeds and is a gullible character.

49. Kurisu Makise- Steins Gate

Kurisu Makise is the main female character from the series “Steins Gate.” Makise relies on her analytical and strategic thinking and follows statistics to come to a conclusion. Makise has a cold character but forms a close relationship with the series’ protagonist and fellow scientist, Rintao Okabe. They both research together to find out the mysteries behind time travel.

Kurisu Makise
Kurisu Makise (Credits: White Fox)

Makise is a professional and works by the books. She is known for being blunt and expressive about her work and is regarded as a complete character.

50. Android 18 – Dragon Ball

Android 18 is an experiment created to kill Goku from the series “Dragon Ball.” Android 18 is an antagonist turned crucial character for the story development. Android 18 possesses immense strength and high intellect, and she can also fly, use energy blasts, and is an exceptional fighter.

Android 18
Android 18 (Credits: Toei Animation)

Android 18 became a famous female anime character because of the emotional connection with the character and her loving nature towards Goku and her friends.

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